Fleshlight Review

The Fleshlight was the most popular men’s sex toy in 2017. The brand carries multiple products and is the best known for the rubber vagina “flashlight” looking device.

Fleshlight-review-by-AHCAFRFleshlight was patented in 1998 and first released in 2001 by its parent company: ILF or Interactive Life Forms, LLC.[1] Since then, over 12 million units have been sold.

Only buy from the Official Store* by ILF. Be careful of fake ‘discount’ links that claim to give you a special coupon.

*This link guarantees free shipping and a 30-day return option.

The Fleshlight comes in 4 main models:

  • Fleshlight Classic – the original design, updated over the years. Costs $64.95.
  • Fleshlight STU – same as the Classic, but more stimulating. Costs $69.95.
  • Fleshlight Go – same as the Classic, but smaller. Costs $58.95.
  • Fleshlight Flight – same as Go, but uses a softer, more discreet grey sleeve. Costs $49.95.

And more “special interest” versions:

  • Fleshlight Ice – same as the Classic, but see-through. Costs $69.95.
  • Fleshlight Freaks – same as the Classic, but has alien-like designs. Costs $72.95.
  • Fleshlight Turbo – oral sex sensation in a see-through case. Costs $69.95.
  • Sex In A Can – offers a smaller and discreet “can” looking exterior design. Costs $49.95.
  • Fleshlight Quickshot – smallest unit, open from both ends like a doughnut. Costs $34.95.
  • Fleshlight Vibro – Classic with a battery-powered vibrator. Costs $89.95.

*All the prices listed above are in $USD with the United States as the country selection.

The main review will go over each model to help you decide which is the best Fleshlight for you.

Customer Reviews

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New Models are Not as Good as Old


The 2018 classic Pink Lady model is sticky and absorbs lubricant in seconds. Thus requiring the constant application of lubricant to the sleeve. I was informed that a formula change occurred in 2017. To me, this is a bad idea. The models prior to 2016 were not sticky and had no problems absorbing the lubricant. Thus no interruptions to keep applying lubricant. Would not recommend the new Pink Lady version. It does not even look like the picture shown in the advertisement.

Good, but nothing like a real vagina


Anyone of you saying 'this feels just like the real thing' has either been with an Alien or never had sex with a real girl. Of course, it does feel good. The skin texture 'could' be compared to real skin. It will give you a good stroke, for sure. The bumps and inner textures are crazy, but the inside of a vagina is much more smooth than the crazy models they sell.

The cleaning part? Wash it with water and then lube the inside OR your d!ck. Then wash it again and let it dry OFF the plastic cover. Then apply baby powder (cornstarch) all over it to give it a natural smooth feeling. If not, it will be sticky like a very wet and dirty cunt.

Maybe try to buy it online as sex shops tend to overprice the Fleshlight because of popularity. It sells for $80 Online while sex shops could sell it for around $110-$120 a piece.

Hard to adjust airflow


I was reluctant, but I can say that there cannot be anything better than this, except for the real deal.

The one thing that really bothers me is when my hands are full of lube, I also get the outside of the Fleshlight full of lube too. Then it's impossible to adjust the airflow at the end. I wish the end of the tube had some anti-slippage help attached to it.

Amazing relationship substitute


It feels wonderful and looks stunning. Yeah, it's definitely not the real thing, and no other device will ever be, but for someone (like myself) who is 3 months out of a sexual relationship, it is excellent for filling the void.

I usually just warm it up a little bit, but I won't do it in the future as it's not essential.

I was back at it 10 minutes later hard as a rock straight after shooting my load.

It is almost perfect. Every sex toy I have ever owned in the past was thrown out right after using (due to embarrassment), but this thing is a keeper.

I take it in the shower with me, so it is easy to clean.

I can understand why some people say that it is a mind trick because it's a replica of a pornstar's vagina. Go to the Fleshlight website and compare the replicas with the pictures of the corresponding girls - you will find that they are pretty close.

Overall, highly recommended!

Good value


Fleshlight is NOTHING like your left hand. This sex toy changed my life. I have never experienced such intense orgasms. I also learned how to control (and delay) my ejaculations better.

This is very applicable to real sex because you will know better when to slow down so you could last longer.

About the shipping - the package was very discreet. No mention of "rubber sleeve" like some users have suggested.

Fleshlight rated 3.8/5 based on 24 reviews.

Main Review

For this review, I purchase several Fleshlights and sleeves from the official store. I tried each design with different sleeves to find out what the differences are and what sensations are available.

Fleshlight Classic

This is the original model that started everything in 2001. Over the years, IFL improved the design and materials of the Classic to reduce its weight and create a more realistic sensation.

Classic-pink-lady-original-plain-sleeveThe Classic is quite big. Definitely bigger than a regular flashlight. It is 10 inches long and fits a penis up to 8.5 inches deep.

There are several ways to customize this model:

  • Classic Pink Lady original plain sleeve – this option does not add any extra bumps or hedges inside the sleeve so that you will experience the least sensations. The upside is that you will last longer before cumming.
  • Build Your Own (recommended) – this is the best option because it allows you to pick the sleeve you want. I enjoyed the Mini-Lotus and the Destroya the most. I feel that those two give the best range of sensations as you penetrate deeper. With Mini-Lotus being the closest texture that feels like a real vagina. The Vortex, Wonder Wave, and Heavenly are also nice, but their intensity is a bit lower.
Mini-Lotus-sleeve  Destroya-sleeve
  • Fleshlight Girls – those sleeves are made from real moldings from the girls’ vaginas to recreate their anatomy as closely as possible. The interior is sometimes unique as well, but I doubt it is molded as well. The Fleshlight Girls units are just $10 more than the Classic, so it doesn’t hurt to try them. Here are the most popular girls, all have unique sleeve exteriors:
    • Riley Reid – has a unique sleeve interior. It feels nice, but it is slightly less intense.riley-reid-fleshlight
    • Asa Akira – unique “Dragon” sleeve. Similar to the Vortex. I haven’t tried it.
    • Lisa Ann – uses the Barracuda sleeve interior. It is very rugged inside and feels very intense. Reminds me of the STU.
    • Eva Lovia – the unique sleeve interior feels a bit unrealistic. I would not recommend it.

Fleshlight STU

STU stands for “Stamina Training Unit“. The interior is the most stimulating out of all the other Fleshlights and is meant to make you cum as fast as possible. With consistent use, your penis will get used to the higher stimulation and eventually, will become less sensitive. This should help you last longer in bed.

As this is not a regular masturbator, we will create a separate review page for this unit.

Fleshlight-go-surge-ladyFleshlight Go

The Go is a compact Fleshlight released in July 2015. It is much lighter and more portable.

The total length is 7 inches (3 inches smaller than the Classic). The penis can only go 6.5 inches deep. It is also slightly tighter. If this is an issue for you, then look at the Fleshlight Classic.

Currently, there are only 2 models and sleeves available (unlike the Classic that is highly customizable):

  • Go Surge Lady – soft sleeve with a similar tightness and feel to the Classic.
  • Go Torque Ice – see-through case and sleeve. Similar sensation.

Fleshlight Flight

fleshlight-flight-instructorThe name assumes that you can easily pass this device through airport security without anyone knowing that it is a male masturbator. The opening does not resemble a vagina at all.

It is a lot smaller than the Classic. Similar size to the Go, but slightly bigger. It is 8 inches long on the outside and 6 inches deep inside.

fleshlight-flight-instructor-orifice-photoThe Flight comes in 2 models:

  • Flight Instructor – white case and a semi-transparent sleeve.
  • Flight Pilot – black case and a semi-transparent sleeve.

Both versions feel the same inside. Only the exterior case is different.

Sex In A Can

This Fleshlight comes in a “can” looking design. The sleeves are less stimulating in all 4 versions. The unit is 8 inches in length and goes 6 inches deep inside – similar to the Flight.

How to Use:

There are plenty of NSFW videos on adult sites demonstrating how to use the Fleshlight. We are not going to post them here, but we will share the following usage tips:

  • Always use at least 3 drops of lubricant on the orifice and inside the sleeve before each session. Note: your lubricant must be water-based. Other lubes will degrade your sleeve material.
  • If the Fleshlight dries out during the session, use water to re-enable the lubricant.
  • Remember to go slow! Going too fast is a bad idea, and it is less pleasurable.
  • As a first-time user, you will need to use a lot more lubricant since your penis will be more sensitive compared to an experienced user. This is particularly true if you are uncircumcised.
  • put-the-fleshlight-inside-a-sleeping-bagThe best way to really feel all the ribs inside the sleeve is to go slow and steady. If you pick the ribbed one or any other type of higher stimulation sleeve, go even slower.
  • You can get a shower mount for your Fleshlight or shove it inside a rolled-up sleeping bag, but the simplest way is to just hold it normally with your hands.

After use, make sure you wash and dry the toy properly. See our Fleshlight Cleaning Guide.

Where to Buy?

As a first-time buyer, it is hard to tell whether you got a genuine product or a cheap knockoff. Visit the Official Website by ILF.

This goes for all Fleshlight products, accessories, and sleeves. Through the link above, you can guarantee that your order will be manufactured in Austin, Texas, United States.

All discounts and free shipping offers are listed on the homepage. You are not missing any “hidden” deals. Be careful of “coupon” links that claim to give you a special discount. Those can redirect you to a fake website or plant tracking cookies.

There are also plenty of Japanese resellers on eBay and Amazon that make lookalikes from cheap material and sell them for a discounted price.

Money-back protection

Fleshlight will provide a refund for packages that are returned within 30 days. The Fleshlight unit must be sealed, unopened, and unused. If this policy was not in place, you can imagine how people would abuse it. You will need to pay for the shipping cost yourself.

For defective or incorrect items, you have 90 days to return the package. In this case, the company will cover the shipping expense. We never heard of items being returned for this reason, but mistakes do happen.

Discreet Shipping Box

package-demoAs mentioned on their website, Fleshlight is delivered in an entirely discreet package. The box does not say “Fleshlight” or anything about male sex toys anywhere on the label. However, in small letters, you can find the company name “ILF”. If someone is nosey enough to dig deep in Google, they will find the ILF corporate profile[2], which leads back to the ILF website.

ILF could also stand for “International League Football“. Which you can use as a cover-up if someone asks.

Shipping times differ from country to country. Delivery within the United States takes less than 1 week.

The charge on your credit card also mentions ILF or Interactive Life. So keep that in mind.

Customer Reviews Continued

Newer reviews were posted above.

Best Sleeve Insert


I tried many different sleeve inserts with this toy, and this is what I found:

- Pink Lady Original: I wouldn't recommend this product at all because it has no texture – it will cause almost no sensation and possibly irritation to your skin.
- Stamina Training Unit (STU): Popular among beginners. I recommend it since it trains your sensitivity.
- Girls – Riley Reid: 2 nice textures in this series. I suggest both of them.
- Destroya: Very nice insert. I recommend you try it.
- Wonder Wave: Some people say this feels a lot like normal intercourse.
- Mini-Lotus: Feels very realistic as well.
- Speed Bump: I didn't try this insert.
- Tornado: Seems like it doesn’t really give that much stimulation because there are no ribs.
- Barracuda: This is a new insert. I never saw it before.
- Heavenly: This one is also new for me. I don't mind trying it out.

I bought a regular Fleshlight


I got a regular Fleshlight with the Lotus texture style inside. I chose it because reviews say that it is the most lifelike.

The first thing that shocked me is that this thing is MASSIVE. My initial thoughts were "Where am I going to hide this so that no one accidentally finds it? It is huge!". I eventually did find a place to hide it. I put it in a box and pushed it under my bed. It was my only option.

The package came with free lube. Personally, I don't like lube, but with a silicone surface/rubber surface, I did not have an option.

The first time I used it was a bit challenging. The vagina hole was tiny and very tight. It took me some time to get it in. I was scared of ripping the delicate rubber. Also, it took me a while to find the right position and angle. But once I found it, the fun began! 🙂

Interior Texture Quality: It actually DOES feel like a real vagina. The tightness level is perfect. It is not as warm as the real thing, but you can rinse it in hot water before using it to heat it up.

There is a twistable cap at the end. You can adjust the pressure and suction power.

It is easy to clean. I ran it under tap water for a few minutes and let it dry. Apparently, it is dishwasher safe… not that I would ever do that 😀

I used it three times so far. I am very satisfied with the product. The best part is that this product is a thousand times cheaper than a girlfriend and it doesn't bitch at me.

Next time, I will try the porn model Fleshlights to see if they are worth the extra money.

Feels good


The Fleshlight feels a lot nicer than my hand. Definitely improves my orgasms. But it is not even close to the real thing. Good as a temporary solution if you are on a dry-spell, but I can see myself getting tired of it after a few months.

Best Fleshlight - my opinion


I know that there are some reviews that say this product is bad. This is not true. A product like this wouldn’t be so popular if it was bad. I have been using it for several years, and I can promise an intense experience.

I currently have five of them, and there is a clear “winner”. The best Fleshlight is the Super Ribbed sleeve (according to my opinion). It is the most intense. Whichever one you choose, don't get the original sleeve. It is not tight and gives no sensation.

Also, remember to get “Fleshlube”. It makes the experience a lot nicer.



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