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Testogen is a testosterone booster that helps increase the testosterone levels to eliminate the following symptoms mentioned below.

Decline in testosterone level is a common problem in men when they hit their 30’s. This causes a lot of other health problems which include fatigue, low libido, excess fat, and low energy.

testogen bottlesThis supplement has been on the market for a while now. However, because of the negative reviews it received due to the high dosage of Zinc, the manufacturers changed the formulation of the product in its 2018 version.


The manufacturers of this product claim that Testogen can deliver the following benefits:

  • Increase lean muscle mass which results in improved strength and stamina.
  • Boost mental alertness and energy.
  • Eliminate excess body fats.
  • Eliminate fatigue and improve mood.
  • Promote high libido.

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Glad to find this


My doc recommended that I undergo testosterone replacement therapy, which in my case is around $100.

It's a lot for me so I searched for alternatives and found this supplement. I have been on it for 3 weeks now, and so far no nasty results.

In the first week, I don't wake up groggy anymore, and I have more energy. Three weeks in, I have a better libido.

I am taking this to my doctor next week to see how he thinks about these types of supplements. I really like this supplement because it is cheaper and doesn't have negative side effects.

Fatigue is gone


Main reason I bought this is for the extremely low energy that I have always experienced for a few months now.

Within the first week, my energy improved. I am a happier person now. I feel it's pretty pricey though.

Fast results


I have just been using this product for 3 weeks now and the results are good. I love the extra energy, makes me do more things in a day.

Slow shipping


I ordered this 3 weeks ago but I still haven't received my bottles. I contacted support and they answered immediately, assured me that the shipment was delayed on the way. Told me to call in a few days if I still haven't received so they can expedite.

Better than multiple herbs


I used to buy magnesium, and the other herbs separately, which is pretty inconvenient if you have to take the herbs throughout the day.

With TestoGen, I only have to take the pills and I'm good to go.

Here are my results:
Energy levels are at an all-time high. I don't get tired easily so I end up spending 1 - 2 more hours in the gym every day.

I have 2 more bottles to finish, so if nothing goes wrong. I'll be buying more.

Testogen rated 3.5/5 based on 23 reviews.

IngredientsSupplement facts new formula

TestoGen is made of natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective in increasing testosterone levels.

  • Magnesium and Nettle Leaf Extract: These ingredients work similarly in terms of increasing the free testosterone in the body. Both ingredients decrease the number of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). SHBG binds up to 60% of testosterone making them useless. This means having low levels of SHBG enables the body to keep a higher number of usable testosterone.
  • Vitamin B6: This study suggests that vitamin B6 has a role in keeping a healthy level of testosterone in the body.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: A very potent amino acid that increases the testosterone levels. Studies reveal that the increase in T-levels brought by taking DAA continues for a few days even after stopping the supplementation.
  • Zinc: A potent ingredient that is proven effective in increasing the testosterone. This mineral is also good for the overall health as it improves the quality of sperm, immune system and promotes healing.Supplement facts old formula
  • Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3): This is a form of vitamin D that aids with overall wellness and inhibits the transformation of testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.
  • Vitamin K1: Boosts the production of testosterone, and at the same time, helps the body absorb Vitamin D – which also contributes to a high testosterone level.
  • Boron: This is a powerful ingredient that promotes overall wellness. It is also proven that just a week of supplementation with Boron leads to a significant increase in testosterone levels.
  • Fenugreek: A testosterone booster that is rich in antioxidants to fight off free radicals that damage the cells and cause aging. This ingredient also prevents the decline of testosterone.
  • Red Ginseng Extract: A plant that is proven to increase the production of testosterone.
  • Bioperine: This ingredient is a black pepper extract that aids with the absorption of all the ingredients mentioned above, making them more effective.

How it Works

Testogen must be taken four times a day: at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before sleep. Alternatively, it can be taken twice a day: 2 capsules in the morning, and another 2 in the evening.

This supplement is commonly taken by individuals who want to increase their testosterone levels or those who want to supplement their workout routines in order to build lean muscles.

Because it can lower the cholesterol levels, Testogen can also strengthen the cardiovascular health.

You can take this supplement for as long as you want, or until you reach your goal. It is recommended to take breaks when you are planning to take TestoGen long-term. You can have a week break every month and a month break after 6 months.

Personal Results

I tried this supplement for a whole month. A one-month supply bottle contains 120 capsules, so 4 capsules of TestoGen must be taken a day. Although this is the case, I started with low doses to see how my body reacts to the ingredients.

Week 1

This week, I take 2 capsules of TestoGen daily – once after breakfast and once after dinner. So far, there is no change in my mental and physical state.

On day 2, my pee turned bright green.

Week 2

I haven’t experienced any negative side effect during the first week of taking 2 capsules, so I increase my dose to 4 capsules a day – 2 capsules after breakfast and dinner.

After 3 days of taking the recommended dosage, I noticed the boost of energy in the morning. I am not a morning person so it is safe to assume that this is a positive effect from taking TestoGen.

I also work out a few times a week. Without supplements, I am usually tired throughout the night after exercising. However, at the end of the second week, I am able to recover my strength after coming home from the gym.

Week 3

Work does not feel as tedious as it used to, and I don’t need more cups of coffee while working. After work, I don’t feel so drained anymore.

At the end of the third week, I was able to increase my workout intensity. I was able to decrease my rest period, and lift heavier weights.

Week 4

This week, I was able to work out more. I used to go to the gym 3 times a day, but during the 4th week, I started to feel like I have so much energy so I started going to the gym 5 times a week.

Because of doing more weightlifting, my biceps have become bigger and harder. I also noticed a slight reduction of excess fats around my abdomen area.

After finishing the whole bottle, I can say that I have become a more energetic person. I believe that the increase in energy helped with better workout routines, which in turn, helped me lose more excess fat and develop leaner muscles.


  • Made of natural and safe ingredients that are FDA approved.
  • The 2018 version of TestoGen has just the right dosage of proven effective ingredients.
  • Boosts concentration and motivation.
  • Decreases recovery time after engaging in physical activity.
  • An effective energizer.
  • Has competitive pricing.
  • Good for individuals who have an active lifestyle and are aiming to build lean muscles.


  • The capsules are quite huge making them hard to swallow.
  • Four pills are a lot and it can be inconvenient to take four times throughout the day.
  • It is not available in local stores or third-party retailers like Amazon or GNC.
  • May cause increased aggressiveness due to the testosterone boost.
  • The formula may be too weak for men who are over 50.

Side Effects

TestoGen should not cause any serious side effects due to its clinically tested ingredients. Some of the commonly reported side effects include acne breakout, headache, upset stomach and insomnia.

Safety Precautions

Although TestoGen is considered a safe product, it is important to avoid other supplements that contain D-Aspartic Acid to avoid overdose.

About the Manufacturer

According to the official product website, TestoGen is being marketed by Wolfson Berg – a nutraceuticals company that has been producing health and wellness supplements for at least 30 years now.

The company’s headquarter is located in Cyprus. They can be contacted by phone at +35724030603, or by email at [email protected].

The product, however, is manufactured in the UK by a company called Nutritional Specialists.

For concerns regarding TestoGen, you may call their product customer support at +1 646 568 9679.

Where to Buytestogen official website homepage

We recommend buying genuine Testogen on the official website. In case you find this on a third-party retailer, buy at your own risk as there are counterfeit products.

The manufacturer offers free shipping worldwide. The official website has the following packages:

  • 1 Bottle: $59.99
  • 2 Bottles with 1 free bottle: $119.99
  • 3 Bottles with 2 free bottles and an Ebook: $179.99

Money Back Guarantee

TestoGen is backed with a 60-day money back guarantee. Simply ship back the unused bottles to the manufacturer to get a full refund.

For refunds, email them at [email protected].

Past Reviews

Below are older reviews for TestoGen.

Doesn't Seem to Work


Bought this recently and I have been taking it for more than 2 weeks now. There are no effects like the others stated.

It might just be me. There are no negative results so I will see what happens after a month.

Better than the others


I bought the 3 month supply package and I am currently midway 2nd month. Energy and mood are better.

The others I tried gave me nausea and upset stomach. But with TestoGen, I didn't notice any downside so I can say I might be using this for a while.

Better energy


I've just been using this for 2 weeks so I can say much. One thing I noticed is the increase in energy throughout the day. This is probably good for those who hit a plateau and can't lose more weight. The boost in energy will definitely help you develop more muscles.