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The ProExtender System was originally invented in Denmark by a famous surgeon in 1994. Later, it was updated to suit the general public and sell without a prescription.

The extender is recommended by physicians and hospitals in Spain. It was also mentioned in a clinical study.[1]

proextender-box-unpacked proextender-on


May 2017: ProExtender revamped its product and changed it a lot. It is now approved in the United States. It is also a standalone device now, as opposed to the “System” they had before.

September 2015: We no longer recommend the ProExtender. This is not because it does not work, but because we have found a higher quality extender that is much more comfortable – the PeniMaster PRO Extender. Following various tests and customer reviews, we are confident with this new recommendation. Although PeniMaster is slightly pricier (by $50), their newer release (at the beginning of 2016) offers higher quality parts and much more comfortable adjustments. Check our PeniMaster review here.

October 2014: The ProExtender is no longer shipping to USA customers. The FDA deemed it to be a “medical device”, so only licensed medical establishments can sell them.[2]

Where to Buy

Buy the ProExtender System only from their official website Be careful of fake websites.

Packages: Original ProExtender $299.95 and Deluxe ProExtender $399.95.

Customer Reviews

If you are still interested in the ProExtender, keep on reading the review below (done in 2014) and the most recent customer reviews:

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I bought the ProExtender very cheap on the internet (under $100).
The front plastic part gets quick scratches and starts to break, but still usable.
Modified the insert with paper/wood parts to increase the stretching force between the sticks.

With higher stretching force slipping will happen more often, I just put a rubber band around front and back to keep strap and glans in Position.

Combined with rarely manual stretching/jelqing and occasional vacuum pumping I gained 2cm in 6 months.

Work as promised


I am very happy with my extender. It has helped me to grow 1,5 inch in just 5 months.

Asian Problems


My penis is shorter than my pubic hair. Can this item really help my penis to extend?

Proextender POOR QUALITY


Hi Guys,
Just bought the Proextender 3, mostly for the fun of it 😉
I was amazed at the poor quality of the product. The rod assembly system is wobbly and crooked, the silicone tubes rigid and won't stay in place underneath.
I would choose the original from the DK manufacturer if I were to buy a system today!

Ok, I used it sometimes


It is slightly uncomfortable, but it is ok with me since I do not use it too often.

ProExtender rated 3.0/5 based on 24 reviews.

AHCAF Professional Review

We bought the Original ProExtender System for $299.95 for this review. The Deluxe edition contains a metal box with a lock, something that is dependent on your personal needs. The pills that were included will be reviewed them later on.

We tested it on several volunteers for 8 months now (daily use), so we can comment on short term growth as well as long term.

How does it work?

In general, penis extenders have the edge over water pumps because they can be used for longer (outside the bath) and provide more permanent results.

ProExtender works similar to the muscle growth process. To get larger muscles, you’ll need to lift weights to break down muscle tissues and then wait for them to be restored so that they are larger than before. Similarly, ProExtender “extends” the penis using friction, and after several weeks, you’ll see results.

How to use ProExtender?

Use the included guide to put all the extension bars and straps together (it is very simple, not going to go over that here). Then get a slight erection (unless you are hung) and strap the ProExtender device on (see included instructions).

You should wear the ProExtender at least 2+ hours every day for a couple months. The longer you wear it, the more results you will see (bigger penis and more permanent gains). You can wear it in your house, under your jeans or pants (preferably loose pants and large boxers), or when you sleep. Skinny jeans or small underwear might be a problem when sitting down. Also, if you do not sleep on your back, you will feel discomfort.

Noose strap comfort

We understand that you may be concerned about the included noose strap over a long period of time. When I wore it, I found the device to be very comfortable under normal strap tension. After using it for 4 hours a day (on average), my penis never got sore and felt great.

Caution: do not tighten the noose too much, or you will constrict the blood flowing to your penis. If that happens, take the device off and massage your penis head for a few minutes and put it back on.

If you feel that the noose starts getting uncomfortable, use the included premium cushion padding. It gives you the same grip while adding extra comfort. Use the padding for several days as your body adjusts to the traction. It is perfectly fine to use the padding all the time. I choose to alternate the padding for one day every week.

If you feel uncomfortable soreness with and without the padding and have given your body several days to adjust, send the device back for a full refund (within 180 days).

My Results. Before and After.

Over the 8 months of use, we have seen the expected gains reported by our volunteers. I personally saw gains of 0.4 inches after the first month of use.

As of today (July 2015), I have been using the device for 8 months. My penis length increased by 1.5 inches, and I can see my girth is also bigger. Note that I have been using the ProExtender for 5 hours every day (longer than recommended).

The expected results are 2 inches after a year, and I am confident that I will get there. ProExtender claims the results are permanent for prolonged use.

The longest break I took without ProExtender was 2 weeks, and I had not seen a decrease in size. Hopefully the results will stick for longer.

Remember that your results depend on how much you commit to regular daily use. Infrequent use and lack of commitment will get you minimal results.

What is included?

pro-extender contents

Pro-Extender original package contents

We purchased our device from the Main Website. Inside the box, you will find:

  • ProExtender with base and adjustable bars
  • Long and short add-on bars
  • Cushion Padding
  • Silicone noose
  • Instructional DVD
  • Printed instructions manual

The package ships in a plain discreet box without mentioning the nature of the product. Even the credit card statements are discreet. If you want more privacy, consider getting the Deluxe package with a metal box and a lock.[3]

Medical benefits

ProExtender was originally designed to fix abnormal penis shapes (Peyronie’s disease) as an alternative to surgery. It was then adapted as a penis extension device.

Doctors in Europe often prescribe the ProExtender System (along with the pills) to their patients experiencing erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.[4]


The best alternative we can recommend is PeniMaster. Preferably the PRO version. Read our complete PeniMaster PRO review here.

We encourage you to also look into the SizeGenetics extender (we reviewed it here). The SizeGenetics is slightly more expensive but features many more different penis head straps and nooses. Both extenders function very similarly and will provide you results (as long as you put in the effort). The final choice comes down to personal preference and comfort.

More Reviews

The most recently entered customer reviews can be found above.



If you tighten the head ring too hard and wear it for a long time, it may cause bad damage. If you don't tighten it hard enough, it will fall off. Not recommend it for the price.

Slight Discomfort


I have been using Pro-extender for 3 days now and I feel irritation around my penis. I tried the cushion but it still hurts. Should I continue wearing it?

Response: This happens because the skin around your penis is very sensitive. The skin tissues got irritated and will heal (similar to wearing new shoes for the first time). Take a break for a few days. Using moisturizing cream can speed the healing. Then use ProExtender again. Your penis will be tougher and will not be soar.

My Review


I tried the ProExtender after deciding between it and SizeGenetics since they are similar. I chose ProExtender due to the easier build and better grip. I really like using it. Only been a few days but I feel it stretching my penis a lot. I hope continues stretching will result in gains.

Good Extender


If you learn how to put it on correctly, you will see great results. But you must maintain an erection throughout the entire process. If you lose your erection, the extender will fall off.


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