SizeGenetics Reviews

SizeGenetics is one of the most recognized penis extending devices on the market.

It has been around for 2 decades now (since 1995) and survived all the mandatory safety approvals, leaving many customers happy. It has been clinically tested and endorsed by several well-known doctors.

Packages: Ultimate System $299.95 (after an automatic discount), Advanced Comfort $249.95, and Value Edition $199.95.

Temporary promotions: use coupon code SIZE10 with the link above for $10 or €10 off an order of 100 EUR/USD or above. Additionally, you will get free DHL shipping and other options.

Order SizeGenetics only from their Official Website from DanaMedic based in Denmark. Be careful of coupon links and fake resellers.

If you are interested in an extender with the traditional strapping system, look into the Double Strap System on the Quick Extender Pro.

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For our official review, we used the full Ultimate System package shown in the pictures above. We encourage you to read some of the customer reviews posted below.

Customer Reviews

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Terrible, terrible, terrible! Did I mention it's terrible?


This device is terrible! It is so uncomfortable, and I made no gains. I wasted my money on the Sizegenetics and should have bought the Penis Master Pro or Phallosan.

It seems legit when you get the nice leather case. You then open the box and see cheaply labeled ancillary that makes Dollar Tree products look as if they came from Nordstrom or Saks Fifth. The instructional DVD is a joke. If you can even see the crummy resolution that seems as if a toddler took Vaseline and smeared it all on the camera lens, then it will show you only basic instructions with hardly any meaningful help and troubleshooting.

When you put the device on, get ready to pinch some skin! The poorly designed noose strap should be used with lube. The problem is, your glans will sometimes slip out of the noose. When worn for over an hour, your glans will also slip through the noose after the head gets the circulation cut off from the crudely designed noose.

The pain of this device is just ridiculous. Maybe if the instructions were better, I would not have made so many mistakes and actually gained some size. Do yourself a favor and avoid this device. It really is that bad. Cheap, Chinese quality, and lack of customer support. I have seen people make gains with this device but I don't know how.

I have tried everything. I give up. I tried for a year and a half to no avail. I will buy the Phallosan and report back with the results. This device is terrible, and I will never recommend it to anyone. It is too late to get my money back, and I see on here that others have tried and were given the run-around. What R&D does Sizegenetics subsist in using? They market well, but the product ain't worth a damn. Well, as I said, do not buy this product!

SizeGenetics Scam


This company is an absolute disgrace.

- First of all: their product. The strap is so uncomfortable. It adds unnatural pressure to the penis. I cannot wear it for more than 5 minutes.
- Second: the quality. Yes, they claim to be better than their 10 dollar eBay and Alibaba alternatives, but that is not the case. The device is made from simple plastic, and I do not believe it can be worth $300.
- Third: good luck getting a refund. I was on the phone with them for hours and sent over 10 emails back and forth. They just keep leading you in circles.

Why don't you invest in a quality device such as PeniMaster PRO or PHALLOSAN forte?

Combined with VLC Tugger


I agree it's impossible to wear Sizegenetics as it is. It is utterly useless by itself, and the pain is very bad when strapping the head. My head won't even stay in lol. It slips out.

But what you need to get for an amazing combo is the VLC Tugger and hook it on the hole: a fantastic isolated stretch of the head is very comfortable and no need to take it off for blood flow.

The only downside is that you will need little more bars since it hangs a little lower. But overall amazing.



A total waste of money and it will be extremely difficult for you to return. The concept of stretching does work from my own personal experience, but this device is total trash.

Even the silicon tube is too big to fit inside the head piece which is tiny, unlike that of FastSize extender that I previously owned but the company has closed down, so I bought this piece of junk.

It is identical to JES extender (from what it says on the plastic bags that contain the device), and I'm stuck with it. 300 USD wasted down the toilet.



You can say it hurts or you don’t like it or it’s uncomfortable or whatever.

It works. It works well. Stretched length is 9 inches from a tick under 7. Erect is at 8 from about 7. Hasn’t even been a year. Combine it with a BIB and you are set.

The people who are saying it doesn’t work prolly didn’t use it consistently or correctly.

It does make you sore tho. That painless rumor ain’t true.

SizeGenetics rated 2.9/5 based on 39 reviews.

My Review (12 months use)

SizeGenetics-all-contentsI have been using the SizeGenetics extender for 12 months now. I had a few off weeks (for personal reasons), but overall I have been wearing it consistently.

I can give you an honest opinion and share my own gains.

Penis extenders have an advantage over pumps because they provide better long-term results. That is because you can wear the extender for several hours throughout the day, while a pump can only be used for several minutes in the shower.

The downside is that with an extender, you do not get the fatter bloated right after use as you do with water pumps. More advanced users own both an extender and a pump. I believe that this is a great combo, but for the duration of my use, I only used SizeGenetics, nothing else.

SizeGenetics works similar to the basic muscle building process. To increase your biceps size, you will have to lift weights to break down the tissue and then restore it so that it’s larger than before. A similar process applies to the SizeGenetics system device. It “stretches” the penis using traction and after some time, you will be able to see the results.[1]

How to use SizeGenetics?

You should aim to wear the SizeGenetics Extender for at least 3 hours daily, for several months.

You should take breaks if your penis feels soar. I usually skip 1 or 2 days every week. Try to adjust the elongation bars just enough so your penis feels the tension but doesn’t slip out. There is a learning curve to get the right balance, so do not get frustrated at the beginning if you are experiencing difficulties.

The more time you spend wearing it, the faster you will see your gains. You can wear it at home, under your pants or jeans, or when you sleep. Get your penis to be semi-erect (unless you are well hung) then strap the SizeGenetics device on (the included DVD shows it well). It will be comfortable with loose jeans or pants. Tight jeans or underwear might be a problem. Also, if you sleep on your stomach, you will feel discomfort.

The SizeGenetics extender has elongations bars supporting a maximum length of around 10 inches. However, according to testimonials from advanced users, for penises over 9 inches, it gets more uncomfortable to wear and harder to conceal the extender under your pants. You will need to wear extra loose clothes and a longer shirt to help hide the device.

SizeGenetics and other similar extenders have also been clinically tested to improve penile deformity (Peyronie’s disease).[2][3] The studies concluded that such devices require “a great deal of patient determination and compliance”. Due to various circumstances and variables, no reliable conclusions were drawn.

Does it really work? My results

You will see permanent gains in length and girth after 8 months. I saw 0.5-inch gains in length after merely 1 month of use.

Those initial results faded away though after I took a long break without wearing SizeGenetics (for personal reasons). After getting back to regular use, it was easy to get the gains again.

After 6 months of use, I saw a 1-inch increase.

Today (after 12 months of use) my erect penis size is 1.8 inches longer than what I started (from 5.0 inches). I have not used SizeGenetics for 14 days to see if the results will stick, and they do, I still have my 1.4 inches of gains.

Please note: I used the SizeGenetics for 5 hours every day. I really committed to the process and saw results accordingly. Before and after pictures will be posted later.

Which SizeGenetics package to choose?

The Value Edition package only includes the stretcher (medical type 1 device) and the instructional DVD. The default comfort pad, strap, and elongation bars are comfortable at the beginning, but over time, you would want more comfort options and a stronger stretch. Long-term use is the main idea behind SizeGenetics (or any extender).

comfort-animationIf you are strapped for cash, the Value Edition is a great start as you can always buy spare parts separately later on. But if you have the money now, it is highly recommended that you get the Advanced Comfort or Ultimate System, since it will be cheaper in the long run. Here are the most notable extras that you will get:

  • 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System: a multi-head piece (shown on the right) contains parts and head beds that will lower the friction and lock in your penis head to make it more comfortable. Very convenient for long-term use.
  • Traction Plus Powder and Aftercare Moisturizer (Included only with Ultimate System): The powder creates friction between the stretcher and the penis so the pressure will be stronger and more comfortable (can be replaced with baby powder). The moisturizer will speed up the tissue regeneration process.

Ultimate System extras

The Ultimate System also comes with SizeGenetics Exercise DVDs and 3M comfort plasters. Those are nice to have but are optional. In terms of the device itself, the Advanced Comfort package has everything.

Discreet Shipping and Delivery

SizeGenetics offer free shipping and discreet delivery in a generic box. There will not be any labels or pictures that give off the contents of the product.

SizeGenetics have an office in North America, so if you live there, you will receive the product very fast. International shipments may take longer.

Where to Buy?

Make sure you order SizeGenetics from the Their components are made in the USA and guarantee high quality.

We had complaints about other resellers: where customers received cheap plastic made-in-China components that could not hold together.

Getting SizeGenetics for free

Yes, as you may have heard, SizeGenetics is running an offer (for several years now, so I do not think it ever goes away) that if you send them your before and after photos of gains, they will give you a full refund, and you get to keep the device. We heard back from some of our customers that they were able to use this deal successfully.

The only catch is that you have to own the device for at least 6 months and take several detailed photos (erect, semi-erect, and flaccid) throughout the progress.

Just a sneaky marketing technique that helps SizeGenetics grow in popularity.


The most popular alternative to SizeGenetics is the PHALLOSAN forte extender. We recommend it if your penis size is smaller (5 inches or less) or if you are not well hung. This is because the extender has a stronger condom-like grip. Read our full review for Phallosan forte.

Also, consider buying the Penimaster Pro. Penimaster Pro uses a vacuum (similar to PHALLOSAN), so you can get a nice comfortable grip for the entire day. It also comes with various attachments allowing you to use the device either as a belt or as a traditional extender. Read our Penimaster Pro review.

If you are interested in an extender with the traditional strapping system, look into the Double Strap System on the Quick Extender Pro. Read our review here.

Many other extenders look exactly like SizeGenetics. ProExtender is an option that you may consider, but we do not recommend it (read our old review). It is slightly cheaper (by $50) but comes with fewer accessories and has a much worse build quality.

Other alternatives to SizeGenetics are Vimax Extender, and Jes Extender (read our review for Jes Extender). Those are older extenders that have not been updated in a while. SizeGenetics is keeping up to date with customer requests and released a newer and more comfortable version recently.

More photos

sizegenetics contents - old package spare-parts-elongation-bar spare-parts

Older Customer Reviews

More current customer reviews can be found above.

It works


I can say I was skeptical at first, but it works it really does. When I got mine, I wore my extender for 14-18 hours a day for 3 weeks and gained a half inch in length and girth.

I am using the next size up, and I'm excited to see what the results are after a year. Don't be afraid to take breaks from wearing it. And gradually work your way up to using longer rods.

You don't have to buy Sizegenetics name brand. You can get Quick Extender Pro or even go on eBay and buy one for under 20$. It made me more confident.

Good results


I have been using this now on and off for about a year and have to say that it seems to work for me. I was born with a small penis and although I have never had any complaints from partners, I wanted to see if I could get some improvement.

I started off 3.3 inches flaccid and 4 and a half inches erect. After wearing the device for a total of 100 hours, I have now gained half an inch flaccid and erect 5 and three quarters, plus the girth has increased substantially!

This has given me the urge to continue with the device, and I actually get a great deal of pleasure from wearing it. When on and adjusted to the max I am getting a length of over six inches - only when I take it off, it drops back. I wear it for at least an hour at a time if not more and have started to wear it under my jeans at work - the only discomfort is if I have to bend down - apart from that its fine. My only advice to anybody is stick with it. It takes time.

SG hurts a lot


I bought SG 1 month ago, and I regret because that device hurts too much. I can't wear it for over 4 hours straight. I'll buy PHALLOSAN very soon. This website warned me the first time I got here, but I didn't believe them. Don't buy it. By the way, I'm from Ecuador, and I think I'm the only Latin person submitting a review.

Extremely Painful and Dangerous


If you are thinking about buying this product, forget it: it is a very bad device. It's uncomfortable, not easy to wear, expensive, bad quality, and has very bad customer service.

1.2 cm gains so far...


I bought the Sizegenetics kit about 4 months ago, and I have seen an increase of 1.2 cm since I started using it.

I am satisfied, but I also noticed that compared to other guys on forums it's not that much. They claim much better gains and results in the same period. I understand that the results may vary from person to person and that everyone mentions that PE is a gradual progress. This makes me think that it will take 1 or 2 years to achieve my target.

I keep thinking that if I had done things differently maybe, I could have gotten better gains.

The schedule I follow consisted of using Sizegenetics (almost) every day for 7 to 9 hours. Sometimes I would have rest days in between.

I set the SG 1 cm above the fully stretched flaccid length of my penis. I just keep shifting the bars higher until I reach that set point. I also adjust the tension between 600 to 1000 grams. I read that with this type of extender that setting is extremely important. I now have the correct number of bars set, so I don't need to make any adjustments. All I do is put the extender on, and I am ready.

It would be nice to know from the more experienced users if the method I talked about above is fine and if I could continue doing the same thing.

Note: I am doing manual PE training and using the Bathmate pump, but I am not sure if my routine is correct. By the way, my erection quality has also improved a lot.

5 weeks results


Today marks the end of the 5th week that I have been using the extender. By now, I have gotten used to it and putting the device on is no longer a problem.

I have also been doing jelqing every other day. And I am looking to buy a pump soon. I think Hydromax x30 would be good for me.

As for my results, I have gained 0.5 inches overall. I feel that this is pretty good, or at least average. The best part is - I get much better erections. Having your penis extended for an extended period of time makes achieving a boner a breeze.

Seems like the same as X4


My review is actually on the X4. I did not see an X4 review area although mechanically and functionally Size Genetics and X4 seem to be very similar.

The problem with Extenders like these is they are NOT comfy! The base can put pressure or dig into your scrotum. To help with this, I put a tissue on that side. That usually happens if the extender is pointed down. If the extender is pointed up, it can dig into the top of the pubic bone. Again, I put padding there too when I wear it up.

You have to be careful when strapping up to not pinch yourself. I tried the noose the first day and didn't like it at all. Since then I have switched to the dual system that has a rubber strap towards the middle of the setup and velcro towards the top.

I gave it only 3 stars because these devices are expensive and they lack comfort. I suppose I should say something positive: It seems to work. I can hide it under my sweatpants wearing it down, and if I wear it up, I can hide it under a thin coat.

After a couple of hours, it can hurt. I just go to the restroom, take it off for a couple of minutes, massage area for 15 seconds, and then put it back on. I also have the Phalloson Forte and did a review, and it has its own issues.

Slow but stable results


It takes me at least 3 months to gain 1 cm length no matter what kind of routine I perform, how intensive it is, or what additional devices I am using with SizeGenetics (I have been doing PE since 2012, with breaks).

The funny thing is that it takes around 1 month to gain 0.5 cm. The following 2 months after that, even if I continue the same daily routine (that I gained 0.5 cm with), I will only cement this 0.5 cm growth, and my penis will not gain further length on the ruler past this 0.5 cm. Usually, after the third month, my penis starts to grow more. This may be annoying, but it is something you have to take into consideration.

My goal is 15.6 cm. Now I am 13.9 cm. I estimate I will reach my goal not sooner than April 2016 - even with a constant daily dedication to PE.

The only downside is the comfort adjustment curve. Many people complain that the device is uncomfortable. You need a few months to get used to it. By the way, my penis is circumcised.

SizeGenetics after 4.5 months


I have been using the SizeGenetics for about 4.5 Months now, and so far I saw a 0.7 inch gain. I did a lot of research on extenders, and it seems it takes 900-1100 Hrs to get half an inch...

I’m very grateful and happy with these results. But compared to most guys in this review... for this amount of time... most guys have gained WAY more than me... I know PE is a slow process and that not everyone gains the same... and to reach my goal, it will take 2 to 3 years.

Which makes me wonder... could I do something different to receive more gains?

My current routine is 8-11 Hours of SG every single day religiously. I take rest days when needed. I am setting SizeGenetics 0.5 inches above my flaccid stretched out penis. I used to have to shift the bars up until I would get to that point. But now I have the correct amount of bars, so I don’t have to make any adjustments (meaning... all I do is strap in and all set, the SG is already set 0.5 inches above my full stretched penis).

Side note - I am also doing manual exercises and using Bathmate.

Hard to use


I have to say, I am so disappointed with this product. The DVD with instructions didn't work, all the instructions are very hard to understand, and the product isn't comfortable.

Don't buy it!

Not worth the price


The price that is shown on the SizeGenetics website is $350. Are you kidding me??? It is a piece of plastic. Duplicates are sold for $10 on Amazon and eBay. I did not find any real discounts. And after all the complaints? Who would really buy it?

Should not be legal


I don't know how this device passed the FDA requirements. ProExtender got banned from the USA. This is no different.

The tension I feel on my penis (I am uncircumcised) from the noose, is very disturbing.

I put on all the white foams correctly, but it still does not feel good after 10 minutes.

I think it is worth investing in a pump noose device such as the PMP if you plan on wearing an extender for long hours.

Do not buy SizeGenetics


Do not buy this product! It's a scam! They sent me a defective product from the UK. When I contacted them, they said they'd send a new part, but it never arrived. When I asked for a refund, they required me to mail the product back and didn't refund the mailing costs - which are expensive when you send from the US to the UK. The product has arrived there, but they don't reply to my emails back and haven't refunded me as well. Lost a lot of money in this shit!

Better than ProExtender


I first bought ProExtender and hated it. The build quality sucked, and it felt like it was going to break every second. Then I returned it for my money back and got SizeGenetics. Very happy I did. It is very comfortable with the 58-way adjustable strap. I enjoy wearing it. I will post a new update with my gains in a few months.

Works! And it's Comfortable!


I wore the Size-Genetics system for several months now, and I can tell you that it really does work. I saw gains after 2 months of use (less than 1 inch, but still good). You need to wear it every day though.

Before and After


So after using the Size Genetics extender for 20 minutes a day for a week, I can say that I got a half inch increase in penis size. This growth, however, is only visible when I am fully hard, which does not happen that often. I do recommend it.

Quick Review


This review is about the SizeGenetics extender. I tried it and got some gains. Nothing too crazy, but you need consistent practice, then you will see a bigger penis size.

Don't buy this


I do not know how to emphasize this enough, but this device is a scam that is not worth your money.



Been using it for a few days and it definitely works. Feeling more confident when meeting new women. It just does something to your mood.

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