What does a 5-Inch Penis Size mean?

Is a 5-inch penis too small? Is it average?

First of all, never be ashamed of your erect penis size (or flaccid size)! This article will change your mind and point of view forever!

The average penis size around the world is 5.16 inches erect.

Penis size is relative. It mainly depends on which country you live. For Asian countries, the average penis size is smaller. But that is not important at all.

Here is something practical, which you may disregard if you want.

I have a friend who had the same thoughts as most of you. Then, one day, he came up with a brilliant mindset,

I have a smaller penis. It’s like a unique product. I don’t know if absolutely ALL women want big cock – but we can pretend that many do. Why should I ‘offer’ them my little penis when they’re looking for a bigger penis? (He was an economics major in school). I don’t need to! I’m offering a product to the wrong market!”

petite-5-inch-penisHe started only going for petite, small, women. And… well, first of all, he got a lot better at talking to women. Then, he realized that sex isn’t all about penis size – sure, his cock was finding better-fitting pockets… and almost all of his “customers” were very well satisfied, but he wanted to “offer” a slightly better product. So, he learned EVERYTHING he could about women stimulation: anal, oral, clitoral, breast stimulation, sex positions, and he even learned how to write seductively, how to communicate better, have better conversations, talking during sex, and learning to listen to her body.

He went from “offering” one product, his penis, to selling an entire brand, HIMSELF and all the experience he had.

You should all educate yourselves in the art of sex – it is so much more than just your penis. It’s hard to get such confidence from a source that has always been bringing you down – so I suggest trying more petite chicks.

There are plenty of ways to get a bigger penis; at least a few inches more. You can try a penis pump (like Bathmate Hydromax). You can wear a daytime extender (like SizeGenetics or Penimaster PRO).

You can also do jelqing exercises (our guide is great for beginners).

They don’t all want “LARGE”.

Do all men want huge asses, luscious lips, and big tits? Do they all want white girls? NO! – Different guys want different things. Different chicks want different things. You need to meet enough women to see that. Get out there and start fully enjoying what you have to sell (including your cock) – you don’t get that time back.

Don’t spend more time being ashamed, spend more time fixing this issue. There are tons of women out there that want what you have, and you are robbing them by keeping it all to yourself.

Note: please don’t mind the “selling” or “offering” and slightly prostitution inclined language; it is how my buddy described it. It’s all metaphorical; in love and dating, you can’t “sell” yourself, it is more like “presenting” yourself. Who sets what is average?

As for myself? I’m a bit below average. I learned a lot of lessons from my buddy. I worked with many tools to increase my size. I went from 5 inches to 7 inches over a few years. The Bathmate hydro pump was the best tool, along with SizeGenetics.

Best of luck on your journey.

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Kelli says December 17, 2017

Hi, I’m a female and to be completely honest I really don’t care for long penises…. I get more hurt from them than I do pleasure. So 5 inches is perfect for me… I’ve even had sex once with a guy whose penis was smaller than 5 inches, and he did a great job.

    Dug says October 10, 2020

    I believe you and think a lot of females have a similar opinion. I knew a woman who said only 8″ or more was acceptable. I fisted her and she squirted, and realized that there were other ways to fill her stretchy cavernous hole. She still likes a huge dick though.

Antony says June 23, 2017

Which is best device to enlarge the penis? Penimasterpro, Bathmate Hydromax, or what? And which version… please?

zeb says June 20, 2017

Is a 5 inch penis enough?

    Ali ocampo says July 12, 2017

    Yes it is. Actually, my husband has a 5 inch dick and it feels amazing in me and tbh, I can’t handle it sometimes because he hits all the right spots. So in my opinion, 5 is enough.

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