Penimaster Pro (PMP) Review

PeniMaster PRO (PMP) is a penis enlargement device developed by the German company MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG.

We have Penimaster included in our list of top extenders. The most common alternatives are the QEP and Phallosan Forte. Phallosan features a similar system and comfort advantages. We compared all 3 here.

They have 2 main product lines: the Penimaster and the Penimaster PRO. The main difference is how the device is attached to the glans of the penis:

  • penimaster-traditionalPeniMaster – similar to SizeGenetics (read the SizeGenetics review here), but is made of slightly higher quality material. It attaches to the penis using a strap. This can get slightly uncomfortable over time since the pressure to keep the penis glans in place needs to be strong.
  • rod-attached-to-expander-partPeniMaster PRO – similar to the PHALLOSAN forte (read the Phallosan review here), but can be used in many more ways. The PRO version attaches to the penis using a vacuum headpiece. With that on your penis, you have endless ways to do your PE exercises. You can use a belt, an extender rod, or weights. THIS is the flagship extender that PeniMaster is popular for, and AHCA will focus on this device for the rest of the review.

We purchased the PeniMaster PRO Complete Set (€254.85 Euros) from the official manufacturer, MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG.

We recommend that you save the shop:

The shop above is hosted by the official manufacturer and features an additional 10% discount on top of all existing promotions.

Be careful of voucher links, cheaper eBay duplicates, and fake resellers.

Package Pricing

MSP is selling internationally, so you will need to adjust the price to your local currency and shipping costs (average an extra €10 Euro):

  • PeniMaster (Traditional/Classic) – €139 Euro
  • PeniMasterPRO Basic – €159 Euro
  • PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander System – €249 Euro
  • PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander System – €229 Euro
  • Complete Package – €289 Euro

Here is the Complete Package pictured below:

PeniMaster-PRO-Complete-Package-opened PeniMaster-PRO-Complete-Package-closed

Read the professional review by our expert at the bottom who aggregated the usage results and gains by several men.

Customer Reviews

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Superbly engineered product


I hesitated quite a lot before I purchased my PeniMaster Pro system, and read quite a few reviews of all available comparable products.

The purchase was a very good decision. For comfort and ease of use, it ticks all the boxes for me!

Most importantly, it is a multi-function setup that is based on the “glans chamber”. It uses a small vacuum to hold the penis in place during applied tension from any direction.

The full PeniMaster Pro kit includes both the multi-position belt and the conventional rod stretching system. I added to these with a weight extension set!

Truth to tell, at first sight, it looks a bit complicated, but it arrives fully assembled and it is quite easy to understand how it works, and how PeniMaster built the components to ensure a perfect fit.

The replaceable latex diaphragm and sluice (3 size options) give total comfort. It certainly requires a little knack to put it on the first time and to operate the bulb evacuation and lubrication procedure.

Once you have the PeniMaster Pro glans chamber in place on your penis, you can clip it into the rod extension kit (with built-in tension adjusters) or clip it onto the belt tensioning system which has 3 possible options (knee, hips, or shoulder) and you’ll feel no discomfort.

And it can be worn unobtrusively under regular clothing! You and others will not be aware of its presence.
A really fine piece of engineering!

Broken suction bulb


I have been using the Penimaster Pro for slightly over two months and was enjoying it.

However, recently, the suction pump ball stopped working for me. I visited the website and looked at the instructions to check if I am doing it correctly, and I think that I am. Their tutorial videos are pretty idiot-proof.

The suction bulb does not expand when I re-tighten and does not pull the gland inside all the way. I am not unusually girthy or using too much force. I even made the switch to the larger plastics, and it still wouldn't pull me inside.

I checked everything for leaks, and there are none. The suction bulb would not re-expand. It is tripping me out that I am doing exactly the same thing as I did before, but for some reason cannot get inside all the way.

UPDATE: I recently switched to a traditional extender and haven't looked back again. The Penimaster vacuum system is a joke compared to it. I do not deal with that stupid bulb. And my traditional extender (SizeGenetics) has these secondary rods that add traction and let you know how much pressure you are getting.

I am currently at around 6.2" BPE. I only used the Penimaster for 2 months. I took a break from extenders for 1.5 months and did manual stretching for that time. I went from 5.5" to 5.9". Now I have been on the SG for 1 month, and I am about 6.2".

I do 2-3 sets of 20-minute spreads throughout the day. I think I can hit 6.8" in a few months.

Terrible - requesting refund


Very discouraged with PeniMaster. First, I cannot figure out how to use this. I can’t find any clear instructions anywhere.

When I was finally able to put it on, my glans started to feel uncomfortable. I took it off immediately after 30 minutes because I can’t take the weird feeling anymore. When I did, my glans felt really sore. There are a lot of good reviews out there so I can’t imagine how they have that good experience.

The device is made with quality materials, but I think PeniMaster should design a better device. I am now requesting a refund.

Repeated Breakage


I bought the PM Pro from a Germany-based eBay vendor. That was a mistake even though they had a very high rating. I should have bought from the manufacturer to ensure proper customer service.

The PM was well designed and very comfortable. I was very happy with it, till it broke. It never lasted long enough to see if I got any increase in size or straightening of my penis. I bought it to treat Peyronie's disease.

The valve on the glans chamber broke about 4 weeks after I got it. It is unusable in that condition. I don't think it should have broken so quickly.

The seller insisted on a return of the broken part (to Germany) before he would replace it. After a couple of months of waiting, I got the replacement, but the valve was jammed shut. I managed to carefully free it, but it too broke after only a couple of uses.

I purchased another new glans chamber ($105 +shipping) from a different vendor to shorten the shipping time, and it also broke after about three weeks of use. I was really careful with that one. With the mailing hassles, it's been about 9 months, and I'm fed up with the whole situation.

I haven't seen other customers mention this problem, but the vendor was aware of it and had replaced parts for other customers besides me. So I don't know if the fault was mine, but I don't think these should be that fragile. I'm still trying to find a solution to my Peyronie's problem.

I think that I will buy this device again, but from the official manufacturer, as mentioned on this website. I just love the concept of the vacuum attached pump, and I can see it helping me if built correctly.

Comfortable, but so complicated


I was never at ease with using PE devices. I read some forums online, and everyone recommended to try PMP because it is much more comfortable than all the other brands. I researched this product and was disappointed that it needs special cream conditioning with every use.

I still went ahead and ordered my first PeniMasterPro device. It came with a chamber that needs getting used to. The vacuum is really light. Sometimes it needs breaks, and it would not pump for a few hours. Even so, I think that the comfort it gives me is worth it. Other than that, I have no complaints.

PeniMaster rated 3.7/5 based on 33 reviews.

PeniMaster Company Information

AHCA Penimaster PRO ReviewMSP Concept’s goal is to create medical products that could help individuals live better. In the late 1990’s, the company first worked with other companies by promoting the first penis enlargement designs available on the market then. However, due to a lot of criticisms they received because of those products, the business came up with the idea of creating a better brand.

For 2 years, the company made extensive research and testing to produce a new brand of penis elongation. Finally, in 2002, MSP Concept released PeniMaster for public use, and the product became widely accepted by perceptive users.

With PeniMasterPRO, MSP Concept focused on creating a device that primarily helps with improving the penis’ flaccid and erect length. As a side effect, the user can also have a thicker penis. The product excels in providing comfort while using the device for an extended amount of time.

Different Packages

PE users can choose between rod extenders and the belt tension system, but the complete package of PeniMasterPRO comes with both technologies.

The classic PeniMaster comes with flexible fastening slots for convenient usage. The product design mainly focuses on comfort and safety during use. Aside from that, it also works by straightening, elongating as well as thickening the penis. As a result, the user will experience improved sexual stamina and potency.

This device is compatible both for circumcised and uncircumcised users and can be used under trousers. Its rods can also be used together with PeniMaster PRO for best results.

PeniMaster has an excellent base ring support that has a universal shape. This support allows the user to wear the device rods in a diagonal, upward, or downward direction. It also provides good support even when the device is worn under regular clothes. The product’s penis fixations add more support and comfort while allowing the user to attach the device to a belt. The device’s length adjustment can be extended accurately by millimeters and without limitations.

  • head-attachementPeniMasterPRO Basic – This is more of a replacement parts package since it cannot be used on its own. PeniMasterPRO is a penis elongation device that can be used with rods or belts to work as a penis expander. This device can be worn comfortably without applying gliding (although the user can opt to use gliding oil) as it provides lymph and foreskin protection. Its excellent design can be attached to the glans without deforming or squeezing it. PeniMasterPRO Basic is best for users looking for replacement parts.
  • rod-expander-systemPeniMasterPRO Rod Expander – This is a separate device that can be worn with PeniMasterPRO for a more comfortable penis elongation. It is very flexible and can be adjusted according to penis length. PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander is stable as it is made with high-quality glass fiber. This device can be used without any accessories and can be worn comfortably under normal clothes.
  • penimaster-pro-belt-strapPeniMasterPRO Belt Expander – Like the Rod Expander, PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander helps by improving the length of the penis. This design is worn with a belt around the hip, across the torso to the shoulders, or to the knee. The user has a variety of ways to wear PeniMaster PRO without bruising the tissues of the penis. The Belt Expander should be worn with the PeniMasterPRO for an excellent pulling force generation. This device is flexible for any body type and can be worn throughout the night.
  • PeniMasterPRO Complete Package – PeniMaster PRO complete package comes with the PeniMaster PRO (head part), belt strap, as well as the rod extender. We used this option for our review (see photos above). The complete package has the two application systems that are intended for use with the glans chamber. This pump is a device that is easy to carry wherever you go. Unlike most extenders on the market, the pumps that come with the complete package does not cut off the blood circulation to the head of the penis.

If you are a first time user or someone who has already tried the noose system, it is best to avail of this package as it provides two options for usage – the belt strap or the rod extender. Also, it encourages you to use the vacuum system that is more preferred than the noose as it is more comfortable to use for a long period of time.

How does it work

penimaster-extender-fully-expandedEvery penis extender works by pulling the penis. When this is done over many hours, the penis will be forced to produce new cells for the spaces that the stretching created, which results in a longer and thicker penis.[1]

This pulling and cell regeneration system is used by other cultures (for elongating the neck, earlobes, and lips), as well as in modern medicine, when someone comes to the clinic to ask for additional height.

You will usually see gains after your first week of use. Those will be temporary at first, but with consistent stretching, they will last longer.[2]

How to use


Instructions Manual with a DVD

A complete manual and DVD are included with instructions, so I am not going to go over the steps in detail. The head part is attached to the penis by the external pump. With the head part on the penis, you can use the various attachments that are included in your package.

These pictures show how to use the pump:

head-piece-pump-detached pump-attached

Comparison with other brands

PeniMaster PRO is one of a kind. There are no other devices that provide such flexibility. However, the concept is similar to other extenders.

PeniMaster compared with SizeGenetics

Both PeniMaster and SizeGenetics offer great support and fit. Both brands have excellent results that their loyal users would swear by. PeniMasterPRO has the unique vacuum grip on the penis head, while SizeGenetics is simply using a strap. The soft vacuum grip creates additional comfort. Sure there are disadvantages (such as more difficulty put the device on), but overall, users prefer PeniMaster.

PeniMaster compared with PHALLOSAN forte

The PeniMaster PRO belt option and PHALLOSAN forte are built on a very similar concept. The penis head is attached to a vacuum chamber and pulled with a belt. PeniMaster offers a more complete package with various wearing capabilities (such as the rod expander). Many users also prefer Phallosan over Penimaster Pro because the latter has a weaker vacuuming system that can’t deliver the same result as Penimaster Pro.

Every penis extender works the same way. However, unlike most brands that use a strap or noose, PeniMasterPRO is designed with a vacuum fixation. This is a more convenient method of stretching the penis as it does not cause friction that results in bruising. The vacuum also attaches to the penis head for long hours. According to reviews, Phallosan Forte is one of the most comfortable extenders on the market.

The first design of PeniMaster uses a noose, but the company started improving their design a few years ago. As of the moment, PeniMasterPRO and Phallosan are the only brands that uses the vacuum system.

Before and After Results

Many users admit that after using PeniMasterPRO, they never go back to using straps made of low-quality materials. On average, a normal user would have at least 1.1 inches increase in erect (and potentially flaccid) length after 500 hours of use.

The gain in erect length slows down the more hours a user wears it. However, the increase in flaccid length usually remains the same, depending on the person. This means you could gain at least 1.5 inches in erect length after completing 1000 hours. This is easy as PeniMasterPRO provides a lot of comfort while you wear it. In fact, you can gain 1 inch in only a month of use.

Which Package to Get

For excellent results, it is best to invest in the complete package because you can save more while having the ability to choose between a variety of ways to wear your extender under your normal clothes. As mentioned above, the complete package is a set of PeniMasterPRO that comes with the rod expander and a belt expander system.

If you are a frequent traveler, you may use the belt tension system as it is smaller and easier to travel with, and allows you to stay active while you’re wearing it. If you want to gain quicker, you can opt to use the rod expanders as they give you more tension and control.

It is recommended to get extra packs of sluice latex and diaphragms as these parts need to be replaced every 2 weeks if you intend to use the device for long hours.

Optional Hose

You can get more convenient control over the pressure with an external hose that can be added for under 10 Euros (with the complete package).

hose-attachment-accessory optional-hose

Where to Buy

Buy PeniMaster PRO from the shop:

This is an official website of MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG but offers an additional 10% discount.

Discounts and Coupons (Vouchers)

Penimaster does not offer any vouchers or coupons. They have fair pricing that was consistent for several years now. Be aware of fraudulent websites that have “Show Coupon” button popups and lead you to fake resellers. Only purchase from the official link above.


The shipping fee for all orders is around €9.95 Euro. The product comes from Germany and is shipped through DHL Germany. This shipping method usually takes 2 weeks.

Recently, the business started offering fast shipping. Orders delivered to European countries would take up to 5 days, while orders shipped to the USA and Canada would take 5-8 days.

The company also considers the privacy of their buyers, so they pack the items in plain white envelopes or boxes that do not mention anything about PeniMaster and penis enlargement.

Spare Parts

If you need spare replacement parts, Penimaster’s prices are much lower than the competitors. For example, you only pay 0.70 Euro for latex parts with PM PRO.

head-piece-parts spare-parts-assembly


Some men believe in the illusion that store-bought pills can get them gains. However, these pills only improve their sexual stamina, and not the size of their penis.

It is easy to manually stretch the penis to gain in size, but the right penis extender can do a better job without the hassle and discomfort.

When choosing a penis extender, make sure to invest in something that you can wear for long hours without hurting your skin. This way, you can achieve the result that you want in a short period.

If you are serious about enlarging your penis and sexual stamina, it is worth investing in PeniMaster Pro.

Note that extenders focus mainly on length. If you want your penis to be fatter and have a bigger girth, try a pump like Bathmate.

More Photos

PenimasterPRO-complete penimaster-pro-packagePMP-pump-top-view pmp-pumptraditional-extender-contracted cream

Older Customer Reviews

The most up-to-date user reviews were displayed at the top.

Product is worth the money


I bought mine in late September and received it Oct 4th. Definitely worth the price and wait.

I've been researching on PE and was unsure on which product to pay for it. The price ranges for these products are definitely not cheap and I somehow found out about PM Pro. I figured PM Pro must be the best one for my enlargement goals.

With the PM Pro you get the rod similar to Size Genetics which is $240 and the belt like Phallosan Forte which is $340. No brainer.

Within going through the trials on having to figure it out; I was able to wear my device for 6+ hours with 15 min breaks on day one. Hope to see some gains in my future.

Personal Detailed Review


I am an experienced extender user, and I have done over 800 hours of extending. I also used 2 different brands (the Original Penimaster being one of them).

I ordered mine just over 2 months ago. Ordering was very straight forward. I chose to pay using Paypal, but I could have opted for a credit card payment as well. I ordered the Penimaster PRO Complete kit, and it includes the PM Pro, the belt strap system, and the rod extender, along with attachment parts for the glans chamber (a suction hose and a ball pump). The Penimaster Pro has "replaceable parts" that wear off with time, so I ordered 4 packs of replacement sluice latex parts and diaphragms. Altogether, there are 25 sluices and 25 diaphragms. This should be enough just under 1 year of use (I will be reordering every 7 months).

The total price of my order came to around $400 including shipping.

This is my only complaint with the PM ordering procedure. They ship using Germany's DHL (not the USA DHL Express service). This means that the US Postal Service will be responsible for completing the shipment once it arrives in America. The wait time could take 1 to 3 weeks for your package to finally come. There are no options to upgrade the shipping method.

Package box:
The package came in a plain white box. The sender was labeled as MSP Concept. My shipment took 2.5 weeks to arrive, with the US Postal Service causing most of the delays.

I previously did most of my 800 hours of extending with the Penimaster Basic extender. The Pro package was no surprise in the quality. The quality of everything in the package was fantastic. Even the hardcover case and the instructions were made very well. The spring balances worked smoothly, the rods were milled aluminum, and the overall appearance of everything set the stage for a flagship product.

Pro tip: the labels are easy to remove from the carrying case to make the product more discreet.

Every extender has its own unique tricks to put it on and off quickly and easily. With the Penimaster Pro, it does take some trial and error and practice. However, once you are familiar with the process, it will take you 8 seconds to put the device on.

This extender has the best comfort level out of all the other ones I have tried. I am usually extending at 1100 grams of tension, and unless I deliberately focus on it, I even wouldn't even know that it's there. You will get some discomfort at the base of the unit rubbing into the top of the scrotum - but a soft piece of foam in that area fixes the problem.

Penimaster is designed to fit a wide range of penis sizes. The standard rods are 12" (around 31cm). The tension is applied only at the glans because neither noose or strap are involved. This is good for men who have a short shaft.

Here is the only downside:
The assembly of the diaphragm, glans chamber, sluice ring, and sluice together has to be done right. It's not hard to assemble, but it takes several attempts to learn to do it correctly. Once you know how to do it, reassembling and disassembling the device is extremely quick.

The glans attachment piece in this kit is different from a simple vacuum chamber. In addition to the vacuum, it uses a combination of adhesion and a positive locking fit to keep the glans tightly in the chamber.

The sluice stops air from entering between the glans and the diaphragm and breaking the attachment between the two. The sluice also helps hold the glans firmly in place with the positive locking fit. It is crucial to install the sluice ring and the sluice correctly because one side of the ring has grooves to allow the air in from behind the sluice so that it inflates.

This is the best penis extender I have ever used. It is the most comfortable and built of very high quality. The downsides are the price (it is quite expensive), the wear parts that need to be replaced (the sluice and latex diaphragm), and the shipping times are horrible.

Any man who is serious about using an extender to gain length need to consider this device. The potential to wear this extender for long hours helps increase length very quickly. Remember that "quickly" is still measured in months in the PE world.

Non-existant customer service


I ordered the Comfort & Care Gel from their eBay store about two months ago. Never received it. I tried to contact them by email but I didn't get a response.

Response: We warned customers before that they should not be buying any official Penimaster products on eBay. I would suggest you follow up with eBay on this. They have a good customer protection policy.

Phallosan forte vs Penimaster PRO belt


I mostly use the belt with the extender since I can only wear the device at night. I owned both PHALLOSAN forte and PeniMaster PRO, and I can tell that both devices are very similar.

The main difference between PeniMaster PRO and other devices with belts is that PM has flexible, adaptive fixing locks. With them, PM can use much softer fixing belt material. When you insert the belt, it opens up, and when it's under traction it closes, so the slot becomes narrower. If the slot is only in one dimension, you must use a more rigid plastic belt material. Otherwise, it cannot fix in place while wearing. Therefore, these belts get ruined pretty quickly.

Another difference between the two devices is that Phallosan works with only one type of pressure. PeniMasterPRO has positive locking fit, adhesion, and vacuum in combination. In fact, the main fixing force is adaptive locking fit. With the positive locking fit, the glans gets stuck in the diaphragm chamber. It won't slip off even if the glans gets greasy.

But overall both products are of highest quality and both are custom made in Germany.

Incredible Gains - 3 months update


When I learned that PeniMasterPRO is made by a German company, I knew I would be purchasing a high quality device. I didn’t have any problems putting it on and I was able to use it for five hours the first time. After the first day, I noticed that my glans was a little red, but I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain, just the redness.

I noticed a slight change in just three days of using this device. I measured my penis - it grew 5 millimeters. I used the rod that day to hopefully speed up the process. I want to get some rest but I know my penis would quickly go back to normal if I stop now.

EDIT: After three weeks, I measured again and I’m happy to learn that I gained an extra inch. I thought it was too good to be true but it feels great to actually experience a significant change in just three weeks. This change made me feel happier and more confident with myself.

EDIT 2: It’s been three months now, and my routine included wearing the PeniMaster PRO belt throughout the day for at least 5 hours. When I come home, I would wait for about fifteen minutes and put on the rods for the next couple of hours. That’s what I would do for the whole week.

I am very happy to say that with this routine, I have gained a total of 1.17” and now enjoying my over 7” size. Awesome results. Now I am considering doing pumping to work on my girth.

Alternating Rod and Belt


I bought the complete set package of PeniMaster PRO last month. I like the device, but I noticed something about the belt tension system that came with it. I like to wear the device at work, and my job requires me to sit for hours in front of the computer. So what I do is I adjust the belt below my knee, enough to be comfortable as I sit down. However, when I stand up, the belt stretches even more, making me uncomfortable.

What I recommend is to adjust the belt while you are standing, or when your leg is straight so you can adjust the pressure you put on your penis while you are standing up.

I prefer the belt over the rod expanders because it’s so comfortable you won’t really notice it while moving around throughout the day. It is best to use when you are wearing long pants. I switch between the belt and the rod (depending on the activities I have during the day) so it is best to have them both. They come with the complete package.

Best PE Device. Period.


I struggled a bit with the device (100% first time extender user here). When I first tried to fit the device stable this morning, I had to wait for a few minutes because I got an erection. I spent maybe fifteen minutes just putting it on and making sure I’m comfortable walking around with it. After that, I felt really good. I didn’t expect it to be this comfortable. Some of my friends actually tried other brands and told me that they are impossible to wear for hours as they cause bruises and are very uncomfortable even when worn at night. One of my friends also told me not to buy expanders because they cut off the blood flow. I’m glad I made thorough research before purchasing.

After successfully putting on the device, I looked myself in the mirror, thinking whether it is possible that other people would figure out that I am using a penis enlarger. I tried the belt that day and wore a pair of baggy pants to make sure no one notices. I also stuffed my pockets so it will become less noticeable because the device would protrude less.

It may be too early to say this, but I feel that the device is already doing its job. I feel that my penis is growing a little bigger the more I wear it. I can’t wait to measure it next week.

Rod/Belt is the perfect Combo


I have been using PeniMaster for a while now and I just realized that you have to adjust the amount of tension that the chamber releases. It depends on your comfort level. I also wear the belt more because I spend my days outside the house. It’s not as easy to detect. When I’m just staying inside the house, or if I feel like I need to see growth quickly, I would use the rods. For me, this brand is perfect because I can choose between the rod and the belt. Other brands I have tried just offer the noose which is not as comfortable.

Penimaster Pro


I bought this device 5 weeks ago, and I have yet to receive it. I called and emailed Penimaster Pro over 30 times, and no one ever answers the phone or emails me back. I'm starting to feel scammed here. Can you please contact them on my behalf and find out what the heck is going on? Are they still in business?

Response: Yes, they are still in business. Private message us the email you used to place the order and any other information you have. We will contact them on your behalf and sort this out.

Working already


I watched a few of the instructional videos and reviews before purchasing PeniMaster PRO. It came to my door just after a week of ordering. I was not expecting it to arrive that early, but I am happy it did. I tried wearing it for one hour, and I can say for sure that it’s working.

I recommend this to anyone because it is far way better than the cheap extenders I have been using. It quickly became my favorite because of how much comfort it gives me. I wore it for hours without any discomfort or the feeling that my penis is burning (that’s how my old extenders felt).

Very comfortable


I just received my PeniMasterPRO. I unpacked my item immediately after getting it from my door. I was happy to see the device for the first time. Just by looking at it, you would know that it is made with high quality materials, unlike the cheap plastic ones I have previously purchased from Ebay.

I started wearing my PMP the same day. I think that wearing it the whole day is enough, so I would take it off at night after getting back from work. It’s been a month now, and whenever I visit my girlfriend, I would stop wearing them because I don’t want her to see me in it. She knows I wear extenders but I just don’t want her to see it.

One thing I noticed is that the device is a little uncomfortable to wear after not wearing it for two days. It becomes comfortable again after a whole day of wearing it.

Great Customer Service


What I love about the PeniMaster PRO is their great customer support. When I first ordered from their website, I noticed that there is a problem with the pressure pump they sent me. It was usable, but some air was leaking out. When I contacted them, the agent was very polite and assured me that they will replace my item ASAP. Note that their support is located in Germany, and I live in North America. I received the replacement shortly after contacting them.

Penimaster vs SizeGenetics


I used SizeGenetics as an extender in the past, and decided to try the PeniMaster PRO.

I’ve been using it for three weeks now and I think it’s great.

The old SG I was using uses a strap. Although the strap was fairly comfortable, I can see a big difference with the vacuum.

I am still getting used to the new vacuum system. Sometimes I would get purple down there but when I tone down the pressure, the color doesn’t become a problem.

For me this product is the most user-friendly device on the market. It is a lot more comfortable than SizeGenetics if you wear it for several hours.

Penimaster PRO is not yet FDA approved.[3]



  1. Ziegelmann, Matthew, et al. “Outcomes of a Novel Penile Traction Device in Men with Peyronie’s Disease: A Randomized, Single-Blind, Controlled Trial.” The Journal of Urology, vol. 202, no. 3, 2019, pp. 599–610. PubMed, doi:10.1097/JU.0000000000000245.[]
  2. Moncada, Ignacio, et al. “Penile Traction Therapy with the New Device ‘Penimaster PRO’ Is Effective and Safe in the Stable Phase of Peyronie’s Disease: A Controlled Multicentre Study.” BJU International, vol. 123, no. 4, Apr. 2019, pp. 694–702. PubMed, doi:10.1111/bju.14602.[]
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