Male Enhancement Methods

There are hundreds of different male enhancement products and review websites on the internet, and they are all claiming that they have the best solution. Many of them also claim that they have tried out hundreds of products, when in reality they have only checked out about 1 or 2 products.

We provide you, our visitor, with accurate and quality information about male enhancement tools. Additionally, we allow every visitor the opportunity to enter his (or her) own review.

Enhancement Pills – Do they work?

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Every day I get an email from someone who wants to know which pill works to give a permanent enlargement. If I had a cent for each time someone asked me that question, I would now be a very wealthy man…

There are thousands of different supplements out there that make false promises about their product and tell you that they give a permanent increase in size. The FDA and FTC have taken down a lot of those over the years, but that does not stop many new ones from coming up all the time.

So, is there really a male enhancement pill that will provide you with a permanent gain in size?
The answer is NO! There is NO supplement or pill in this world that will give you a permanent increase in size.

For temporary gains, we recently started experimenting with a cream that has some nice benefits.

Water Vacuum Pump Enlargement

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The next option is the use of a water-based vacuum pump. The way these pumps work is by producing a vacuum which draws more blood into the penis, creating a fuller erection. Use the pump in the tub or shower for about 8 – 14 minutes every day. This is a more convenient option for those men looking for permanent male enhancement.

Pumps come in many types, including using an air-based system rather than water. From my personal experience, the water-based systems are a lot more comfortable and have a SIGNIFICANTLY smaller chance of giving any adverse reactions.

See the penile pumps we have tested:

Enlargement Extenders

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An extender “extends” and stretches the penis length over a long period of time.

The idea was derived from the methods that many women in old African tribes have used a neck ring to make their neck longer.

With an extender, the cells in the penis that fill with blood during an erection replicate and divide. This process helps you get longer, with guys seeing size gains of 2.5 inches in length, and 1.5 inches in girth.

Extenders are also the ONLY clinically proven products that are able to meet certain medical standards, and are approved for use by urologists.

The recommended extenders are:

Maintaining Results

The options above require continual exercises to maintain the gains you got.

Let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds. Well, you exercise and diet.

When you lose the weight, you don’t just go back to eating whatever you want and not exercising. The same applies to male enhancement. It is a continuous and gradual process that when done the right way, can result in gains you can be very proud of.