Bathmate Hydromax Pump Review

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The Bathmate Hydromax is a manual (non-electric) water-based penis pump that can be used in the shower or bath.

These pumps are premium-quality devices built to last several years.

There are 3 different Bathmate pump versions. Each version comes in different sizes. The Hydromax and HydroXtreme series pumps are newer and more advanced than the original Bathmate hydro pump line.

The original, beginner Bathmate Hydro

  • Hydro7 (Hercules) – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $110.
  • Goliath (Discontinued) – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $199.

hydro7 box laying sideways

The newer and more powerful Hydromax

hydromax7 pump box

  • Hydromax3 (new) – for smaller penises of 3 inches or less. Costs $129.
  • Hydromax5 (X20) – fits penises of 4 inches or less. Costs $139.
  • Hydromax7 (X30) – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $159.
  • Hydromax7 (X30) Wide Boy – fits the length of the X30 and girth of the X40. Costs $179.
  • Hydromax9 (X40) – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $199.

The most advanced HydroXtreme series

  • HydroXtreme3 (new) – for smaller penises of 3 inches or less. Costs $209.
  • HydroXtreme5 (XX20) – for penises of 4 inches or less. Costs $249.
  • HydroXtreme7 (XX30) – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $299.
  • HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy – fits the length of the XX30 and the girth of the XX40. Costs $329.
  • HydroXtreme9 (XX40) – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $349.
  • HydroXtreme11 (XX50) – for a length of more than 9 inches. Costs $399.

Bathmate offers free international shipping for any package. Prices above are in $USD.

The old Bathmate model names are listed above in brackets. The naming was updated by the manufacturer in 2018 to have the pump number correlate with the maximum penis size (in inches) that would fit inside.

The differences between the pumps are very clear, so you should not have trouble picking the correct pump for you. We compare all the pumps and new benefits further down in this post.

Official Website

There are several shops and retailers that sell Bathmate pumps. We recommend that you buy directly from the manufacturer.

For the newer models, visit the Official Website (newly redesigned) based in the USA.

Also, be careful of fake resellers and cheaper duplicates.

*Free shipping, 60 days money-back, and extended 3-year warranty will be included on the website above.

Customer Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by customers. You will find both positive and negative feedback, we try not to filter anything.

Note: we opened a General Q&A section at the bottom of this page because we noticed many questions were submitted as reviews. We frequently monitor that section to help you.

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My experience


For 5 months now, I’ve experimented with the Bathmate device. Here’s what I found out.

The Negatives:
1. I noticed that in some parts of my penis, signs of discoloration have occurred. The skin has turned darker. The darkened spots don’t feel painful or anything. They just look different. This may not be a big deal to others but it is to me.

2. It takes a lot of your time. I use the device for four 5-minute sessions every single day. After each session, I perform 40-60 jelqs. All told, that’s around an hour of usage every day. I follow this routine for 4 straight days and take the 5th day off. I then follow the same routine for the next 4 days.

3. It’s not an easy device to put on so it takes time for your penis to get used to it. I had problems putting it on. You can’t get good suction without putting a lot pressure on your balls. My balls got sucked in a good number of times. It’s not painful but it was very uncomfortable.

4. It’s hard on your wallet. It’s more expensive compared to most alternatives in the market today. If you’re getting a Bathmate, make sure you have some cash on you.

The Positives:
1. The quality of my erections has improved. This surprised me the most because I didn’t expect my boners to become that intense. I’m not saying that I had erection problems before. When erect, my dick used to just stick out straight. Now, it has a nice little upward curve which I appreciate very much.

2. There’s a significant increase in my girth. I’m very happy with this result. Before using the pump, my girth was at 5 inches. Now it’s at 5.5 inches. This is very promising so I’m planning to get their bigger and more advanced pumps.

3. My dick has grown longer. I was about 6.1 inches when I began using the pump. After about 5 months, it has increased to 6.7 inches. This means that it grew more than half an inch. However, I’m not sure if this gain is due to the pump or just a result of my supplemental jelqs. I say this because most users claim that length gain isn’t the pump’s forte.

4. Improvement in flaccid length. I had a really small dick when it was flaccid. It was so bad that my friends never believed that it reaches 6 inches when erect. I don’t have that problem now. Even when flaccid, there’s a significant increase in the size of my package.

In conclusion, I didn’t exactly grow a python inside my pants. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve gained about a half inch in girth and another half inch in length. But then again, I’ve only been using the pump for just 5 months. Who knows how much I would gain in another 2 or 3 months.

Honestly, I would be very satisfied if I reach the 7-inch mark. I’m very realistic with my expectations. I feared that I was wasting money on a useless pump. I’m happy that that wasn’t the case at all. The pump actually worked so it’s all worth it.

Abysmal support


This review pertains to the Support Dept, not to the Hydroxtreme9, which looks promising so far.

I had a few simple questions on operation which they were totally unable to answer. They seemed to have no knowledge of the product at all and kept referring me to the same user guide online which I had already read several times. They showed absolutely no interest in helping me use their $350 product. They did not answer ANY of my questions and did not even respond to most of them. I went back and forth with them about 5 times and got nowhere.


Penile pumps are GREAT


Picking the correct model of the pump is not that easy. After viewing the standard size chart, I did purchase the X50 and was a bit surprised when I discovered all the extra space inside.

The size I was at when starting was 8.1 inches (I did PE for about 2 years before) and I thought it would fit very well. Though, I would say: if you’re in that size range and deciding between the X40 and the X50, go for the X40. There’s more room because of the new insert that gives you about 1cm extra space. Also in the top, the rounded shape will give you a bit extra room (if your penis is not very curved of course).

The gains tempo that many forums are suggesting and promising - it’s a bit exaggerated. I’ve gained 0,65 inches in length after 7 months. About 3-4 times a week, with exactly 20 minutes of hard pressure each time.

The girth increase is 0,25 inches – which is less than what I hoped. Though, I got a bit more ‘veiny’ appearance. Not very significant, but enough to tell that there is a difference. This was most noticeable when fully 100% erect, like “on the pill” rock hard.

‘Better stamina’ that some forums write about: I were skeptic at first but noticed if I did use the pump for 5-10 minutes about 1 hour before a sex session, I could actually feel the difference, and I would describe it as having more control regardless of position or speed. Perhaps 10-20% less sensitive tip/head, while the shaft sensitivity was the same as before.

Red dots? – Yes, small ones. As though I was stung by 40-50 small needles, spread over the upper half of the shaft. None in the head of the penis. These dots are common, at least for me. I did not get them every time, but in at least 75% of the sessions. They always went away completely during the coming 24 hours. Maybe a few times some of them stayed a day and a half.

I never felt any ‘pain’ during pumping, except the pinching feeling in the skin, when pumping pressure is at maximum, and when exceeding the 15-minute level. Only then. So it’s just the last 5 minutes of the session that might be a bit uncomfortable.

‘The doughnut effect’ > Yep, quite often. That is something that you could expect, especially if you start the session with a semi-boner or harder. Having that, it’s not needed to push out much water since the sucking power is already strong from the beginning.

Also, if you go all the way to full suction for 20 minutes as I do, then not having any water/fluid retention is close to impossible. It swells around 0,5 inches extra the nearest centimeter under the glans of the head. Often a bit more on the back side underneath it, but of course that depends on the shape of your ‘member’ – everyone is different. The doughnut swelling is staying very noticeable for the nearest hour.

Caution for getting balls sucked in. Especially if you’re choosing the X50, and are on edge in the girth size. So if that’s a problem > I do recommend to skip the ‘insert’ that is included. Because if you skip it – the pump will get a more ‘oval’ and tighter grip against your body and won’t leave any space for the balls to slide in the tube. Still, it could happen – especially if you’re using lube, or have tiny nuts.

Erection Quality (EQ) – Yes, it seems a bit better. Not in a level of ‘wow, this is great’- but more slightly easier and stronger once. I would estimate it to +20% increase in quality and how easy to get & maintain. So the increase is similar to if you would have optimized your diet to ‘sex improving food’ for a couple of weeks.

The best ratio for higher EQ – (for me) was 2-3 weeks pumping, 95% towards max pressure, for 20 minutes, not 1 second longer. The weeks where I did do 4 sessions, 100% pressure, I did feel the D was getting a bit tired. But after chilling with the sessions for 5-10 days, then back at it: perfect boners once again.

So, penile pumps: GREAT product. I did use a standard air pump earlier in my life, gave no results worth mentioning. Around +1cm length in a year.

But, the HYDROMAX with the extra pressure from the ‘squishy ball’ (HydroXtreme) gave more effect, and also the results were there. The progress is tough for me... I might be a slow grower, it seems like it’s at least going steady up with no ‘plateu’ so far.

I do recommend the product, and give it an 8/10 purchase value.

Does NOT offer permanent results


I’ve been using the product every day for 11 months exactly as directed.

It’s incredibly inconvenient. Does not work well in the shower. Much easier to use in the bath, but I don’t particularly like taking baths as they are time-consuming.

After pumping for 15 to 20 minutes, the results last maybe 1 to 2 hours. After that, you return to whatever size you were before. I have consistently measured week to week, and I do not have permanent results after 11 months of use.

If you are unhappy with the size you have, look into augmentation surgery. I believe this is the only way you can actually enhance yourself.

The device is a waste of money. I should have sent it back but didn’t because it was inconvenient to do so. I think this company counts on that.

Review after 5 months use


It may seem crazy that some posts here and in other forums mention getting permanent gains in just three months. These types of claims made me buy my first pump actually.

These are my measurements before pumping with Bathmate:

Erect length: 6.2 inches
Erect girth: 4.5 inches
Flaccid length: 4.1 inches
Flaccid girth: 3.9 inches

(Note that these measurements are without pressing all the way to the bone.)

When I first used it, I noticed my girth got noticeably thick. I can say this because it feels different when I hold it in my hand. The difference is very obvious.

Whenever I pump, my flaccid length and girth can increase up to 1 inch. My erect length stays the same but my erect girth can grow by up to 1.5 inches. Sometimes I can reach 6 inches erect girth after pumping.

For the whole 5 months that I've been pumping, these are the things that I noticed:

- The maximum effect can last from 15 to 90 minutes. My pumped measurement would go down gradually, and at about 8 hours would go back to my original size. There were a few times when my flaccid measurement would be stuck at 4.4 length and 4.4 girth so I didn't have to pump for about three days. Usually, if I wake up the next day with normal measurements, I would go and pump again.

- Fluid retention: I get them and those are the best times. 20 minutes of non-stop pumping gives me fluid retention. Without fluid retention, my results would only last for just about 2 hours.

Bathmate definitely works - but only for temporary results. I don't think there are products that can increase your size permanently (due to genetics), and definitely not pills!

I heard pumping can have lasting effects after more than a year of usage and I am just about to see that in the coming months. If you are patient enough, this product should work, but you have to do it over and over again.

P.S. I do jelq sometimes and it helps with the pumping.

Bathmate rated 3.2/5 based on 52 reviews.

Official AHCA Review (2020 update)

bathmate hydromax review by AHCAWe purchased a hydro pump from each of the 3 series to provide a complete review. We then had several volunteers documenting their results over 18 months of use.

Penis pumps are a very effective and fun way to increase your penis length and especially girth.

Traditional extenders can cause irritation and be uncomfortable over time. Pumps, on the other hand, always feel great and give solid results over time.[1]

How do penis pumps work?

The penis pump works by creating a vacuum that expands the skin and tissue of your penis. This expansion is very natural since it is similar to erections, which happen all the time. As the tissue, skin, and muscles expand, new cells will be created to fill in the gaps.

With regular use and good recovery time between sessions (12 to 36 hours or several rest days in between), the tissue of the penis will permanently expand.[2]

Sexual Health benefits

The pump stretches your penis and expands the penile veins. Therefore, your blood flow increases. With increased blood flow you will intensify your orgasm and increase your sexual stamina allowing you to last longer in bed. [3]

Additionally, it helps fix conditions such as erectile dysfunction (aka ED or impotence) and premature ejaculation. [4][5]

Air pumps and traditional extenders can be potentially dangerous. The Bathmate is a water based pump and is very safe. I never had problems with this device even with aggressive use. Some users, however, reported minor injuries.

Which Bathmate pump to get?


Purchase a pump with lots of room for expansion

The original Hydro7 (previously known as Hercules) and Goliath were released back in 2009. It has been proven to be very effective and got a lot of media buzz.

This popularity encouraged the emergence of many competing models. Those are cheap and easily breakable rip-offs that come from resellers on Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay.

Bathmate remains the most popular hydro-pump. Almost every online search for penis pumps will bring it up.

In late 2013, Bathmate introduced two new series of their pumps – the Hydromax Series and the HydroXtreme Series. The new hydro pumps offer:

  • New Gaiters System that provides 35% more pressure powerhydromax7 box featuring more power
  • Swivel Gaiters so you can rotate the pump while wearing it
  • New Lock Valve that fixes old leaking issues on the Hercules
  • External pump for more customizable pressure (Xtreme only)

In 2018, Bathmate updated its model names. Strangely, they are gradually phasing out the Bathmate brand from their website and switching to Hydromax. They also labeled their pumps more clearly to indicate the pump length in inches. However, the real sizing is still a bit different.

Our recommendation: if you have the funds, getting the newer Hydromax Series is an absolute must. The Hydro7 is still a very nice pump, but it is weaker and the latch is a bit outdated.

If you choose to commit to this, you might as well spend the few extra dollars to get a stronger device that is more comfortable.

The Xtreme Series with the hand pump is a very nice addition for those seeking the ultimate pressure adjustment. All the accessories are also included with that version (which would cost $110 as an add-on to other pumps). However, note that will not get you better results compared to the Hydromax Series since the gaiters used are the same.


View our complete Bathmate size guide for more details.

Pick the size of the hydro pump depending on your erect penis size (6 inches or more) but keep in mind future expandability.

The new Hydromax5 (X20) is not recommended for anyone with a size of over 4.5 inches since it would not have much room for growth.

Note that the HydroXtreme11 (X50) pump is the largest supporting more than 9 inches.

x50 pump label

This is the label on the X50 Xtreme pump. It extends up to 9.5 inches in length (but it can fit 10 inches).

x20 pump label

This is the label on the Bathmate X20 pump. It extends up to 6 inches.

Where to BuyOfficial-Hydromax-Pump-website-screenshot

Before buying, check the special promotions page on this sales page (for potential deals and discounts).

You will also qualify for the 60-day money back guarantee, free shipping, and warranty.

The official website above provides an additional discount with the bundle upgrade (shower strap, towel, case, cleaning kit, lube, and more).

Currently, there are no discount codes or coupons available with the official manufacturer to ensure fair pricing for everyone.

You are also qualified for the 60-day money-back guarantee (if you wish to use it) and the 12-month warranty (may be extended to 36 months).

Note: the warranty is provided by the Bathmate manufacturer, not by AHCA.

Accessories Bundle

accessories included in the Bathmate bundle option

Price: $110.00 with the Hydro or Hydromax pumps. Included for free with the HydroXtreme pumps.hydroxtreme accessories

You can purchase Bathmate accessories from the main website as well. Preferably together with your pump. The suggested package upgrade includes:

  • Towel – nice to have.
  • Shower strap – helps to keep the pump hands-free while standing up.
  • Cleaning kit – a regular brush/sponge with an attachment. 12 ml cleaning solution.
  • Carry case – has a lockable zipper. Made of high quality.
  • Lube – regular lube. Apply it where the pump attaches to the body to create better pressure. Also, put it on the penis to avoid sticking to the pump or unnecessary friction.
  • Measuring gauge – both for girth and for length. Very useful.

carrying caseAs you can see from the contents, nothing in this addon package is mandatory. Those are additional bonuses that make pumping a bit more convenient, but nothing that you cannot purchase at a local convenience store.

Additionally, we recommend you try the Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Serum. If you are serious about your penis enlargement exercises, you should do a jelqing session after pumping. With the Max Out cream, your penis will recover faster and will get additional nutrients.

Alternative – other water pumps

Read our Top Penis Pumps page to see the 3 best choices (Bathmate is #1).

An alternative we recommend is the Penomet pump (read a review here).

Penomet features replaceable gaiters – meaning you have more flexibility with different pressure strengths and future upgrade potential.

Following positive testimonials, we encourage you to consider this alternative as well. We recently updated our detailed head-to-head comparison between the two pumps: read the Bathmate vs. Penomet comparison.

Many other alternatives are built with cheaper materials and offer lower quality. Remember that a pump must maintain top-notch pressure; otherwise, it is useless.

Instructional video: how to use

Watch this animation on how to use the Hydromax pumps seated in the bathtub and standing up in the shower:

Read our separate guide on how to use Bathmate for step-by-step instructions, warmup, and special instructions for different pump types.

Additional Photos

Bathmate-results  Hydromax-Xtreme hydromax-x50-xtreme-pump hydroxtreme7 box backside bathmate-x20-pump

Older Customer Reviews

Most recent customer reviews were posted above.

Little improvement - 1 year


I have been using this product for just under 1 year now. I use it when I am in the bath. When I put this on and create pressure suction for around 5 minutes, it feels like it's about to explode. I usually hold the pressure for around 3 minutes, then release the suction for 30 seconds to give it some break.

I have seen a very slight difference in size. The pump gives a temporary swelling but soon disappears after around 1 hour. Additionally, I get a weird temporary 'mushroom' look right after pumping, and I am really not liking it. The suction rubber seal is often hit or miss and takes several attempts to attach firmly. Also, be careful about the return policy if you do not purchase from their main website.

Not worth the price


I purchased the Hydromax X30 thinking the product would be superior to others on the market due to the high cost and reviews I read. This is a piece of junk and does not work well at all. I plan to return this ASAP for a refund! My advice, don’t waste your time or hard earned money on this scam.

X40 3-month Review


My current routine: 4-5 days a week, session of 5 sets of 5 minutes with a 2-minute break in between sets (around 30 minutes total). This routine is the best for me, and I'll explain why. The gains below are rounded down (because I'm using tailor tape and not being accurate). I am not going to be guessing what 1/10th of an inch I am at:

-Permanent girth gain -> 0.50" (more notable - better erections)
-12 to 24 hours girth gain -> 0.20"
-4 to 6 hours girth gain -> 0.28"
-1 to 2 hours girth gain -> 0.35"
-Permanent length gain: 0.45" (similar to girth, improved EQ)

Those are not the squishy fluid size increases. I am completely rock hard at all of the above numbers. I know that some see these results as underwhelming, but for a skinny guy like myself, these gains are very noticeable. Additionally, not that I am not pressing the pump to its maximum potential.

Overall, I am happy with the BM X40, and I believe that it's absolutely worth the purchase if you are willing to be patient. If I am able to add 0.2" to my girth gains in the next couple of weeks, there will be no question that this pump works and is a godsend for men that have a below-average size in girth.

Expensive Gimmick


Don't waste your money. Extremely inconvenient, frustrating and a low-pressure gimmick. Your standard air pump (or even Penomet) has better suction, is far more user-friendly and much better value for money. Anyone that disagrees is either working for Bathmate or never used any pump before or is totally sucked into the marketing and unfounded bro science behind it.

Doesn't Work


I used this for 3 1/2 months, consistently. IT DOES NOT WORK! Stop using this if you've just started, or don't buy it. It DOES make your penis larger for about 6 hours. And I did make gains IN THE PUMP. But no permanent gains. I used it religiously: 4,5,6 days per week. 3 five minute sessions. No permanent change to my penis size. I started at 6 1/4 length, and 4 7/8 girth, and I'm still at those measurements. I started the first week of December 2017, and I'm deciding to call it quits (it's March 17, 2018). I would strongly recommend passing on this. Maybe there really is a way to grow your penis, but this isn't it. Not for me, anyway.

6 months update for X50


I reviewed this product in September 2017 (posted on this page) after using it two times a week for two months. I am now at the 6-month milepost. I kept using it two times a week. Here are my results so far (total increases since starting use of Bathmate X50 two times per week):

-Increase in BPEL 15% (bone-pressed erected length)
-Increase in EG mid-shaft 18% (erected girth)
-Increase in EG head 13% (erected girth)
-Increase in FG 19% (flaccid girth)
-Increase in BPFL 17% (bone-pressed flaccid length)

Waste of money


Simply put: it doesn't change anything. It only makes your penis temporarily fatter when flaccid, but that's useless because you want to get gains for the erected length. And, I did injure myself. It caused some bruises, so I stopped using it.

Extreme X-20 leaks air


The device leaks air. I shaved. Applied Vaseline. Still leaks. Customer support does nothing. Buyer beware!! Very expensive to be "buy as is".

My 4 Month Review


I just want to start off by saying that this is a real 4-month review of the Hydro pump I recently bought. In all honesty, I would buy this pump again because it has made quite the difference in my sex life and I couldn't be happier. I've tried stretchers before but never really committed because you have to wear them for hours on end to get results and it just never fit into my schedule. With the pump, I can do it at night for 30 minutes and be done with it in about the same time that it takes to watch an episode of American Dad on Netflix (makes time go way faster).

I bought the x30, and it seems to be perfect for my size and where I want to be. At the start, I was at about 5.25" length and 5.5" girth. I've always been a little thick because I used to do jelqing a lot. Now, roughly 4 months later I'm at 6" length and 6.2" girth. Can't tell you how much more confident I've been in bed since I've started - it's pretty freaking awesome. Even my girlfriend of 4 years has expressed how much she can feel a difference since I've started to use it. She lives out of state so every time we get together I get a little bit bigger and every encounter it gets easier and easier to get her there and it makes it extremely enjoyable for me - and of course for her.

At first, there is a learning curve on how to use it comfortably, but then you just learn to adjust. After about the 2-month mark, I decided to throw in jelqing into the mix and it made a huge difference on how much water I can pump out - it's insane. Also, I've recently stopped using the little padded add-on they place on the "newer" x30s because I found I can't get as much suction and when I take it off I feel it a hell of a lot more without it. If you're skeptical, just get the older version because it is cheaper and you get better suction, which in turn means greater gains. I feel as though I've been missing out on my older sessions because I kept the little pad on and I couldn't pump as much.

Currently, I've been pumping about 2 days on and one off, roughly. I'll warm up by doing some jelqing for about 2 minutes then pump for 5-6 then give about a 5-minute break. Within those 5 minutes, I'll do some more jelqing then afterward I start pumping again, and I just repeat it until I have pumped a full 3 times and jelqed for 5 times.


Please note that you have to put in the time and effort in order to see results!! You can't expect to go to the gym once a week and be ripped by the end of two months; it just doesn't work that way! The ones that are giving bad reviews are most likely the ones who don't put in enough time or aren't consistent enough! So if you put in the time and effort, it will pay off. I always just tell myself "Rome wasn't built in a day" and it really sucks - but once you see the expression of your GF shocked at how much bigger you've gotten it makes it all worth it. Also, just like working out, having a "decent" diet will go a long way. In the end, it really compares to exercising because when you eat right and are consistent, that's when you see the most noticeable gains.

Btw, I've been doing it in a hot tub which makes it AMAZING. Totally recommended if you have access and the privacy to do so. The higher the water temperature, the more you can pump out!

Bathmate X50


I recently purchased a Bathmate (X50) with the intention of increasing my girth. It seems to have really worked.

My starting girth was 4 3/4 inch (12.1) at the mid shaft with 5 (12.7) around the head. Immediately after pumping my measurements were substantially increased but would return to the pre-pump size after a few days.

After pumping two times a week for a couple of months, my girth seems to have permanently increased. I now measure 5 (12.7) mid-shaft and 5 1/2 (14) around the head. Immediately after pumping I measure 6 (15.2) mid-shaft and 6 3/4 (17.1) around the head. This enlargement lasts for about three days.

Flaccid length has also increased. I am now hanging at 6 (15.2). When actively pumping I reach the 9 1/2 (24.1) end of scale mark.

Doesn't work, it's painful, causes dysfunction


I bought the Bathmate hydro x30. It doesn't work. The walls of the product hurt your penis as it is constantly rubbing against them. I don't know if lube will solve this.

All of these penis enlargement devices are scams, including all the extenders. You can't even return the product after you've opened and tried it.

Bathmate x30


I got the Bathmate x30 12 months ago, and I really like it. I didn't know that the newer version xx30 was coming out. I would have waited since I assume it will be an improved design. With that being said, the x30 isn't a bad design at all. The short few months I've had it, I did not experience anything unexpected. There is a learning curve on how to use it quickly and comfortably.

The comfort pad works very well in the bath, but it doesn't provide enough suction in the shower for the pump to hang without a strap. Removing the comfort pad makes it possible for the x30 to hang from just its suction under the water stream of the shower.

I wouldn't mind purchasing it again. When I remove the pump after using it, my penis looks fatter and longer than it ever was. I can already see that the gains are becoming more permanent. My flaccid girth and length are unreal compared to my old pre-PE regime flaccid size, my erections are slightly bigger and harder, and I pop semi erections all the time for no reason.

To be 100% honest, I have been using Bathmate in conjunction with jelqing and stretches, and I also stopped looking at p*rn and masturbating.

Usage Tips for Beginners


I haven't used Bathmate for some time now, but I have been slowly getting myself back into it.

I like this pump, absolutely love it. In the beginning, I was using the X30 which was ideal for me at the time and finally switched to the X40 after I outgrew the smaller one. The expansion is fantastic. For water pumps, this one is the best.

Using the Bathmate is most effective with water in the bathtub. That is why it's called BATHmate. The fact that you are in hot water already gives you a great warm up. I begin with a few easy stretches in the water to get myself loosened up. I usually get an erection after that. I then start doing some edging or stretching to get myself more engorged.

Following that, I put on the Bathmate. I use a timer with 5-minute intervals so I can track my time with and without the pump. I warm up with two 5-minute sessions, and then I switch to longer 10 (to 15) minute sessions that include Bathmate hardcore pumping and stretching for girth improvement.

Any time during the process if you need to take a break just do it. Relax and think about enlarging your penis. Imagine how big it will look and truly believe in it.

Don't be worried about starting with short light sessions. Try to make it a fun experience. Sit down in the bath, turn on the hot water and relax. After finishing stay in the bath for a bit longer to let your penis skin be nurtured by the warm water.

Bathmate x20


I started using it from September 2016, but I didn't notice any substantial results although I went through all the required procedure given by Bathmate in its manual. I use it for 3 five-minute sessions with gaps of 2 minutes. I don't do jelqing, but I do stretching. Even 2 stars I find overrated. I am disappointed by its results. If anyone can suggest anything, I would try it out.

Love My Girth Following a 15 minute Session


I am using Bathmate for a week. Today I used Bathmate for 16 min, and my penis looked great (much longer and thicker when flaccid) but it only lasted for 20 min, and then went back to normal. It is very important for me to get girth.

I guess it's normal because my penis isn't used to the expansion, so the more regularly I use it, the sooner my results will stay for a longer period of time after use.

I am only using Bathmate. I stopped doing jelqs because I don't have time, so I only spend 20 min a day pumping.

Hydromax X30 and penis sensation


I just got my Hydromax X30. It has been almost a week now. I am still getting to know the device. I am giving it 3 stars just because I could see some effect after using it. My penis is fuller because of the amount of blood going through the veins.
Here is my issue and I don't know if any of you experience the same thing:
Whenever I use the Hydromax X30, for about 2-3 minutes with 2-3 pumps, I feel like cumming, and that bothers me a lot. I have to release the pump and wait for a while. Sometimes I ejaculate right after.
I need some solution to this issue because if I keep going like this, I won't be able to see good results in the long run.

RESPONSE (from Fabio): I used to have the same problem. Don't worry about it... It took me some time, but one day it just stopped. Now, I go way beyond max pressure, and my sessions are between 30 to 45 minutes long, and I never cum anymore while in the Bathmate. I hope everything works out for you. Just keep at it.

Bathmate review


Been using it for a while now and haven't seen a difference. I'm using the x30, and I saw no results, can anyone help on this?

Ridiculous Hydromax results


I have been using Hydromax since February 2016. When I started, I was 5.4 inches long. My routine is 25 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I do stretching and kegels for the duration of the 25 minutes. And I pump very hard. After 7 months I measured at 6.6 inches, which was amazing. I was maxing out because my girth was filling up the pump. So I used a condom to limit girth expansion and ever since then I have completely gone off the chart of my Hydromax X30. My dong can hit the top of the pump, and would probably be 190mm if the chart extended that far. My confidence ridiculous and I don't feel small anymore. I really get that domination feeling during sex that I always wanted. My results don't make sense, and I don't get why things have worked so amazingly. But I am almost 7.3 inches now after 10 months. Like wtf...

Do Not Purchase


This is a poor quality product. The valves went faulty after 5 months and within the guarantee period. I contacted the customer service, and they told me to send it back to them to repair. The postage to send back was high, and when I asked the customer service agent if the postage would be refunded to me the answer was no, it is the customer's responsibility to pay this, despite it being defective through no fault of mine. I asked if the guarantee would commence from scratch again when the pump was repaired, the answer was no.

Summing up: A poor, cheap quality product, probably made in China or Korea or a third world country.

Poor customer service and care.

Furthermore, this product will never increase the size of your penis girth or length permanently. It returns to normal size after a few minutes. Therefore this is a myth. The only way to increase length and girth permanently is with a surgical operation by a cosmetic surgeon. Do not believe all the reviews that state a permanent increase. Not true!!!



So I am a 39-year-old male. I noticed over the past year that my erections were no longer as hard as they used to be. Still hard enough for sex but not at all anywhere near what they used to be. Doesn't stand up the way it should. I received my bath mate x30 3 Days ago. Last night was my second time using it. I must say, I'm very impressed already!!!!!

The first night I used it I was able to pump up to 4.5 inches and did that twice for 7 minutes both times. Didn't notice any change after I was done. But my girlfriend got home from work about 2:30 A.M. and we had sex. Something was a little different. I noticed my erection was a little stiffer. Ok great.

So last night, my second time using it, I was able to pump up to 5.25 inches, and I did that twice for 7 minutes both times. I think I was able to pump up a little more because I used a water based lube on my Penis. It was much more comfortable. When I pumped up, my penis swole up and filled up the complete circumference of the tube. The lube made it slide up easier. Had sex about an hour after and noticed again my erection was a little stiffer.

This morning (Day 3), I actually woke up with an erection. That has not happened for me in years. I also notice my penis is hanging lower and feels fuller. No pain at all. There is a slight little red mark at the base on top but nothing major. A couple of red spots is all. I tried twisting the tube a little after I pumped up to better align the measurement tab and maybe this pinched the skin a little. Everything feels good so far. I will post another review in about a week. So far, I highly recommend this.

Review for the Hercules pump


I got the Bathmate Hercules Hydropump since I never tried this type of product before. It feels really nice in the bath tub. Forces you to get an erection even if you do not have one. Very nice for an old man as myself (I am 50 years old). For real size increase though, I think you would need to put on more pressure, but this pump just does not go that far... I still love it though.



I give this product a negative 5-star rating. First of all, I posted my review on their website, and it was removed. They only allow positive reviews on their site, which they probably pay people to post.

Not only will this product not make your penis bigger, but it will also bruise your penis and cause temporary dysfunction. My girlfriend asked me to STOP using it. Even when I got it, she didn't like the idea of it. And after 4 months of daily use, I saw NO NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE IN SIZE. And now that I've dug deeper reading up on Bathmate lawsuits and real legitimate reviews, I wish I would have never heard about this awful product. I don't even want to try to get a refund as I've read they try to bully you while doing so.

I wish there were a way to get more people to hear about the real reviews; this is a company that needs to go bankrupt NOW! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

No refunds - wasted money


I purchased this for my man as he seen the advertising and really wanted to try it. As there is a "guarantee". So I purchased it for him from the official Bathmate store called

So it came, and of course, with no prior experience he tried it and complained that it made his pelvis really tender from pressing it against his body. He decided it wasn't for him. So I emailed the company about returning the product, only for them to inform me there are no refunds because they cannot resell it. Even though the web search showed "Enjoy a 60-day trial".

So after spending $159 on some plastic tube, we were told this "If he is experiencing the discomfort on his pelvis, please tell him to try using it without the long insert comfort pad (gray piece), we also sell x30 cushion rings that improve comfort in this area as well".

I wish I could have put this review as well as had a place to read reviews directly on their site. While I read the reviews on here, they did not talk about what to do if you weren't satisfied.

5 days - no change


I have been using Bathmate x30 for 5 days, and I haven't noticed a difference in size or girth. I don't know if it is the same for everyone else.

Bathmate Hydromax X30


Got this pump 2 months ago and thought I would share some of my insights. First of all - despite the rough rubber, I find it very comfortable to wear. The pressure is very good. Second of all - the gains are very evident. After using it for a month, I could tell my penis was bigger both erect and flaccid. Especially the girth increased. I will keep using it and update you guys even more.

Great Customer Service


I bought an X40 about 20 months ago from the official Hydromax Pump website in the UK. I paid the original price, and it included all legit and real parts as it came from the original UK manufacturers. A few weeks ago, I found that the black switch would only lock in one position, so I took off the valve assembly, cleaned it, and re-installed back on. However, this caused my X40 to lose pressure and not work at all. I contacted the suppliers, and within one day I received a brand new valve assembly. So big thanks to the warranty support staff at
I gave this review 4 stars instead of 5 because it broke in the first place.

Love it


I really love this pump. Very easy and enjoyable to use. I am 40 years old and see increases in my penis size immediately after using it. I get instant erections with it despite the fact that many times I cannot get hard. I have the Hydromax Xtreme for the external pump, and it is very useful. Definitely recommend.

Hydromax > Penomet


I got the Hydromax x30 after trying out the Penomet pump for a few months. The Hydromax is a lot better. I just feel better, and the pressure is stronger. Great buy, probably the best penis pump out there. I used it for several weeks and saw some gains already!

Bath-Mate Hercules


Good first pump. If you are a beginner and never used pumps before, you will really enjoy it. Good pressure and very fun to use. Very simple and you do not need an instructional video. I am 40 years old and can feel it brings blood back to my penis. Love it.

Strong built pump


I just got the Hydromax x30 pump and decided to give it a slight stress test, and it holds very well. I did some aggressive usage for several minutes and found that the gaiters are very strong. Definitely high quality. Saw slight results of a swollen looking penis. Not sure if that is normal. But I will continue using it.

Hydromax X40


So I decided to go with the Hydromax even though I never tried the "beginner" Bathmate pump. This was a good decision since I really like the increased pressure and always max it out. I will follow up with my penis size increase in a later post.

Tried many, this is the best


I tried several pumps, and I can say that this is the best. Quality and results are great. Would recommend getting the stronger version though...

The Bathmate Hydromax is a brand of DX Products Limited (formerly UM Products). [6][7]

The inventor of the pump is John Oakes.


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Frank says August 3, 2020

Since you guys have access to the different models, does the handball pump from the hydroxtreme models work on the regular hydromax models too? Or only on the hydroxtreme models? I’m considering upgrading from the hydroxtreme model I currently have but I don’t need all the accessories, I just want the pump.

Also, you mentioned the gaiters are the same between the hydroxmax and hydroxtreme models, but they’re different colors, how did you determine they were the same?

    Lucas Owenby says August 3, 2020

    The latch at the end of the pump is different. So you will not be able to replace the handball pump.

    The gaiters seem to be the same, but we have not tested them head-to-head. The Hydroxtreme has more pump control, which may result in stronger pressure.

      Frank says August 3, 2020

      Thanks Lucas, I appreciate the info.

Цветан Цветанов says June 27, 2019

Hello, I was wondering if you guys can direct me to which Bathmate I should buy. Currently my penis is about 7 inches long when erect and about 5.5 inches in girth. But my dream size is 8-9 inches length and about 6-6.5 inches in girth. Which Bathmate would you guys recommend me when I do buy it?

    Lucas Owenby says June 27, 2019

    Read our Bathmate Size Guide, we think it is very clear if you look at the “Current Size” column. You should choose the Hydromax7 Wide Boy.

CJ says May 27, 2019

I’ve owned the HydroXtreme9 for a few months now. I attach the hand pump to the Bathmate, and it all has worked great. The only problem is that now all of a sudden the hand pump doesn’t attach with an air-tight seal like it used to. It either falls off or pops off when I try to pump with it. No water is coming out the other end, and it’s not adding to the suction. The Bathmate works twice as well when the hand pump is attached and operational. How do I fix the hand pump, so it attaches correctly to the Bathmate again?

    Lucas Owenby says May 29, 2019

    Are you using the comfort pad? Is the attachment area damaged?

    Try to contact the Bathmate support about this with some photos.

Xavier says September 4, 2018

My penis erect length is 7 inch and girth is 5 inch. So by your guide, I should go with the x40 or what they call it now x9?

    Lucas Owenby says September 6, 2018

    You could choose that one, or the x30 would work as well.

Luks says September 3, 2018

My routine is stretching, edging, warming, jelq exercises, edging, and then cooling. I want to use penis pump, where could I put it, in this routine?

    Lucas Owenby says September 3, 2018

    There is no rule for the order of exercises. Since you use the pump in the shower, just integrate it into that activity.

Carlos says August 19, 2018

Hi. I am 48 years old uncircumcised with an erect length of 4.7 inches and girth of 4.5 inches. Which Bathmate is best suited?

    Lucas Owenby says August 20, 2018

    Age is not important with Bathmate sizing. You should get the X30 to accommodate both your length and girth. Read our sizing guide for more information.

khan says August 13, 2018

I bought Bathmate recently, and I really like it. Still, I think I can’t do enough with only this device.

    Lucas Owenby says August 15, 2018

    Yes, you are right. Adding other exercises and wearing an extender overnight will allow you to achieve results faster.

Dan says June 26, 2018

I’m using the Bathmate x40. I am starting at 7.5 inches length and 5.5 girth. After my first 20 min session, the girth increased to 6.5 but went away after a few hours. I’m hoping to get close to 8.5 inches and stay at around 6.5 in girth after a few months. Any tips?

    Lucas Owenby says June 26, 2018

    This is great news. I am happy you are already seeing some results with the pump. Just keep doing what you are doing now, and in a few months these results will become permanent.

    Additionally, you can follow our routines and our usage tips for Bathmate. Pay attention to the ‘Bathmate Stretches’ section.

C says May 28, 2018

I am 6.6in when erect and 5.2in girth. Will the XX 40 be better than the XX 30 for me?

    Lucas Owenby says May 28, 2018

    Yes, according to our sizing guide – the XX40 would be more comfortable for you in the long run.

Phop says May 24, 2018

Hi, Mine is 4.8 long and 4.9 middle circle – so what Bathmate model is best for me? Thanks.

    Lucas Owenby says May 24, 2018

    Your girth is bigger than your length. In this case – I would suggest you get the X30 Wide Boy. For more information, see our Bathmate sizing guide.

Skurt says May 17, 2018

I bought Bathmate recently, and I really like it. Still, I think I can’t do enough with only this device.
Any suggestions for jelqing and/or daily routines with it?

    Lucas Owenby says May 17, 2018

    The rule is: if you feel like you need more devices – then you probably do.

    We would suggest getting an overnight extender like Phallosan.

    You can also read our guide about penis exercises and jelqing. We recommend how to implement those in our Bathmate routine.

    Look over the resources above – they should help you. Good luck!

ThelT says May 16, 2018

I would buy the Hydromax X30 or x40, but I do not understand why the reviewer used the X40 model, despite your measurements were less than 6 inches in length before use.
I do not know at this point if for me it is better to have x30 or x40, my current measurements are about 6.7 inches (length) x 4.9 (girth).

I also saw that you posted only the increase in length results. I am more interested in increasing the girth than the length. Also, I would like to know if you improved the hardness and performance duration.

    Lucas Owenby says May 17, 2018

    We bought the bigger pump with the intentions of using it for a couple of years. Hence, we predicted the future growth and tried to accommodate that in our sizing. For more information, see our Bathmate Sizing Guide.

    As for girth increases – those are usually proportional to the length increases. You cannot achieve growth without length, and most people find it easier to measure length. Therefore, I did not post those.

    My girth gains were as follows: after 4 months – 0.4 inches, after 12 months – 0.8 inches, and after 20 months – 1.1 inches.

Justin says May 10, 2018

Hi, I’m 6.5 in length and 5.5 in girth which is ok for the x30 but would I be better served with the x40? Am I too close to the max. of the x30? When using the size tool on Bathmate’s website, it says to get the x30, but you say x40 if over 6 inches. I’m so confused lol.

How much can I expect to gain in 6 months?

I use an air pump in the meantime. Is that sufficient or just a waste of time?

    Lucas Owenby says May 10, 2018

    Remember that Bathmate’s own website may be interested in you coming back and upgrading to a bigger pump sooner (more money for them). But we have not noticed any extreme discomfort in using a slightly oversized pump. Penomet for example – comes in only 1 size – which is equivalent to the X50.

    Are you new to PE? If yes, in 6 months of exercises and pumping you can expect to gain around 1 inch. If you already gained your first inch, additional gains may come slower.

    An air pump is not a waste of time at all. Adding water however, makes pumping more effective. Remember: pumping is only one of the many tools and exercises you should be doing.

ThelT says May 9, 2018

What leaves me with a bit of a concern is that an increase in the volume of the penis requires a greater blood supply, which in this case is provided by the pump and its suction effect.

-What if over time, the volume of the penis increases permanently, and one stops using the pump?
-With age, the body alone will not be able to provide the inflow of blood needed for the penis to become hard!?

The bigger the penis – the greater the inflow of blood needed for the hardness and the maintenance of an erection.

So the question that arises is: will you have to use the pump forever to have a full and lasting erection? Or perhaps it will not be sufficient, and you will require a more and more powerful pump?

I see many examples of large penises that have problems becoming hard. I looked on the web, but I could not find anyone who has discussed this issue. What do you think about?

    Lucas Owenby says May 10, 2018

    Those are some very good questions. Here are some things to note:

    – The body has a lot of blood in it (around 5 liters). The amount of blood required to fill an erection is negligible comparing to the amount of blood that is available. The cause of ED is not the shortage of blood.
    – The pump is not the main source for the erection. So if you stop using the pump, you will still be able to get hard. It does, however, help improve blood flow through the penis. So if using the pump helped your previous ED case, then stopping the usage may cause ED to return again in the future.
    – What the pump is doing – it is expanding the penile tissues to increase the size. If you stop using the pump, the penile tissue may revert back to its original biological size. This, however, may take several years (similar to your muscles when you stop working out).
    – You are right – with age it is harder to get an erection – but this has nothing to do with pumping. It is because your sex drive and your testosterone levels decrease.
    – About the internet articles that mention erection problems with bigger 9-inch penises: what they actually talk about is not the hardness of the penis – but its ability to rise to the 1 o’clock position due to more blood weight.

Kevin locke says March 22, 2018

Bathmate x30 only worked a few times. It won’t maintain the suction now. Manufacturer won’t fix or replace the item.

    Lucas Owenby says March 23, 2018

    Hello Kevin,

    Are you sure the item is faulty? There is a 60-day money-back guarantee that should work for you. If it does not, send us a message and we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

    Tips for better suction: try to shave your pubes, use lube, and try the pump with or without the comfort pad.

vlad says February 20, 2018

I bought the Bathmate hydro x30. It doesn’t work. The walls of the product hurt your penis as it is constantly rubbing against them. I don’t know if lube will solve this.

    Lucas Owenby says February 21, 2018

    Hello Vlad,

    Yes, you would need lube to make the rubbing less painful. You seem to have more girth than the pump was built for. Are you sure you picked the right size?

ndlovu says January 9, 2018

I started using this thing just three days ago.

Mind you, my package became impressive. I can now wear briefs down the beach with pride. It is not good to be a man, and your package is invisible. I liked the stares I received because the buldges are really big.

If this thing doesn’t work for someone, then he likely has what we call micro-penis.

I guess I agree with positive comments here. I will vigorously use this thing for three months, after that I can judge better.

T says January 3, 2018

Hi. I am 54 years old uncircumcised with an erect length of 4.5 inches and girth of 4.1 inches. Which Bathmate is best suited? Also how much increase I can expect in length and girth if I use it, say, for 4 months by following instructions.

    Lucas Owenby says January 4, 2018

    Given that you are a bit more girthy, I would recommend you get the Hercules or X30 pumps. If you look at our size guide, you will see that you have reached the girth maximum of the x20 pump.

    The increases are different from person to person, but I would predict you would see gains of 0.5 to 0.7 inches in length, and around 0.4 inches in girth increase. Those would apply to your new normal size (not the after-shower size).

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