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SizeGenix is a male enhancement pill that claims to be the world’s first and only pill to make the penis bigger and stronger at the molecular level. To support this claim, they patented their formula which is called Wave Surge technology that increases erection size.

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Like other male enhancement pills, SizeGenix uses the benefit of nitric oxide that improves blood flow by widening the blood vessels. The blood flowing into the penis causes erections. Moreover, the product is said to increase the testosterone levels by 74.7% in 12 days.

Update (June 2018): Sizegenix after-sales support is no longer responsive or active. If you wish to place an order, do so at your own risk. Buyers complained that support stops responding after orders have been placed.

Alternatively, we recommend you check out Max Performer. We found it to be the most effective male enhancement pill. Read our full Max Performer review.

If you are still determined to buy SizeGenix, we recommend you purchase from a third party seller like (the price may be slightly different).

Do not confuse this product with the SizeGenetics Extender – which is manufactured by a completely different company.


(As of November 2017)

Note: Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Package Price You Save
1 bottle (good for 1 month) $39.95
3 bottles (good for 3 months) $79.95 $39.90
5 bottles (good for 5 months) $119.95 $79.80
7 bottles (good for 7 months) $159.95 $119.70

Table 1 – SizeGenix Price

You can test the product out by purchasing one bottle in the meantime. If you see improvements, you may want to buy again. Just take note that results may vary individually.

User Reviews

Those that have tried SizeGenix or SizeGenix Extreme can comment below with their experience and effects.

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This product is an absolute fraud ! Four months taking two pills every morning at 5 am not eating till 9am. No grow of any sort and no boost in energy libido ! In short, just a total waste of money.

It made me shorter and smaller.


I do not recommend taking these pills. They will just try and steal your money. I have been taking these pills for 3 months now and nothings happening. I was around 2.5 inches but after taking these pills it's gotten up to a little bit under 2 inches now.

Not effective


This product is ineffective... I have taken other enhancement medications in the past and they worked like a charm but this stuff is garbage... I do not recommend...

They do not have a customer support put in place for refunds either... So no money back guarantee as they state on their ad. Don't fall for the gimmick like I have.

Sucks, waste of money


I’m taking the pills for 2 weeks and nothing happens. Wasted my money and time. Don’t order.

No work


I have been taking the pills for two weeks but I didn’t notice anything. There are no effects whatsoever.

SizeGenix rated 2.6/5 based on 35 reviews.


  • Butea Superba, the main ingredient, is a vining shrub that has properties to help treat erectile dysfunction. It can only be toxic when taken in very high doses, so there’s nothing to worry.[1]
  • Tongkat Ali is a well-known shrub with many medicinal uses against illnesses such as diarrhea, fever, indigestion, among others. It is also widely used as an ingredient in coffee and energy drinks. Moreover, it improves blood circulation and stamina that aid in sexual health.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a medicinal plant that can improve sexual health and enhance libido. According to recent research, it has failed to become efficient in increasing testosterone levels which opposes the description in the manufacturer’s website.[2]
  • L-Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound that aids metabolism by moving fatty acids to the mitochondrial membrane which has a potential to burn fat. That is why it is famous for slimming pills and drinks. It also improves the sperm quality but does not help in treating erectile dysfunction.[3]
  • Long pepper’s fruit, aside from being used in cooking as seasoning, is used to treat insomnia, headache, asthma, cough, among many others. It may also increase interest in sexual activity, but it is not the main effect of this plant.
  • L-Arginine, which is also commonly present in other male enhancement pills, is converted to nitric oxide that dilates the arteries thus increases erection capability.[4]
  • L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is converted to L-Arginine in your kidneys. Taking L-Citrulline as a supplement is more effective than taking L-Arginine alone because it is a supplement of L-Arginine. It boosts L-Arginine more!

Among the ingredients above, only Butea Superba and L-Arginine are directly involved in penial health. The other ingredients may improve overall body health that may also improve sexual health.

SizeGenix vs. SizeGenix Extreme

sizegenix-extreme-bottleWhile the original SizeGenix has already promising results as the manufacturer claims, they created a more extreme formula for serious buyers who seek more size increase.

Another difference is the price. SizeGenix Extreme is more expensive than the original version. Check out SizeGenix Extreme on Amazon (the price may be different than what is listed below).

Note: Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Package Extreme You Save Original SizeGenix
1 bottle (good for 1 month) $59.99 $39.95
3 bottles (good for 3 months) $97.00 $82.97 $79.95
6 bottles (good for 6 months) $179.00 $180.94 $119.95 (5 bottles)

Table 2 SizeGenix Extreme vs. SizeGenix Price

Company Background

SizeGenix is associated with Incredible Health Decisions.


2505 Anthem Village Dr #554 Henderson NV 89052

Email address (for SizeGenix Extreme only):

[email protected]

Contact Number:


The only thing that’s bothering me is the lack of historical background of the manufacturer of SizeGenix. For me, the manufacturer’s reputation is a crucial factor to buy their products.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can get a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. They offer this guarantee because the results are not the same for all men, so you have the chance to try other products. Of course, the shipping fee (and tax, if any) will not be refunded.

No Auto-Shipment Program

They are also explicitly telling you that they have no auto-shipment programs, while other companies do not openly inform their customers about it. So you don’t have to worry about paying unnecessary expenses.

In any case, I strongly advise you to read the entire terms and conditions and not only rely on the big letters on their website.


If you’ve already tried SizeGenix (or SizeGenix Extreme) but aren’t satisfied with the results, here are some alternative products to choose from.

Below is a quick comparison between SizeGenix and other products:

  • SizeGenix vs. Viagra. Viagra is not a supplement and can only be bought with a prescription. Its effect can kick in within hours, while SizeGenix needs to be taken for weeks to see significant results.
  • SizeGenix vs. Male Extra. Male Extra is the first to include Pomegranate Ellagic Acid in a male enhancement pill. It is known to increase blood flow and give more stamina. Both have L-Arginine, but SizeGenix has L-Citrulline. Read our separate review for Male Extra.
  • SizeGenix vs. VigRx Plus. Two great ingredients of VigRx Plus that is not included in SizeGenix are the Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. These are effective against erectile dysfunction. Read our separate review for VigRX Plus.
  • SizeGenix vs. Vydox. Vydox’s main ingredient is L-Arginine, which is also present in SizeGenix. However, Vydox is a lot more expensive with a whopping price of $84.99 per bottle, as compared to $39.95 price of SizeGenix. That’s a $45 difference! Read our separate review for Vydox.
  • SizeGenix vs. TEKMale. Their ingredients are almost the same, but TEKMale is more expensive than SizeGenix. One bottle of TEKMale is $74.95 as compared to $39.95 price tag of SizeGenix. Read our separate review for TEKMale.

The difference among all male enhancement products is the set and concentration of ingredients. For example, L-Arginine may be 600mg in one brand and 700mg in another brand. Checking the number of ingredients present in the pills is a good practice. Higher concentration of ingredients means higher potency.

The Verdict

SizeGenix’s main promise is size increase, from the brand name itself. However, mixed reviews are extremely opposing to each other with the original version. Personally, I am quite baffled with the ingredients because only two of them have a direct effect on the penis. The others are for treating various illnesses. But since I am no doctor, I don’t have anything to support my argument. It’s just my plain opinion.[5]

SizeGenix Extreme, on the other hand, has L-Citrulline that is more effective than L-Arginine. If you have a bigger budget to spare, I recommend you to purchase the extreme version to take advantage of L-Citrulline. The reviews are also good so far, so I think the manufacturer did great with the extreme version. But of course, as they also warn their customers, you should check with your doctor first if your body can handle the strong formula.

To purchase a bottle, visit

More User Reviews

The following are more user reviews. They appear here when newer reviews are added on top.

Best while pumping


I have been taking these pills for about a year now. Now I am 1 inch bigger. But that's not without extra help. I have been pumping for 3 years now and only gained a few cm.

But after pumping and taking the pills at the same time, I saw noticeable effect after 6 months. Maybe I am just not like other men out there who can grow their penis real fast and I am very satisfied with this product.

I stopped taking the pill 3 months ago and noticed that I am shrinking slowly. It is possible that growth from pills is not permanent.

So if you are taking them, it would be better to do some pumping as well to boost the results.

Forget the pills


I have already tried a lot of pills, and nothing worked. I thought this one would work for me because there are a lot of positive reviews.

I tried it for a month with no results. I gave it a chance and continued taking it for 2 more months.

I have been doing PE for 6 months now. Try it, it is more effective.

Works like a charm!!


For me, it’s an excellent product. I sort of documented my progress so I can see the results before and after. Believe it or not, I gained another inch after taking the pill for three months. I can send you the pictures as proof. Also, I can last longer in bed (3-4 hours), and I’m having stronger orgasms in my entire life. People are complaining that they don’t see any effects. For me, it took three long months. Just be patient guys.

Why there is no “no-star” option?


I am UTTERLY disappointed with all the adverts. Did you really promote this Ron Jeremy? Or were you just paid a huge amount of money?? Two months. I’ve been drinking this for two months but nothing!! This manufacturer is already out of my list!

Works like crap…


Now I am undecided whether to buy another brand or stop taking pills. This is my first try, and I have the same experience with other customers who complain that the pills do not affect despite drinking for weeks. There are hundreds of brands, how am I supposed to know which will going to work for me? How much money will I waste??

The only pill that worked on me


I’ve tried three other pills before, but there was very little to no effect. This is the only formula that worked for me in 3 weeks. At the first week, I already noticed stronger erections. At the third week, I noticed a little increase in size (about 5cm). I am not saying that it will work for you too. I think it depends on the body’s reaction to these pills.

It works, but not as expected


I bought the extreme version right away without trying the original one. There are visible results after five weeks, but I’m not contented. It’s quite expensive for me, so I am expecting bigger effects in a shorter time. But I think I need to take it for months to achieve the length that I want. I hope it’s worth it.

Am I the only one who doesn’t see any difference???


At first, I thought I saw something different, but when I measured my penis weekly for eight weeks, I was crushed when the length is still the same!! This is a total scam! And now I’m beginning to get hopeless with all those penis enlargement pills. I’m not wasting money anymore.

No size increase as promised, but longer sessions


Yup, I noticed no size increase but I noticed that I am now having longer sex. I can now last 1 hour more (is that already good?). But yes I am delighted, and I’m happy so buy this product guys, believe me, this is no scam and 100% legit.

Doesn’t work…


Rubbish descriptions on their website… I was born with a small penis so I was hoping badly that the pills would work. But nothing’s changed as if I was drinking candies. Good thing I only bought one bottle and now the refund is on the process. Going to look for another brand again…

Still hoping


I have already drunk one bottle for a month, but there is still no effect I think. Maybe I’m becoming easily aroused now. But I’m still hoping for a change, so I’m going to buy another set. I’ll observe the difference for another two months. Wish me luck guys!!

Still waiting for a miracle


Two weeks and counting… When does this suppose to work?? I think two weeks is enough for me to feel or see something different. Maybe I bought a fake?? I’m going to try another week, and if it still does not affect, I am certainly going to get my money back.

Happier than ever!


I am using the SizeGenix Extreme for six long weeks without observing the results. Now, on the sixth week, I noticed my penis became larger. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to measure my penis length before taking the pills. But I’m sure it became larger because my penis became bulky in my underpants.

Overdosing attempt


I tried to overdose this by taking one more pill each day. Well, I’m still ok up to now, so I’m sure that the pills are not doing anything bad to my body. By overdosing I already noticed some changes to my penis so why don’t you try to overdose too?



I am completely PLEASED with the extreme version!! I used to take the SizeGenix original formula, but it wasn’t that effective. So I decided to buy the extreme version even if it’s more expensive. I was surprised with my erection!! Stronger than ever!! It’s worth the price!!


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