Fleshlight Cleaning Guide

Maintaining your Fleshlight in good condition is very important to avoid dried semen or mold building up inside. The cleaning process can be very simple and effective if you do it correctly. Cleaning should not take longer than 10 minutes of work.

You must clean your toy after EVERY use as soon as you are done using it. Your load and lube will end up inside the sleeve and the suction cap. You need to wash both with warm water after use.

The Fleshlight is made of a delicate material to be more flesh-like and soft. This means that you cannot use soap to clean it. It will ruin the sleeve. The hard plastic case and cap, however, can be safely washed with soap.

pour-warm-water-into-the-fleshlightFollow these steps:

  1. Fill the water from both the orifice and the bottom of the sleeve.
  2. Rub it from the inside with your fingers until it no longer feels slippery from the lubricant and semen.
  3. Clean the suction cap with water too.
  4. Pour a bit of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) in the cap and inside the sleeve. Hold the alcohol inside the sleeve and “massage” the interior. This will help kill germs and also dry the components faster.
  5. Clean the entire case (with water and soap should be fine).

Remember to use a water-based lubricant during your usage. Those types of lube wash off a lot easier than oil based lubricants.


You must let the sleeve dry before inserting it back into the case. Leave the sleeve out for 20 hours or until it is completely dry. If you don’t, it will quickly catch mold – and then you will need to throw it away.

The first step is to use a paper towel and dry all visible liquid you see.

There are 2 ways to speed up the drying process:

  • Increase airflow – use a hair dryer (on cool mode) or a small fan to blow inside the sleeve
  • Alcohol – as mentioned in the cleaning process above, isopropyl alcohol helps your Fleshlight dry faster.[1]

Here are the drying times we found with each model:

Model Normal Dry
After Alcohol
With Alcohol + Fan
Fleshlight Classic 15 hours 5 hours 40 minutes
Fleshlight STU 16 hours 6 hours 45 minutes
Fleshlight Go 10 hours 1 hours 12 minutes
Fleshlight Flight 7 hours 45 minutes 5 minutes
Sex In A Can 10 hours 1 hours 15 minutes
Fleshlight Quickshot 1 hour 10 minutes 2 minutes

Real drying times depend on the humidity of your room. I also used a small fan. If you use a higher powered dryer, it will dry a lot faster.

After your toy is significantly dryer, you can put the sleeve back inside the case and keep it uncapped to let extra water or alcohol finish evaporating.

corn-starch-flour-helps-clean-the-fleshlightCorn Starch Flour

Applying this powder will make your Fleshlight less sticky. This is completely optional. If you want your sleeve to last you a long time, you should use cornstarch[2]

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the sleeve is completely dry, or the powder will stick to it in chunks.
  • Remember to shake off any excess powder before use.
  • Do not rub the powder hard on the sleeve.
  • It is unnecessary to put cornstarch inside the sleeve, only apply it to the exterior.

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Peter says January 7, 2018

My question:
Let’s say that I’m using my Fleshlight before going to bed. (Probably in my bed)
Once I’m done, I will feel very tired and relaxed… Then I obviously want to sleep so I can continue dreaming about “the beautiful girl” I just satisfied. The last thing I wanna do is go up and wash it…

My question, therefore, concerns the so-called “Fleshwarmer”.
I was thinking: if you put the sleeve on that stick (maybe without any heat on) until the morning after, can you extend the time in that way?

A supplementary question would then be: if you would fall asleep with your penis inside, wouldn’t that be the same as if you were doing it the whole night? (From the FL’s perspective.)

Or maybe this question can give me something: what if you have a bowl of lukewarm water behind your bed, could you leave it there during the night?

I understand that the cleaning process is probably the most important part, but I’m sure many of us can agree that the “cleaning process” is the only negative thing about the fleshlights. I bet that many of us also can agree about how good it would feel just to enjoy the “full” pleasure of its incredible magic. I use to say that “only your imagination sets the limits” (high-five to all dreamers tho’) So this problem I really wanna solve.

Thanks. /Peter

Jayo says May 3, 2017

Cleaning is a matter of bringing the Fleshlight to the sink, taking it out of the plastic case, washing it thoroughly with warm water, checking that the inside is flushed out, and finally putting it to fully dry. I sometimes also dust it with a bit of powder before putting it back in the case.

All of this is easy because the sleeve is open at both ends. No big deal.

Cleaning out sex toys with only a single open end is harder because the water cannot flush through.

Do you want a real pain in the ass? Clean a sex doll. They are too large for a bathroom sink, so they would need to go in either the bathtub or the kitchen sink. It’s a much bigger struggle. It’s almost similar to trying to bathe a cat.

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