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  • December 29, 2017

We are doing an experiment – so let’s see how this will turn out.

We understand that PE and Male Enhancement are not the type of subjects that you would want to link to your real personal identity, so we would like to explain what remains private, and what doesn’t if you join our the Facebook Group.

We have created a “Closed” Facebook Group:

  • The content of all posts is hidden from non-members.
  • Joining the group requires approval.
  • It will not appear anywhere on your profile (only public groups do).

Here is what cannot be hidden:

  • Group Name: we used a generic name – PE Health Group. PE is an acronym that is not publicly known as Penis Enlargement.
  • Group Description: we used a generic description that does not reveal any connection to male enhancement.
  • Member List: see the next section.

According to Google, PE stands for: Physical Education or Professional Engineer

Group Member List

This part cannot be hidden (Facebook limitations).

However, no one that does not know about PE and male enhancement will ever find this group. And even if they ‘accidentally’ do stumble upon it – they will never know what this group is really about – and wouldn’t be able to join without correctly answering the approval question (see below).

With over 6 billion people around the world, the chance that your buddy is also a part of this group is extremely slim. And even if he is, then you are both on the same page – so it wouldn’t matter.

Approval Question

We ask: What is PE? before you can join. You cannot simply Google the answer – as there are hundreds of acronyms for 2 letters.

So you can rest assured that the only people that would join this group – already know what it is about.

P.S., PE is Penis Enlargement, in case you didn’t know.

Why didn’t we make a ‘Secret’ Group?

Adding members to a Secret group is too much of a hustle. I would have to befriend the member first. And the ‘extra’ privacy feature can be easily diminished by requesting to join.

Request to Join

The group can be found here:

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