Edging Exercises for Men to Achieve Better Climax Control

Edging is a technique that involves delaying the climax. It is a form of orgasm control. With this exercise, you will be urged to reach a certain level of arousal, but then stop before reaching the climax.

This is beneficial for men who experience premature ejaculation. You will have better control over your orgasms and be able to stop yourself from climaxing in certain cases.

The name edging was given because you are taking yourself to the very edge, and then stopping all stimulation so that the orgasm is never reached.

This method is more effective with men due to their longer refractory period. Women can try this too, but it will not be as beneficial.


  • Experience stronger, longer, and more intense orgasms.
  • Learn to achieve dry orgasms.
  • A good practice for treating premature ejaculation.
  • Learn to feel where your limits are – and extend them.
  • Increase your stamina and last longer in bed.
  • Can treat mild erectile dysfunction.
  • Promotes blood flow to the penis which results in bigger flaccid and erect penis.
  • Good for the prostate (not confirmed).

Men’s Level of Arousal

Before starting, one must learn about the different stages of arousal in order to know the best time to pull back.

Level 10 Climax (Expulsion phase of ejaculation)
Level 9.5 – 9.9 PONR (Point of No Return). A phase where it is impossible to hold back an orgasm.
Level 9 Extremely aroused, close to ejaculation (Emission phase)
Level 7 – 8 Very aroused
Level 5 – 6 More aroused
Level 4 Aroused, but still able to hold back orgasm easily
Level 2 – 3 Slightly aroused
Level 1 Not aroused

For beginners, it is recommended to pull back at level 7. However, the goal of edging is to be able to pull back at level 9. After about 6 months of edging correctly, you will be able to skip PONR and experience dry orgasms.

Steps for Proper Edging

Before you begin edging, you will need a quiet place, lubricant, and a timer. This can also be performed during masturbation or foreplay.

Step 1. Edging is best done while lying down with your eyes closed. Stimulate yourself until your penis is hard. Make sure to focus on how you feel so you are aware when you reach a certain level of arousal.frenulum and head

Step 2. Stroke your penis similar to masturbation. You may use a lubricant to do this. In this step, avoid touching the penile frenulum (the skin located under the center of the head) and the entire head. It is important not to stimulate them too soon as they are the most sensitive parts of the penis.

Step 3. For beginners, you may stop stimulating yourself when you reach level 4. This is when you start to feel really aroused but still feel it is easy to hold back your orgasm. On your next sessions, your goal is to stop yourself beyond level 4, gradually reach level 9, and still be able to stop and hold back your orgasm.

Step 4. If it becomes too difficult to hold back, stop completely and think of something different. It is helpful to inhale and exhale a few times to help yourself cool down. Make sure you are feeling all the sensation and not ignoring them (unless you are at your edge avoiding an orgasm). This is the key to becoming better at edging.

Step 5. When you start to feel that you are no longer going to orgasm, you can start stimulating yourself again. Some men are more sensitive, and will need to take a longer break. Repeat these steps for at least 20 minutes in every session. In some steps, you will be closer to orgasm than in others.

Step 6. It is up to you if you want to let yourself ejaculate. When you are ready to ejaculate, it is ok to stimulate the frenulum and head. Your orgasm will be much stronger and longer than usual. You will also more force when ejaculating (be careful not to take anyone’s eye out 🙂 ). This can lead to cramps, so make sure to eat something and drink water before hand.

Every session, keep in mind that the goal is to be able to reach a higher level of arousal before stopping yourself.

It is okay not to reach level 8 or 9 in your first few weeks. Edging at a higher level may take more time for some, and becoming better comes with a regular practice.

When you feel that you have mastered edging, you may start doing the exercise by stroking the head as well.

Half Orgasms

When stopping right before an orgasm, you may experience strange orgasm variations. You may ejaculate without feeling the orgasm or you may feel the orgasm without ejaculating.

Those are normal and will allow you to learn more about yourself throughout the process.

Important Terminologies to Rememberseminal vesicle location

  • Emission phase of ejaculation – This is the time when you can feel the seminal vesicles in the prostate. Your semen is preparing to go to the urethral bulb. This sensation feels like you are about to pee. If you are unable to stop this, you will ejaculate at any second.
  • Expulsion phase of ejaculation – When the semen stored in the urethral bulb are discharged.
  • Point of No Return (PONR) – This is the point when you are unable to hold back anymore.

Edging with Kegels

Kegel is a pelvic floor muscle exercise that is very helpful when holding back your orgasm. This exercise involves flexing your pelvic floor muscles as if you are holding back your urine.

This article discusses the steps on how to perform Kegels properly.

The difference of Edging and Ballooning

Ballooning is a more complicated exercise where you stimulate yourself without ejaculating. It is also helpful with premature ejaculation.

With ballooning, you are supposed to stroke a specific part of your penis while doing reverse Kegels, then do some Kegels when you feel like you are about to orgasm.

This exercise must be done for 30 minutes to one hour. Not allowing yourself to ejaculate will result in a bigger flaccid penis and a much harder erection.

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I spend some of my annual vacation time camping on 120 acres of private property in NW Wisconsin. For two months before this trip I edge myself for two hours every morning.

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I noticed its also fun and pleasurable too if your not careful you can go an hour. Ballooning can easily turn into edging

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This is like ballooning simplified

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