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Quick Extender Pro (QEP) is one of the first traditional penis extenders. It is the only device on the market with the Dual Strap Support (DSS) System, which improves comfort and wearability.

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The company was founded in 2004 and released their first Deluxe Edition in 2007. Over the years, it continually evolved to meet the demands of the customers.

The 2nd generation (released in 2015) adopts the following changes:

  • A reduction in weight by switching from steel to aluminum
  • Better strength and tension by implementing medical grade materials
  • Improved shape and glans support

Visit the Official Website from QEP Inc. to see the complete product information and the updated prices. Use discount code AHCAFR25 with the link above to get an extra 25% off.

Be careful, because other reseller websites selling Quick Extender Pro may not provide a genuine high-quality product.

The Quick Extender Pro comes in 4 packages:

  • Deluxe Limited Edition – the flagship version. Loaded with plenty of extras and all the parts you’ll need to keep your growing program going for more than a year into your purchase.
  • Deluxe Standard Edition – the most popular. Pairing affordability with everything you need to experience the benefits of enlargement.
  • Value Edition – available to those seeking initial gains at the most affordable price point.
  • Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition – has components specifically targeting curvature correction. At the same time, it acts to enlarge the penis.

The details of each package will be discussed further down in the post.

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Comparing to Phallosan Plus


I had the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Plus kits, and returned them within their return window.

QEP is much better for me, but I might be a special case.

Firstly, I didn't like Phallosan's vacuum strap. Maybe I got a faulty kit but I just couldn't get it to strap properly. QEP's is much better for me.

Secondly, the Phallosan belt gave me horrible discomfort all around my hip area. I only used the Phallosan Plus. And paying $500 for that kit given I won't use half of it was very silly.

Thirdly, the tension seems much more consistent on the QEP. On the Phallosan it seems to need constant adjustments.

So overall, I am happy so far (2 weeks now). Thankfully I still got 6 months before my guarantee expires so I will wait and see if I get clear results.

Happy so far


I've only been using it for two weeks but I already get rock hard erections. My penis feels back to life again. Can’t wait to see what this does after a year and my GF is loving the difference.

Ordered the deluxe edition and it comes with a load of goodies. Everything is made of quality material, and it’s so easy to use. When I wear it, I forget it’s on sometimes.

One thing: you need to wear loose boxers or shorts, you cannot wear this device with tight jeans or trousers as people would see a weird bulge and it is also uncomfortable to wear. It needs to be loose for there to be no feeling.

I'll write a review again in a year, but if this does what it says it does, it’s well worth spending £250.

Design issues


I've been using this device for 5 weeks now. I wear it for about 35 hours per week. I'm 6.4" in length and 5.4" in diameter. So far I noticed the following design issues:

1) The strapping section catches the skin of my shaft. QEP suggested to wrap my penis with a soft pad, but I noticed that covering the cylinder with medical tape in a way that it is overlapping the outer piston with the inner piston works a lot better.

2) The rubber straps relax after a few minutes and lose their tension. QEP suggested to tie the straps, but I noticed that using two small metal clips works better and is less bulky than tying a knot.

3) I felt that the strap was pinching the glans and on the bottom of the penis. QEP suggested wrapping the head with something. I tried applying baby powder all around the area the where the strap meets the skin, and it feels much better.

4) The tension turnbuckles at the base of the extender pinch my skin. Maybe this happens because I am getting semi-erections from time to time while wearing the device. It was easy to fix by covering turnbuckles with medical tape.

I am satisfied with the overall quality of the unit. It has only been one month in so I did not re-measure my penis yet because instructions suggest re-measuring after a longer period. I also notice stronger erections during sex. My wife did not mention anything though. I never told her that I started this treatment because I want to see if she notices.

Disgusting customer service


If I could give zero stars, I would.

I contacted the company on a number of occasions regarding my money back guarantee and have been ignored for weeks now.

BUYER BEWARE - They’re quick to sell you their product but disappear if something goes wrong.

Poor Customer Service


It was purchased to treat penile curvature. I had no success because of sensitivity issues. I attempted to return it and could not talk to a live person, did not receive any help whatsoever to get my money back. In our opinion, they DO NOT have a "money-back guarantee."

Quick Extender Pro rated 3.1/5 based on 32 reviews.

Official Review

qep-package-beforeI bought the Deluxe Limited Edition at the price of $349.99. Over 5 months of usage, I have experienced exactly the gains I was anticipating.

My routine

Following the DVD instructions, I took initial measurements, sized the device, and began the adaptation period of 3 hours a day for the first week.

Quickly, I was adding length and wearing the device 6 hours a day. Week by week I would add another 0.2” rod. After 3 weeks, I started recording steady growth.

Some users find it helpful to take a rest every couple of weeks.[1] I did so after the first month but found it unnecessary to rest for more than one week a month.


I found the fit to be extremely comfortable so wearing it for long periods caused no restriction of circulation and was not a problem under my pants at my desk since the device is so lightweight.

The device never slipped, probably thanks to the DSS system which I found to be very useful and a great feature of the Quick Extender Pro system.

Wearing while sleeping

Since I am a sound sleeper, I tried to wear Quick Extender Pro to bed. But I still did not find it comfortable. I also needed to wake up every few hours for quick breaks, which was recommended in the manual.

For sleep-friendly devices, I would recommend looking into a belt type device. Those include the PHALLOSAN forte (read review) and the Penimaster PRO belt (read review).

Results – Before and After

When I started use of the QEP, I measured 5.5”.

Over the first week, gains were not apparent. It was at the end of the second week when I saw the first slight increase of about 0.2”. I took a break for a week and then carried on using the device around 6 hours a day. At the end of the first month, I had already gained 0.4”!

The next two months continued steady growth of about 0.2”-0.3” per month, using the device around 6-8hrs a day, taking the weekends off.

In this most recent month, I have seen a bit of a plateau, but growth is still accumulating.

Overall I’ve gained 1.2” in 5 months. I went from 5.5” to just under 7” in length. My increase in girth has been just around 0.6”.

Package Comparison

qep-after-resultsYou have to decide which package you want to be delivered to your door. Quick Extender Pro is offered in 4 distinct packages:

  • Deluxe Limited Edition – $349.93
  • Deluxe Standard Edition – $179.93
  • Value Edition – $119.93
  • Curvature & Peyronies Correction Edition – $179.99

Prices are in USD and $9.99 shipping is extra (more for shipments outside of North America).

Deluxe Limited Edition

The QEP Limited Edition includes the strongest spring tension and effectively makes this package the best performing one as well.

It comes with the booster pump, which is suitable for beginners, but not advanced users.
There is a 3-month supply of Rizer XL supplements which combined together will improve the overall results you will get from wearing just the extender alone.

There are plenty of spare parts and accessories that will carry you throughout the entire included program and well beyond too. Exclusively bundled to this package are 6 Memory Foam pads for the highest comfort along with 12 regular foam pads and 12 silicone tubes.

Extras add to its value. Those include DVD media providing penis health and sexual advice, a convenient measuring tape, beautiful wooden mahogany box, as well a useful travel pouch if you are constantly on the go and don’t want to interrupt your program.

For the sheer amount of extra included in this package along with a high-quality 2nd generation penis extender, the Deluxe Limited is truly in a class of itself that will not disappoint.

Booster Pump

booster-pumpThe booster pump is included in the Deluxe Limited Edition or sold separately for $27.

It gave me a slight temporary boost beyond the growth I was already experiencing throughout the process, especially on nights in with the lady. The pump mainly increased my girth, which was not as much as I was expecting given my length increase.

I found with growth also came stronger erections, which I’m not sure is an associated part of the extending process but a very welcome turn of events.

A pump will definitely improve the overall results you will get from wearing just the extender alone. However, I would recommend investing in a more powerful device such as the Bathmate Hydromax (read review).

Deluxe Standard Edition

elongation-barsThe most popular – and practical – of Quick Extender Pro’s models is the Deluxe Standard Edition. It comes with the same 6-month money-back warranty as the Limited Edition and everything you need to get through that period maintaining an uninterrupted growth program.

This seems like the best option if you’re not looking for the luxuries added on to the Limited model. All the basics of the Limited kit are included here – full set extension bars which extend the device to 12 inches, 6 silicon tubes, 6 comfort pads, measuring tape, carry pouch, instructional DVD, and manual but with slightly weaker 3000g force tension springs.

This device has all the basics with no need to purchase anything else during the entire length of the recommended program.

Value Edition

The Value Edition is for those who want to maintain their size due to aging or who would like to regain lost size from getting older to recovering from trauma.

With a limited selection of spare parts but still, includes the DSS support system, the Quick Extender Pro Value Edition extends to a maximum 7 inches, includes 2 silicone tubes, 2 foam pads, a measuring tape, and a convenient travel pouch.

Curvature & Peyronies Correction Edition

The final package offered is the Curvature & Peyronies Correction Edition. This package is specifically targeted to help straighten out a penis due to either a natural or congenital curvature in the erection.

The combination of the strongest spring tension, the 2nd generation Quick Extender Pro, specific instructions and proprietary vitamin E supplements make this device the perfect choice to correct penile curvature.[2][3]

This device extends to 12 inches with the included extension rods fully assembled along with 6 silicone tubes, 6 memory foam pads, measuring tape and extra springs; you will have everything you need to straighten your penis.

Quick Extender Pro vs. Others

We ranked the top penis extenders, and QEP came #1 in terms of pricing and build quality. We also had a head-on comparison with Phallosan and Penimaster.

The Quick Extender Pro is also often compared with one of its typical traction device rivals, the SizeGenetics extender.

Having tried the SizeGenetics device and program, I can confirm the overall effectiveness of penis extenders. However, my usage of the SG model was limited due to discomfort and obvious pain. The wide single strap on the SG would constrict circulation in my penis and even pinch my skin (NOT a place on the body you want that happening!) during use.

Alternatively, consider the more flexible belt-like extender, Phallosan forte. It features a more comfortable vacuum-based grip. However, it is more expensive and harder to put on.

Where to Buy

Make sure you purchase your package from the QEP Inc website: www.quickextenderpro.com. Using this link and coupon AHCAFR25, you can get an additional discount (updated for 2019).

There are other retailers claiming to sell Quick Extender Pro, but they are not affiliated with the official website. Use them at your own risk.


Quick Extender Pro is the best traditional traction extender I have ever tried. It’s especially good for beginners, but it’s honestly a good choice for any user, even the advanced ones. It delivers fast, noticeable results to increasing your length and (some) girth.

Girth increases

If your primary concern is increasing girth, a powerful pump is a must. The Booster Pump in the Deluxe Limited Edition model is a good start for beginners. However, for more intermediate users, consider getting the Bathmate Hydromax pump (read the review here).

Penis sizes

The Quick Extender Pro is good for all penis sizes, as the DSS system can even fit men with micropenis. The wide base makes the unit a universal fit for men of all shapes and sizes.

The entire device, when assembled with all the included extension rods (in the Deluxe Limited Edition) will extend the device beyond 16 inches.

Accessories and Spare Parts

As mentioned, all the items included in the Deluxe Limited package are available from Quick Extender Pro’s spare parts order section on their website.

  • The Double Strap System upgrade kit, which can modify obsolete models (and even competing brands) is available for $99.99.
  • Replacement pads and tubes go for $39.99 and $49.99, depending on which memory foam you prefer.
  • Extension bars to continue your growth program at $39.99.
  • QEP’s booster pump is $27.99
  • Springs replacements go for $9.99, $14.99, and $19.99 depending on the tension.

Older User Reviews

To view the recent customer reviews, see the top of the post.

Quick extender deluxe


Pure junk. Very uncomfortable. The nylon straps keep slipping. Causes the penis head to turn blue and cold while straps are still slipping.
Nothing but a total waste of money. Sizegenetics is a better device.
From what I have seen on YouTube, Phallosan is the only proper penis growth tool.

Don’t waste your time or money


Bought the Quick Extender Pro Peyronies edition. Don’t waste your money on false hope.

This device comes with nothing that is specific for Peyronies and correcting curvature and has little to no instruction on how to adapt fitting to differing curvatures and lengths.

Terrible of this company to advertise such claims when that have zero studies and proof to back their claims.

Compared to eBay extender


I upgraded to the Quick Extender Pro system after my cheapo eBay knockoff broke after 2 weeks of use. The difference in quality between some cheap garbage from China to something made from the United States is night and day.

Thanks to your review I made the right choice, at least the second time around. My package has more accessories, a better quality device, and much clearer instructions.

Results after 3 months


I have been using the Quick Extender Pro for three months and have gained 1.1 inches in my erection and added 0.22 to my girth.

The double strap system had me sold. It didn’t seem overly complicated like other brands who promise 50 different ways to wear the device. With the Quick Extender Pro, you get the DSS support which was great because it never slipped and I rarely felt discomfort. This allowed me to wear the device at its optimal recommended usage and that’s what gave me those incredible results in just a few short months.

Stay away


Stay away from Quickextender Pro. All of their "Medically Backed" statements are false. Just by looking at the device I could tell that it was a cheap product. Do your research and don't fall for all the hype.

Natural penis enlargement takes dedication, time, and a positive mindset to achieve.

Lightweight and comfortable


The advice from Ahcaf.com is spot on. My Quick Extender Pro is great and more men should know this device exists. It’s lightweight to wear, and it never slips off.

I wear it while I’m at work or when I’m home watching the game.

It’s been just 1 month, but I’ve already increased my erection by 0.3 inches.

Warranty upgrade trick


Just received my Deluxe Limited Edition. It came with a lifetime warranty and when I called their customer service department, the rep upgraded my guarantee from 6 months to 1 full year. Shipping service was fast, and my package was in perfect shape when it was delivered.

Not the best, but better than others


I believe QEP oversold their extender. The claim that regular straps can store bacteria is plain silly because noose straps can store bacteria just as well. You can get infections from any extender if you don't wear it properly.

However, this doesn't negate the fact that this is one of the higher quality and lower priced extenders on the market. Also, their unique system will allow you to wear it for longer than a normal noose extender.

Don't like the DSS


I don't like their DSS double strap system. It doesn't seem efficient because if you attach it too loose, it will fall off and if you attach it too tightly, it will cut off my blood circulation.

I really don't like the extender, and I wouldn't recommend it. But I feel any extender of this style will have the problem.

Customer service phone


You missed a key point about how great this company is, their customer service.

I had an issue with my unit during shipping. I think the box was broken during shipping but whatever happened to my unit was not functioning as it should have. I called their support line, and Paul from customer service straightened me out without making me jump through hoops.

In a few days, I received a replacement unit, and everything is working fine.

Seated down - best comfort


Does what it says. I went from 6.3 inches to 7.1 inches in just shy of 4 months. I drive a truck all day so wearing while I work has been the best for me. I wear this thing for just a few hours a day, and it never hurts or causes me any pain. I like the DSS double strap system, and the whole thing feels light as a feather.

This thing gets 2 thumbs up from me.

Nice extender


Between surgery and a Quick Extender Pro to get a bigger penis, the extender is a no brainer! It didn’t hurt; there’s no crazy long recovery period and no side effects. My penis is much longer and much harder after 2 and half months of usage. So far, no complaints and enjoying my results.


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