Top Penile Pump Choices – Reviews and Facts

A penis pump can improve penis size, erection quality, and curvature. If you are planning to use one for the first time, it can be confusing with the numerous choices. If you are not careful, you may end up with a pump that is not made for you and does not fit your needs.

We do not consider a penis pump an advanced PE device. However, if you are brand new to PE, we recommend that you start with some basic exercises for a few days before pumping.

To aid you in your choice, we picked the best penis enlargement pumps on the market in 2019, researched their pros and cons, and how they differ from other brand models.

1. Bathmate/HydromaxBathmate Hydromax Pumps

Penis pumps from the Bathmate consist of the original Bathmate Hydro7 (Hercules), 5 Hydromax models, and 5 HydroXtreme models.

Like Bathmate pumps also utilize water to create a vacuum.

While Penomet only has one cylinder size, the Bathmate series has a total of 5 cylinder sizes. Choosing the right cylinder can be a little complicated, but once you find it, you’ll get the closest fit to your penis size.

Our Bathmate review contains useful information on the different models, operation, buying tips, and customer’s testimonials. Our size guide helps you pick the right model.


  • A wide range of available cylinders. Whatever the size of your penis is, there is at least one size that is the closest fit to give you optimal comfort.
  • Safety and self-control. Like Penomet, there’s a limit as to how much pressure is generated with water.
  • Two buttons (for slow and immediate pressure release) are present.


  • Upgrading is expensive. Once you have outgrown your current cylinder, you have to buy an entirely new set if you wanted more size gains.
  • A pressure threshold limits how much your penis can grow.
  • Can only be used in the bath or shower.

Price: $110 (Bathmate Hydro7) to $399 (HydroXtreme11)

Money back guarantee: 60 days

Warranty: 12 months

Manufacturer: DX Products (UK)


Growth: 0.8-inch length gain after 4 months; 1.6 inches total length gain after 12 months; 2.1 inches total length gain after 20 months

Read our comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Bathmate and Penomet

2. EVO 3.0 Automatic Electric PumpEvo 3.0 Automatic Pump

Rated as the #1 electric penis pump of 2016 and 2017, Evo 3.0 has come into the market with innovative features.

This product boasts automatic pumping using one button to choose between 3 suction speeds. Another button controls the quick-release valve. Simply insert your penis into the opening, and turn on the device to start pumping.

Unlike Bathmate and Penomet, Evo 3.0 uses air to create pressure. Note that Evo cannot be operated manually like the 2 pumps above.

The device is powered by three AAA batteries.


  • Can be used anytime, anywhere as it does not require water.
  • Uses medical grade soft silicone material.
  • Designed with a soft opening grip at the base for comfortable use.
  • Has a transparent cylinder that enables you to observe your progress while pumping.


  • Notably weaker pressure than manual pumps
  • This device is fairly new, so there are not a lot of reviews online.
  • Water pressure is sometimes more effective than air pressure.[1] Some men still prefer to use water to create pressure.

Price: $148

Money back guarantee: Unspecified

Warranty: 12 months

Manufacturer: FullExtend (USA)


Growth: 1.2-inches length gain after 6 months; 2.1 inches total length gain after 12 months

3. PenometPenomet pump with gaiters

WARNING (2022): Penomet’s customer service is no longer active. Be careful about placing an order!

Across Penomet’s line of water-based pumps, the cylinder comes in only one size.

What makes the models differ from each other is the number of included gaiters: Standard has 1, Extra has 3, Premium has 5. The gaiters are removable and interchangeable, and each has its own unique pressure strength. When starting with Penomet, it’s recommended to go with the lowest gaiter before progressing to a stronger one.

Check our Penomet review with the pump’s benefits, operation, and testimonials from actual users.


  • Strong, comfortable, leak-free gaiters.
  • Long-term usage. The process of upgrading is simple: you just switch to a stronger gaiter. No need to buy an entirely new pump if you’ve outgrown your current setup.
  • Safety and self-control. There is a limit to how much pressure you can generate with water. This prevents injuries.


  • Not comfortable for penises with less than 3.5 inches of girth. The one-size cylinder could be too wide, making it difficult to create an optimal vacuum.
  • Only one button for pressure release is present.
  • Can only be used while in the bath or shower.

Price: $127 (Standard) to $297 (Premium)

Money back guarantee: 60 days

Warranty: 3 years

Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Ltd. (Iceland)

Website: (no longer active)

Growth: 1 inch length gain within 1-3 months; 1-3 inches with long-term usage

Penis Pumps to Avoid

X4 Labs manufactures manually-operated, air-based pumps which used to rival Penomet and Bathmate products. However, the company is no longer active and you won’t get after-sales support if you choose to buy one. Some customers complained that the manufacturer stopped responding after receiving the payment. Strangely, many outdated sites still list X4 Labs as a viable option.

DP-4000 is another pump that used to be popular but it is no longer supported. The manufacturer’s website and eBay store are still actively selling the product. However, this electronic air pump requires software that needs to be installed on a computer. Their software’s last update was in May 2012, so it could be outdated.

Most manual air pumps on Amazon and eBay are cheaper than Penomet, Bathmate, and DP-4000. But these products are not guaranteed to hold the pressure well, so we recommend to stick with products that have been proven effective.

Learn more about penile pump safety and how Vacuum Constriction Devices work by visiting this page.

Final tips

If you are new to penis pumps, the best recommendation for starters are Penomet and Bathmate. These two brands have already established their reputation in the male enhancement industry. Being water-based pumps, they are both safe to use and make you less prone to injuries.[2]

If you choose Penomet, we recommend the Premium package so that you get 3 gaiters. You’ll be using Penomet for a long time and having 5 gaiters ensures you have enough tools to grow.

If you opt for a Bathmate pump, check our sizing guide to know which model will suit you. Remember, choosing a cylinder that is too small won’t help you achieve your penis enlargement goals. Check the Official Bathmate Website for the latest prices.

If you need a comparison between Penomet and Bathmate,[3] you will find this page useful.

For an electric pump,[4] see the EVO 3.0 from the FullExtend Website.

Remember to continue doing manual penis exercises before and after pumping.


  1. Stein, Marshall J., et al. “New Advances in Erectile Technology.” Therapeutic Advances in Urology, vol. 6, no. 1, Feb. 2014, pp. 15–24. PubMed Central, doi:10.1177/1756287213505670.[]
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James says December 9, 2019

I am trying to decide between a pump and an extender – they are both big investments, and I only would like to purchase one for the time being. It seems to me as though there are some (albeit definitely biased) studies suggesting that extending can lead to real permanent gains (especially in length). Still, there aren’t any such studies for pumps. And while there are many reports of people gaining size with pumps, under the Hydromax reviews section on this site, there are plenty of people who say that didn’t gain anything.

I’m wondering how you can promote pumps as a reliable option when there is no scientific backing, especially as (allegedly) at least one editor of this site has a medical degree? What leads you to believe these pumps will work?

I am really hoping there is a good reason to believe pumps will bring permanent results as girth is a slightly more significant goal of mine than length. Pumps are cheaper than extenders I could wear at night (which is the only time I’d be able to wear my extender).

    Lucas Owenby says December 10, 2019

    Both pumps and extenders work the same way, by stretching the penis.

    And neither will give you permanent results. The difference is that pumps work “stronger” for a shorter amount of time while extenders are “weaker” for a longer time. So the results with extenders may seem to last longer.

    There are no scientific studies because this topic does not affect health or physical well being, so scientists don’t deem it as essential.

      James says December 10, 2019

      So, is the verdict that both will work for some people, but not everyone?

      I have thought of a few more questions.
      I have considered beginning a jelqing routine but have read medical posts alleging that there can be nerve damage that comes as a result. Would you say, if these allegations are true, that extending is safer?

      Additionally, I would only be able to wear my extended during sleep. I have read that there can be several issues with wearing it at night. First, if it begins to cut off blood flow to your penis, you won’t feel it as you are asleep and necrosis could happen. Second, erections during the night can cause issues with extenders. Finally, blisters form on the penis.
      None of these sound good!

        Lucas Owenby says December 10, 2019

        There are no guarantees that it will work – depends on your genetics.

        I never read about nerve damage from Jelqing, those are isolated cases.

        Well, of course, there are some side effects. Again, it depends on the person how sensitive you are to them. You can read reviews on our site to see what could potentially happen, we try to accept all reasonable reviews.

        As far as I know, the FDA looked at most extenders and did not find any severe health issues, so you could give it a try.

        If money is an issue, try a cheaper $15 extender from eBay to see if you like it.

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