In the tools section, we included the two main types of tools you can use to enlarge your penis.


Here are the two most popular pumps, and their related reviews by AHCAF:


Extenders are devices that are meant to be worn for a longer period of time. There are 2 main types of extenders:

Traditional Grip Extenders

sizegenetics-extenderGrip with a traditional strap:

Vacuum Attached Extenders

Grip with a more advanced vacuum attachment:

Choose a product, read the reviews, and if you feel it is right for you, consider buying it.

We recently received new updated 2017 editions of many of the products, so we could provide a better comparison to help you decide which product is better.

We added a Penomet vs. Bathmate comparison. It is very comprehensive and you will all the specifications you require.

Money Back Guarantee

All products come with a strong money back policy so you can feel safe. AHCAF has partnered with the manufacturers, so we are able to help maintain the integrity and customer satisfaction for these companies.

Expected Results

The pumps and extenders do provide long term results. Almost all users that commit to the process will see some kind of improvement. If you are plateauing and your penis size remains the same, make sure you read the review carefully and followed the instructions.

AHCAF bought the tools and invited our research participants to test them out over an extended period of time. In return, AHCAF gets paid a sales commission. We supplied our volunteers the tools free of charge. We got men with different builds and different penis sizes to provide a unique review for each tool.


To maintain the privacy of the participants, we do not reveal names. We publish photos only upon approval. Anonymous specifications, such as penis sizes, will be revealed in this research.

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