How to Shorten the Refractory Period

  • July 5, 2020

How long do refractory periods last? Every man experiences different refractory periods. For some it is a few minutes, while for others, it’s hours, or even a day. Refractory period varies depending on several factors, including age, the quality/frequency of sex, hormones, and overall health. A teenager may recover in minutes while a 40-year-old may […]

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How to cum more?

  • June 22, 2020

On average, a healthy man ejaculates 1.5 ml to 7.6 ml of semen for every secretion. As much as this range is considered normal, men with a lower average of semen would want to increase it. Read further for various ways to produce larger amounts. The various solutions have been split into sex tips, lifestyle […]

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Dairy Products and their effect on ED and testosterone

  • June 13, 2020

Most people would not link milk and dairy products to low libido and ED in men. However, a closer look reveals that high intake of dairy products affects reproductive health in men. A number of experts believe that dairy products could negatively affect the synthesis of testosterone in a man’s body. Hormones found in milk […]

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Oysters and other shellfish to treat ED and boost Testosterone

  • June 2, 2020

Oysters can help treat erectile dysfunction. This is because they contain high amounts of zinc, which is instrumental in the production of testosterone and maintenance of healthy sperm. Zinc also plays a pivotal role in boosting female libido. Oysters triggers the brain to release dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women. […]

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Green Tea for ED

  • May 20, 2020

When talking about green tea as a treatment for ED, it’s not really about a tea bag immersed in a cup of hot water. Instead, we are referring to the supplements found and extracted from the green tea. The green tea itself is obtained from the tea plant species known as Camellia sinensis, or, more […]

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Demisexual Meaning

  • May 19, 2020

Demisexual is a term used to describe a person who experiences sexual attraction towards another person only if he has a deep emotional bond with that other person. That said, demisexual people don’t develop sexual attraction in the absence of an emotional bond. This emotional connection doesn’t necessarily refer to romance or love. The bond […]

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Nephrologist vs. Urologist

  • May 15, 2020

A good number of people often confuse the services of a urologist from those of a nephrologist because both medical professionals deal with health conditions associated with the kidney. The services they offer often overlap. The most important difference between the two is that a nephrologist focuses on conditions that directly affect the kidney while […]

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Acupuncture for Men’s Libido and ED

  • May 13, 2020

Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese practice that involves inserting needles into specific points (acupuncture points) of the body. The treatment aims to rebalance the body’s chi (life force or aliveness) to improve natural body health and treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). What is Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or hold an […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine for ED: Everything You Need to Know

  • May 11, 2020

Today, there are several ways of treating erectile dysfunction including drugs, lifestyle changes, and even surgical treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine, aka TCM, is just one them – and the vast majority of men are looking to embrace it. ED affects up to half of all the men 40 years and above. Out of this, an […]

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HydroXtreme3 box

Introducing Bathmate’s smallest pump – HydroXtreme3

  • January 8, 2020

On October 9th, 2019, Bathmate launched the latest addition to the HydroXtreme series: The HydroXtreme3 pump. Bathmate claims to now cover 99% of the worldwide male population. The pump was designed for men who have an erect penis size of under 3 inches (medically classed as a micropenis).[1] The HydroXtreme3 pump offers the safest and […]

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