Bathmate Hydromax Coupon Codes

So you are ready to buy a Bathmate or Hydromax pump?

Great decision. You won’t regret it.

Not sure if it is the right choice for you? Click here to read the reviews.

Where to buy?

We recommend that you buy from the (new tab) website.

There are a lot of resellers that will claim to offer you a lower price or a higher discount. Bathmate does not guarantee product quality or money back guarantee unless you buy from the link listed above.

Because of the nature of the product, Bathmate is not sold in local pharmacies.


coupon code discountWith the link above, you will get the following discounts:

  • Free shipping
  • $69 off with the bundle upgrade (shower strap, towel, case, cleaning kit, lube, and a measuring gauge)

Coupon code (2018 update)

Starting early 2015, Bathmate stopped allowing coupon codes due to the many fraudulent resellers that tricked customers into believing they are getting a special discount.

Their new policy makes it fair for every customer by always offering the same low price.

AHCAFR or Bathmate are not responsible for any transactions made outside of the official website.

Shipping privacy

Bathmate offers discreet shipping to your home, meaning that the pump will ship in a generic package without any pictures or labels. Box differs depending on your country.

 discreet shipping coupon-discount

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