Leading Edge Health Company Review

Leading Edge Health (also known as Leading Edge Marketing) is a company that sells natural health supplements for men and women.

Company Background

Leading Edge Health was founded in Canada in 1997 and is now being managed by Doug MacKay. They are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.[1]

The company is currently based in the Tennessee and can be contacted by phone at 1 (866) 621 6886 for domestic calls, and 1 (604) 677-5365 for international calls.

Products and BrandsLeading Edge Health Homepage

The company is focused only on high-quality products made from natural ingredients. Because of this, they are popular for providing safe alternatives for men and women who want to keep their youthful vigor while staying healthy.

Leading Edge Health covers a variety of skin care, anti-aging, and sexual health products.

Their website lists a wide range of products under the beauty, health, and lifestyle categories.

Latest reviews for Leading Edge Health

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Think twice


I cannot say anything about the products but the level of customer service by this company falls nothing short of absolute crap. After ordering some of the merch, I opted for a quicker delivery time - for which I have paid a high premium (almost equal to the cost of the products). The delivery is now almost 2 weeks overdue and despite several requests for assistance, I keep on getting lame excuses and still no indication of even where my purchase is. I have lost interest and requested a refund on more than one occasion - my requests were met with more lame excuses. They don't even deserve the 1 star I am forced to give them in order to have this review submitted. What a joke...

Very worth it


I am surprised by the changes in my body. My friends and I purchase this website for beauty products and health supplements.

They all work great for me, and one thing I noticed recently is the increase in my desire to be intimate. I would recommend it to others.

Works great!


I first learned about this company when I was looking for products to bump my sexual life.

I bought their Hersolution product first and I noticed that my mood has improved a lot. Now I think that I can’t go through the day without this pill.

I am considering buying other products from them to try out.

My issue was resolved quickly


I called the customer service because I had issues with my purchase. The first person I who took my call was unpleasant to talk with. He sounded nonchalant about my concerns.

Thankfully, my case was escalated to another person named Dawn. She dealt with me professionally and was very calm although I was freaking out at first.



Well, what can I say, I am still waiting for a delivery from last year, a delivery did arrive, well I should say half the wrong product arrived.

Still chasing the products ordered to no avail, always an excuse: "someone from customs has opened the parcel and taken some of the contents", but it is not the correct order. The latest is "chasing delivery service for a signature", if it has not been delivered how can they miraculously find a signature at the address.

Maybe I should thank my lucky stars that the products never arrived as I would be very disappointed, as everyone knows "Snake Oil
Don't Work". I guess this is how the 'New Generation' makes their money.

Leading Edge Health rated 2.6/5 based on 28 reviews.

Notable Products We Reviewed

  • VigRX Plus – A product line that increases men’s libido and maintains their erection. Other benefits include a more intense orgasm, easier penetration as well as quicker erection recovery. See our full review.
  • Extenze – An extended-release capsule that helps with penis growth and stronger libido. See how this product can help you by reading our review.
  • ProSolution Pills – Mainly helps to improve erections. Prosolution Plus is proven effective for men who experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Read our full review.
  • ProSolution Gel – A lubricating gel that enhances sexual performance. It aids in increasing the blood supply in the penis upon application of the product. Find out how you can maximize its benefit by reading our full review.
  • Semenax Pills – A pill that enhances semen quantity and quality. In addition, Semenax also helps intensify orgasms. Results can be experienced as early as the first week of usage. You can see more details in our full review.
  • Volume Pills – Being in the business for more than 10 years now, Volume Pills is popular for its ability to increase sexual pleasure and semen production. Highly recommended for men who want to have kids. Read more about Volume Pills.
  • VigRX Oil – Also referred to as the “Topical Viagra”, VigRX Oil delivers fast results when applied to the skin. This oil works the same way as the male enhancement pills do, but the results can be seen much faster. Read more benefits of using this oil by reading our full review.
  • ProExtender – Most popular in Spain, this device was originally invented by a surgeon to fix abnormal penis shapes. Eventually, it was redesigned to be used as a penis extender. ProExtender was usually prescribed by doctors in Europe as a solution to Peyronie’s disease as well as erectile dysfunction. Learn more about ProExtender’s transformation by reading our full review.

All of these products proved very effective and have been used by many men worldwide.

Some of them are being promoted for free trials, but be careful as most free trial versions are fake. Most of the fake products do not have an official website. You should buy authentic ones from Leading Edge Health.

Company Team Detailsleading edge health board of advisors

Leading Edge Health has a “Board of Advisors” that is composed of three health professionals. Dr. Steven Lamm is an internist that regularly appears in multiple TV shows like Dateline, BBC, Fox News and Today for his commentary and analyses.[2][3]

Another advisor is Dr. Dave David, an anti-aging specialist and cosmetic surgeon who is also a certified OB/GYN.[4]

Anna Lepeley is a nutrition expert that focuses on supplements for enhancing the libido. She makes sure that the ingredients used in these supplements are backed with extensive scientific research and is efficient for the general public.

Order Tracking and Customer Support

Leading Edge Health have a dedicated page for order tracking. Simply input your email address and order number to get your tracking information.

Payments and Money Back Guarantee

Their website, LeadingEdgeHealth.com, accepts payments made through the four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover) as well as PayPal.

All products sold on the website are covered with 100% money back guarantee. The empty containers must be sent back to the company within 67 days from the purchase date and your full refund will be processed. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

The company is willing to do a full refund for the first 2 empty containers along with all unopened containers. Returns after the 67-day period will not be processed.[5]

Past Reviews

Read older reviews about Leading Edge Health.

Not Happy


They received my money, but I never received my order. They said that I contacted the shipping company and requested that I would pick my order up at the shipping company office. Why would I do that when they can just put it in my mailbox?? Besides, I leave home at 5 am and get home at 8 pm 7 days a week. Not happy at all!!!

Very expensive


Some of their products are very expensive and can be bought cheaper from other sources. However, I found that some are also cheaper when bought from Leading Edge.

It’s tedious to compare prices but if you want the cheapest, it’s well worth it.

Not as advertised


Their products don’t work well for me. Why does the website claim that the pills work immediately?

I already used the whole bottle with no results. I tried to raise it to them but they told me to buy more bottles. I think that’s just ridiculous.

Useless products


First I tried their VigRX but all I did after taking the first dose is go to the bathroom. I tried other variations too but nothing seem to work for me, the others made me feel so tired that I had to take multiple naps a day.

Ok products


Products are ok and shipping is fast. I just find them very expensive. But it is worth it if you care so much about your sexual health.

The products work great for me although I have to take the pills at least 3 months to see the effect. I decided to keep taking the pills so my results won’t go to waste.

Happy wife, happy husband


I bought some supplements from them 4 months ago and the products have great results on me. My husband is so happy so I will be purchasing a different pill for him.

Their products are not consistent


Maybe it is just a coincidence. I have bought multiple products from them for my wife and I. One month the product works, next month they don’t. It so random that I can’t figure out what causes this.

Worst customer service ever


I purchased an item from them a few months ago but the package was all wrong so I went ahead and called the customer service.

The woman who I spoke to was never helpful and was trying to blame me for the incorrect package.

When I asked to speak with the manager, she was supposed to put me on hold but maybe she hasn’t done it correctly so I can still hear her on the other end mocking me, and asking a guy if she should pretend to be the manager.

The manager picked up the phone but is not helpful either. When I told her about the disrespectful person I talked with, she tried to change the subject.


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