Max Performer Review

Max Performer was launched in 2015 by Silver Blade Nutrition, a company that is based in London, England. Max Performer is the only supplement that is being produced by this company.

This male enhancement supplement has all-natural, concentrated ingredients. That is why it can be strong without the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects like the ones you can get from taking Viagra.

It is evident how well thought-out the product is just by the looks of the packaging and the ingredients that it is made of.

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  • Bigger and harder erections that don’t wear out fast
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Increased energy for your daily activities
  • Increased stamina
  • Boosted sex drive

Customer Reviews

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Works for some


I have used Max Performer 3 years ago, worked well I recently bought again.

They did work for energy levels , and out or the other makes out there worked out the cheapest for 6 months when they do a deal, please be advised that these will only work after a month your body needs to load up on the ingredients this is not a instant supplement it takes time also depending on your body may not work for some people like all supplements but I found after one month a difference in energy and performance, be advised that may not work with everyone, I used male extra and they didn't work for me compared to max performer it all depends on each individual biology.

There are other brands with higher dose ingredients and more interesting ingredients these seem to be standard.

Give it time, they are the best I have found


I tried many, many different types of male enhancement products. Max Performer is by far the best, but you must give it time to work. It took about 3 months of taking them EVERY DAY in order to start seeing the results. I still take them every day after 2 years, and I will probably never stop taking them. I'm 42 years old, I wake up with morning wood almost every day. My erections are stronger and harder, and my wife says she noticed my size is larger than before. I can also last longer in bed, and have more control over how long I can last. Also NO SIDE EFFECTS. My only complaint is that I wish they were a bit cheaper... Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Max Performer.

On my 4th box


Hi everyone, just on my 4th box of max performer - still waiting for the so called changes. Harder erections - yes. Nothing near what Darrell Jackson, the bloke who advertised these pills, said. He would say all good things as he is getting well payed for it.

Results take too long


I cannot feel much difference after taking Max Performer for 4 months. Now I am trying to decide if it is better to stop taking this and just find something else.

Most of the reviews I read have great comments on this product after just a few weeks of using. Right now, I only have the added energy, harder erections at times and nothing else.

The only product that worked for me


Ever since my teenage years, my confidence was very low because I realized that there was something wrong with my sexual performance. I have a very low stamina and don’t have much interest in sex.

When I got married, I knew I had to solve my issues. I started using Viagra, but couldn’t stand the negative side effects. Then all these natural pills came out so I tried all of them one by one, but none of them worked like Max Performer.

This pill is made in heaven. My confidence has improved, my erection is much better, and my wife happier.

Max Performer rated 3.8/5 based on 26 reviews.

IngredientsMax Performer Nutritional Information

  • Zinc – This mineral is important for increasing testosterone levels, as well as increasing healthy sperm count. Zinc establishes a healthy reproductive system.
  • Korean Red Ginseng – Helps keep a high energy level all throughout the day. This ingredient improves mood and reduces anxiety. Korean Red Ginseng also boosts libido.
  • Selenium – Like Zinc, Selenium helps with increasing sperm production and fertility.
  • Cordyceps – Encourages blood flow to the genitals, thus enhancing the thickness and length.
  • Horny Goat Weed – Promotes blood flow to the genitals and increases testosterone levels. This natural ingredient works the same way as Viagra, but without the negative side effects.
  • Maca Root Extract – Commonly used as an aphrodisiac, maca root extract greatly increases libido and is commonly used for male enhancement.
  • Bioperine – It is a black pepper extract that has been found to be a great addition to some of the newest male supplements. This ingredient helps the body absorb all the other ingredients in the pill so best results can be achieved.

Intake and Dosage

The packaging of this product has a clear guide on how to take this supplement. Take 2 tablets a day after a meal. You will have to decide whether to take the tablets after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As for me, I prefer taking this supplement after breakfast to have an early full-day boost.

For optimum results, make sure not to miss any doses. Also, because of the high concentration of this product, it is best to take not more than the recommended dosage.

My Personal Review

Week 1

I felt no obvious results during the first week of taking Max Performer, except the boosted energy levels during the second day of taking the pill. I felt so energized upon waking up the next day and felt refreshed throughout the day.

Week 2

This week I felt happier and confident about myself. I also started thinking about sex more, which is okay with me. The past years, I rarely wake up with an erection, but this week, I wake up with an erection every single day. Also, I used to have very little sex drive as I worry that when I come to that point, I will disappoint. This time, however, all of that changed.

Week 4

At four weeks, my erection has improved greatly. I started having sex with my girlfriend again and I am surprised how I performed. There are a few awkward moments, but overall, I can say that Max Performer is doing what it’s supposed to do. I also noticed that my erection is bigger and harder than I ever had.

Week 6

This is the week that I believe I have gotten the full result. My orgasms have become more intense and I can say that both my girlfriend and I are happier when I actually had a hard time with sex before. I started to feel “more” during sex. My energy level is at its best, I became motivated to go to the gym a few times a week.

Week 8

I noticed that I have more semen than before. Also, even when not erect, my penis looks noticeably bigger. My erection is much stronger now.

Week 12

After three months of taking Max Performer every day, I believe everything has been established. I feel energized every day. My business and relationship improved like I never imagined it would. Because of this, I decided to continue using this supplement.


  • Max Performer uses 100% natural and safe ingredients.
  • The concentration of the ingredients gives powerful results. So far, I got the best results from Max Performer compared to other supplements I tried.
  • No negative side effects.
  • Increases healthy sperm count, thus improving fertility. Good for men who want to have children.
  • Max Performer can be ordered for as low as $8 each week.
  • Free worldwide shipping on all packages.
  • 100-day money back guarantee for orders of 3 or more boxes.


  • Although most of the results are great, I sometimes get what feels like more than a full erection that it hurts.
  • There are times when my sex drive is over the top which makes me uncomfortable.
  • It takes days to feel some noticeable change, and up to a few weeks to get the full result. You can speed up the process by drinking lots of water and exercising regularly.
  • This is not a permanent solution as the effects wear off when you stop taking it.
  • Not available on Amazon or other well-known online stores.

Ordering and Shipping

Max Performer can be ordered on their official website noted above (along with our coupon code).

If you are in the UK, your item can be delivered to you the next day. The company provides free shipping on all orders to more than 200 countries.


  • 30-day supply – $69
  • 3 month supply – $138
  • 6 month supply – $207

Money Back Guarantee

The company gives an assurance that if you are not happy with the product, you can get a full refund for a 3- or 6-month supply.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Card
  • PayPal Express / PayPal

When I received my credit card statement, the item was shown as “SILVERBLADE”.


The moment I sent my order, I received an order confirmation email. A few hours later, an email with my tracking details was sent to me.


Three days after ordering, I received my order in plain, brown box with just my name and address written on it. You can be confident that no one will know what is inside.


So far, the best male enhancement supplement I have ever taken is Max Performer.

Other products that I tried on AHCA sure gave me great results. However, Max Performer has leveled that up. The high concentration of its ingredients, and especially the company’s choice of the unique concoction of ingredients added to this blue pill sure has a big impact on the way Max Performer affects my daily life.

Max Performer has been delivering the benefits they claim on their website. I am in the fourth month of taking this supplement. Just this month, I bought the 6-month package not just because of the sexual benefits I get, but also because of the increased energy I experience every day.

I can say that I am the happiest I have ever been, with the improvement in my relationship with my girlfriend, as well as the confidence I feel when facing other people.

Past Reviews

These are reviews that were submitted in the past.

Top on my list


I have already tried VigRX Plus and Male Extra, and both of these are great! However, when Max Performer was released on the market, I was curious as to what it can do and so I ordered the 3-month package.

Within those 3 months, I experienced the results gradually and at three months, I am the happiest man I ever been! I was able to feel that this is the best among the best.

Great Results!


I’m at my 6th month of taking Max Performer. When I thought the result is at its best, this supplement can still get better and continues to surprise me every single week.

I experienced all the benefits during the 5th month. I can say it is pretty fast compared to the ones I have tried before.

Better than Viagra


I am very glad that I found this product. I have been using Viagra for the past few years and also been suffering the nasty side effects. Now that I found an alternative that is natural and safe to use, I am enjoying my sex life even more.

Doesn’t work well for me


Either the other reviews are exaggerated, or my body just doesn’t respond well to Max Performer. I have been using the supplement for three months now. It works a little. Like I have a little boost in my energy and libido, but still, I can’t stay long enough in bed.

Anyway, it is still an improvement for me, but not just like how the others described here.

Much recommended male enhancement supplement


I have the strongest results I ever experienced! I am taking this as a maintenance, and I can’t imagine myself taking other pills. The need to take this every day can be tedious at first, but when you miss a dose you will realize how important this is in your everyday life.

It is so important for me, I even set my alarm so I don’t forget taking it.

Very legit product


Everyone around me knows that I am a person who is hard to please. Especially with all these male enhancement supplements. I have tried almost everything on the market and I loathe the ones that are being marketed as “the best thing in the world”, but really are not. These fake marketing have been fooling me in the past.

To be honest, all I really wanted is a product that is safe and solves my performance issues. All the other products just have one of these things working. If they actually work to enhance male performance, they tend to have some prescription medications mixed in them. If they claim to be safe, they use a weird combination of ingredients that don’t really help out much.

Max Performer is the only supplement that meets these criteria. It’s like a magical pill that can give me all that I need. It is both safe and perfect for enhancing my sexual performance.