Top Penile Extenders – Complete List and Reviews

Along with penis pumps and penile exercises, penis extenders are another way to attain penis enlargement.

Extenders work on the principle of traction or stretching. A steady, stretching force (either through extending or pulling motion) is applied to a flaccid penis to produce micro-tears. As the body heals these damages, new cells are formed, and tissues grow in size.[1]

Extending affects penis length more than girth.[2]

As an advanced penis enlargement technique, extending is not recommended for beginners. It is recommended to get conditioned first with jelqing or any basic penile exercise for at least 3 months.

If you are ready for extending but not sure on what extender to buy, here is a list of the best penis extenders on the market.

1. Quick Extender ProQuick Extender Pro (QEP)

This is a traditional extender which uses rods to stretch the penis.

It does not have the vacuum suction and belt system of PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan Forte.

Nevertheless, it is still comfortable, thanks to its unique dual strapping system. And it is much easier and quicker to put on and take off.

Learn more about Quick Extender Pro with this review.


  • Improved comfort and wearability. For an extender with rods, Quick Extender Pro is comfortable largely due to its Dual Strap System. It’s a feature you’ll only see with this brand, which distributes the tension at the tip and shaft.
  • Made of aluminum and other lightweight materials. You won’t feel any heft when you’re wearing Quick Extender Pro at work. Materials are also of medical grade, so this extender won’t trigger allergic reactions, even after hours of usage.
  • Good for all penis size. It will adjust to any penis length by installing the appropriate rods.


  • Not as comfortable as belt-type extenders, especially if you are planning to use this extender while sleeping.
  • Without the Memory Foam, it may be too rough on the penis.

quick extender pro reviewPrice: $119 (Value edition) to $350 (Deluxe Limited)

Money back guarantee: 6 months

Warranty: Lifetime

Manufacturer: Quick Extender Pro Corporation


Growth: 1.2 inches in length and 0.6 inches in girth after 5 months, with 6-8 hours of daily use

2. PeniMaster ProPenimaster PRO Extender

The Penimaster Pro extender is the most versatile and comfortable device we found. It is made in Germany so you can rest assured that the quality and design are top-notch.

The extender connects to your penis glans through a self-adapting suction headpiece and can elongate your penis either through extension rods or belt system.

It is the only extender on the market that has these dual capabilities.

See our complete PeniMaster review and verified customer reviews.


  • Superior flexibility. Use it as a traditional extender with rods or as an all-day stretcher with the pulling belt system. There is also an option to apply weights.
  • Unparalleled comfort. You’ll be using vacuum headpiece and ring, instead of straps and nooses that can cause friction and bruise your penis. This feature makes Penimaster Pro ideal for long hours of use.
  • Fits any penis length. With its multiple rods, Penimaster Pro can accommodate penises of various length and provides a wide tension range.
  • Works with different glans type. There is a wide selection of headpieces, which provides variable fitting sizes to accommodate small and big glans. The headpiece will also work with both circumcised and uncircumcised penis and comes with frenulum protection.

penimaster pro reviewCons:

  • Expensive.
  • Need to buy the extra parts. The sluice latex and diaphragms need to be replaced every 2 weeks, especially if you’ll be using Penimaster Pro for long hours.
  • If you prefer a more convenient pressure control, you may also choose to buy the additional hose.

Price: €289 for the complete package (includes headpiece, rods, belts, base, external pump)

Money back guarantee: 14 days

Warranty: 1 year

Manufacturer: MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG. (Germany)

Website: (official shop extension from AHCAF)

Growth: minimum 1-inch length increase after 500 hours of use

3. Phallosan FortePHALLOSAN forte Extender

Among penis extenders, Phallosan Forte is the only one that’s FDA-approved. On its official site, you can read a commissioned study that shows the effectiveness of this product.[3]

It has the same vacuum feature of Penimaster Pro, so it’s also comfortable.

However, it only comes with a belt system and lacks extension rods. That’s the reason many penile exercisers dubbed it as just an all-day stretcher as opposed to being a traditional extender. You can read more about the performance of Phallosan Forte in our review.


  • Excellent comfort. With vacuum suction, there is no physical friction. The vacuum will last for 4 hours, enough time before you need to reattach it.
  • Convenient for public use. With a belt system, it won’t be obvious that you’re wearing an extender at work. Fastening it on or taking it off is easy, especially when you need to urinate. You can also use this tool while sleeping, as it can accommodate your night erections.
  • Works with circumcised and uncircumcised penises.Phallosan Forte review


  • Expensive. You also need to buy the replaceable sleeve condoms.
  • Won’t work with penises longer than 7 inches.

Price: $339

Money back guarantee: 14 days

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer: Texana Manufacturing Ltd. (Malta); sold and distributed by Swiss Sana Anstalt (Liechtenstein)


Growth: 1 inch of additional length after 6 weeks of use; 1.4 inches after 6 months

4. SizeGeneticssizegenetics extender

The SizeGenetics extender is another traditional-style extender. Read our complete review here.

The extender grabs to your penis glans through an adjustable head that includes various comfort pads and attachment options so you can pick what is most comfortable for you.

See our complete SizeGenetics overview and verified customer reviews.


  • Superior comfort. The 52-way adjustable strap fits almost any penis type.
  • Easy to put on. Unlike vacuum-based extenders, SizeGenetics can be attached very easily by simply tightening the strap.
  • Adjustable tension. The rods can be configured for various tensions depending on your PE progress and goals.


  • Expensive.
  • May not be comfortable for some people.
  • Sleeping in certain positions may unstrap the extender.

Price: $199.95 to $299.95

Money back guarantee: 9 months (based on documented progress and results over 1000 hours)

Warranty: 1 year

Manufacturer: DanaMedic (Denmark)


Growth: 10% increase within the first 2 to 3 months. A 28% increase in length and a 19% increase in girth after 4 to 6 months.

Other Acceptable Extenders

Jes Extender and MaleEdge are popular extenders that operate with rods, not with belts. The tension range is wide and can go up to 2300g, so there is ample room for growth. Both can accommodate penises of varying lengths, circumcised or not.penis extender alternative

However, MaleEdge and Jes Extender do not have the same level of comfort offered by Penimaster Pro, Phallosan Forte, and Quick Extender Pro.

One, they don’t have vacuum chambers.

Two, the single strap system is prone to slipping and can be painful when gripping the head. The good news is there are optional comfort features (like velcro strap, pad, gauze), but these accessories are found in the more expensive packages.

Moreover, the design of these two brands favors users with big glans.

If you’re a person who urinates a lot, rod-type extenders are more ideal for dismantling the pieces than vacuum-type extenders which take more time.

Jes Extender and MaleEdge also suffer the high-price drawback. For instance, with Jes Extender, the basic Light package starts at $210, the Standard package is at $230, and the most expensive Platinum package is at $1,000. For Male Edge, the packages are priced from $200 to $300.

For more information on these two extenders, read our review on Jes Extender.

Several traction extender kits in eBay and Amazon are far more affordable, with prices not higher than $90. While they may not have the same quality as the established brands, these extenders are already good choices for budget-conscious buyers or those who simply want to have an initial taste of extending.

Extenders to Avoid

Last year, we wrote a review on X4 Labs’ extenders, where we detailed their good qualities and how they compare with SizeGenetics. X4 Labs’ starting kit is inexpensive, just $90. Their products are lauded for their base and quad supports, ability to accommodate penis length 6” and lower, and a maximum tension that can go as high as 4,200g.

ProExtender is another rod-type extender that comes with a high price. The pieces easily fall apart. Users are commenting about the noose straps that can be uncomfortable if used for more than 4 hours every day. The noose can also slip over the head, which can be painful. Read our review on ProExtender.

Male Edge extenders have multiple, easily adjustable rods. However, weak straps, plastic hinges, and the need for constant adjustment are reasons why you should avoid Male Edge.

Official websites

If you do choose to go the extender route, we hope that you will purchase a genuine product from the official website. Here are the sources for our top extenders:


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