Quick Extender Pro vs Phallosan Forte vs Penimaster Pro

The top penis extenders on the market can be narrowed down to just a few choices. Amongst the leading options, you will often hear about Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, and Penimaster Pro.

Quick Extender Pro (QEP) is a traditional extender. It uses metal rods and springs to put pressure and extend the penis.

Phallosan Forte used to be a strap-around belt extender, but they recently introduced a traditional extender version, called the Phallosan Plus+.

One other notable player is the Penimaster Pro (PMP). It offers both traditional and belt extenders, and superior German build quality. We will compare it along with the others in this review.

Traditional vs Belt Extenders

With the above comparison, you will firstly need to determine which style of extender fits your needs, a traditional extender or a belt extender:

Traditional Extender Belt Extender
Brands Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte Plus, Penimaster Pro, SizeGenetics Phallosan Forte, Penimaster Pro
Price $100 to $300 $300 to $400
Usage Daytime (under the pants) Daytime and Overnight
Results Both provide similar results in length gains. Depends more on cumulative usage time.
Comfort Average – the metal rods can get uncomfortable Good – can be used overnight while sleeping
Pull mechanism Metal rods with built in springs. Elastic pull-able belt
Pull force 3000g 1500g

Both types of extenders have their pros and cons. If you are looking for more strength but willing to sacrifice comfort, you should go with the traditional extender. If you are willing to accept delayed results in exchange for a more comfortable experience, pick a belt extender.

If you got the budget, we recommend combining both: wear a traditional extender during the day and a belt extender overnight.

Next we will compare specific brands and which ones are superior.

QEP vs Phallosan vs PMP

We found the overall build quality to be very similar between the three. Penimaster was the most superior due to the premium materials used. Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan came in second with slightly cheaper plastics.

Here is a more specific comparison of the traditional extender versions offered by each brand:

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Phallosan Plus+ Penimaster Pro Rod Expander
Country USA Germany
Price $180 $499 (for the combo, not sold separately) $260
Strap Double Strap System (DSS) Vacuum Chamber
Pull force 3500g 2000g 1150g (up to 7600g*)
Results 6% after 1 month, 36% after 6 months 1 inch after 3 months (together with Phallosan Forte) 1.5 inches after 3 months
Guarantee 6 months 14 days 1 month
Full Review Full Review Full Review

*such tension is not recommended due to health safety concerns


We concluded that the best option in terms of price and quality is the Quick Extender Pro.

If you have the money and want a more comfortable grip, go with the Penimaster Pro.

The Phallosan Forte is stuck in a complicated place. On one hand, it is a high quality product. But on the other hand it requires an initial investment of $500 if you want to get the full experience.

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