VigRX Oil Reviews

VigRX Oil is a sexual enhancement oil that boosts erection in men and heightens sexual pleasure.

It contains several herbal ingredients similarly found in male enhancement pills.

Vigrx Oil ReviewThe focus of VigRX Oil is to deliver these ingredients through the skin in the penis for faster effects. It’s the reason why it’s called the “Topical Viagra”.

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Leading Edge Health sells and distributes all products under the VigRX brand, which also include the pills VigRX and VigRX Plus (read our separate review for the pills). The company has been in the business for 15 years and is also known for other brands like Semenax, ProSolution, ExtenZe, Skinception, and BrainPill.


VigRX Oil claims to give the following benefits:

  • A rock-solid, long-lasting erection due to enhanced blood flow;
  • A bigger erect penis, also due to enhanced blood flow;
  • Heightened sexual pleasure, intense orgasms, and good stamina;
  • Can counter premature ejaculation and impotence.

How VigRX Oil works

Unlike male enhancement pills, VigRX oil uses a “transdermal delivery system”.

After applying the oil to the penis, the ingredients are quickly absorbed through the skin and administered straight into the bloodstream.

You can feel instantaneous results compared to ingested supplements.

Customer Reviews

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Disappointed— no effect


Ordered this product based on its advertised claims of harder, thicker erections. Having trouble with flaccid (weak,soft) erections this product seemed to offer a solution to that problem. I was called by one of the company’s (Leading Edge) consultants who gave me advice on how to use it. When the product arrived I was curious to see how well it lived up to the advertising for the product. I was very disappointed. No hardened erection, etc. No change at all. I tried several times and the result was always the same - same soft flaccid erections. It may work for some guys, but it hasn’t for me. I will keep trying to use it to see if eventually it lives up to its advertising claims. The claims for the product (almost immediate hard erections and lasting for up to an hour) weren’t what I experienced.

Pure snake oil


It doesn't work. All it does is cool your penis down. It actually stops you from getting an erection. I have purchased something like this before, it was called Deep Heat, except this one cools instead of heating up. That's all this crap is!!



It is cold when applied and stays cold for a long time. Helps later but much later. Why does it have ingredients that make penis feel cold when object is to do exactly the opposite?

Good for penile exercises


This oil helps me with jelqing and edging after I do advanced manual stretching. This oil helps the blood pumping. It tingles a bit but if you find the right amount for you, the feeling is great.

For a lube, it is expensive


When applied, VigRX Oil provides a pleasant sensation when applied. This makes the product useful as a lubricant, though I am not sure with condoms since it is not entirely water-based. But beyond that sensation, I was disappointed that I did not see any improvement in the quality of my erection. It could be used as a pleasant lubricant but at $50 per bottle, it’s too expensive.

VigRX Oil rated 2.3/5 based on 23 reviews.


The ingredients which give VigRX Oil its erection boosting and sexual enhancing qualities are:

  • Hawthorne Berry: This is good for your heart and cardiovascular health. This relaxes blood vessel so that sufficient blood is pumped throughout the body, including the penis.hawthorn berries in the nature
  • Muira Puama: This “potency wood” increase stamina, enhances libido, and boosts erection.[1]
  • Catuaba Bark: The Amazonian plant is a central nervous system stimulant. It helps treat impotence arising from stress, depression, anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, and other psychological problems.
  • Epidemium Leaf: It is also known as the Horny Goat Weed or Barrenwort. This herb contains Icariin, a natural PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 inhibits blood vessels from dilating. As Epidemium blocks PDE5, it smoothens blood flow and boosts erection.[2]
  • Cuscuta Seed: It is a good counter against impotence, increases sexual stamina and improves sperm quality.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This herb enhances blood circulation to the penis and other parts of the body by increasing nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide allows blood vessels to dilate and this leads to a smooth flow of blood.[3]
  • Ginseng: This popular herb is a natural remedy against impotence by increasing nitric oxide levels. This aphrodisiac also enhances sexual stamina and prevents the occurrence of premature ejaculation.[4]
  • L-arginine: It’s a natural precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide boosts blood flow into your penis and leads to better erection.[5]

Other ingredients, like the Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice and Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter), give VigRX Oil good application qualities as an oil. These ingredients smoothen, moisturize, and nourish the skin.


  • You don’t need to wait that long to feel the effects. Unlike pills that take at least an hour for the effects to kick in, initial results with VigRX Oil can be felt within 10 to 20 seconds as it is not affected by digestive juices and absorption problems in the gut. The oil is fully absorbed in one to two minutes, and erection lasts for an hour.
  • The oil is easy to apply and does not leave a sticky feeling or oily residues. It is compatible with condoms if you want to use VigRX Oil during sex.
  • It is also safe for oral sex. VigRX Oil has no synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances or colors.
  • A prescription is not needed if you will buy VigRX Oil.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product.


  • The oil is expensive
  • Unless you’re aroused, applying VigRX Oil does not automatically cause an erection.
  • Some of the oil may not be absorbed and will just dry up on the skin surface.

How to use

For long-term benefits, apply VigRX Oil to your penis once or twice a day.

If you’ll use it for sex, apply the oil to your penis, then massage until an erection is achieved. Oil will be absorbed faster in the glans (head) so focus on that area.

For first-time users who are not sure how much oil is enough, test the oil during masturbation to know the sufficient amount that will give you the right amount of sensation. You will feel light-tingling sensation but generally, it is pleasant.

You can also use the oil during manual penile exercises to boost your erection length and girth.

Side effects

Based on dermal tests, there are no reported side effects and other adverse reactions.

The product contains herbs so if you have an allergy to one of the contained ingredients, consult your doctor first before initiating the use of this oil.

Who can use

Men of legal age can use this product. But VigRX Oil is not recommended if you got herpes simplex virus, open sores, or skin lesions in the genital area.

Where to buy

You can order VigRX Oil online at the official site, One bottle typically lasts for a month and contains 60 ml of oil.

Here are the available packages:

Name of Package Price Bonuses
Diamond Package for 1 year supply $400 Semenax semen volume enhancing pills, Natural Health Source $25 discount card, Free shipping within the US
Platinum Package for 6 months supply $210 Semenax semen volume enhancing pills, Natural Health Source $25 discount card, Free shipping within the US
Three Months Package $110 Natural Health Source $25 discount card
One Month Package $50 None

Suggested shipping fee for 3-5 days of delivery through UPS will cost $15.[6]

Final verdict

The main objective of VigRX Oil is to make you gain erection fast, which it does. It is not designed to caused permanent size increase but the enhanced blood flow could make your penis look thicker and fuller.

Compared to herbal pills, VigRX Oil has a more instantaneous effect on delivering aphrodisiacs and other ingredients through the skin. And compared to other creams, it leaves a non-sticky, non-greasy feeling so you can wash it immediately.

There are no side effects though we recommend to test it first to know how much volume will work for you to give the sensation and effect you have been looking. With a 2-month money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose in giving this product a try.

Customer Reviews (older)

As updated newer customer reviews are added, older reviews scroll to this section.

This Oil is the only thing that worked


I have erectile dysfunction and unfortunately, I’m allergic to lots of things. I can’t take oral medications as my stomach rumbles when I ingest them. I tried other alternatives like creams, patches, healing sessions... all of them are a waste of money and time.

I read about VigRX Oil. I was skeptical at first because I was never compatible with the VigRX pills. Turns out this oil really works, but you have to put ample amount to maximize the effect.

Not for penis enlargement


If you’re searching an oil that will increase your penis size, you will be disappointed. If you aim for that, it is better to do penis exercises or a combo of pumps and extenders. As far as I know, these are the only proven methods for penis enlargement.

Supplements and topical oils will only complement the work done by tested penis enlargement techniques. But if you are aiming to improve erection quality, then supplements and oils will do that thing.

Made by the same company behind VigRX Plus


Enhancement oils are one of the easiest to use, and the best way to know them is to simply try them. VigRX Oil is made by the same company who makes the popular oral supplement VigRX Plus so you’re assured the product is of quality. VigRX Oil meets the essential qualities of a good oil—nice effects, non-sticky, easy to apply. With a full money-back guarantee, I tested this oil and I verify that it works for me.


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