Zinc’s Effects on Hair

Zinc supplementation has shown a positive effect on men’s and women’s hair quality. It improves hair growth and aids in regrowth for lost hair strands. Hair loss and thinning have been linked with the level of zinc inside a person’s body. In the US alone, 80 million men are experiencing varying degrees of baldness. Zinc […]

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How to Increase Semen Volume

Although semen volume does not affect the sperm count, a lot of men are working on increasing their semen volume as it impacts orgasms, fertility, and confidence in a positive way. Below, we discuss a method on how you can double your semen volume and sperm quality using over the counter supplements. Benefits Having to […]

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How to cum more?

  • October 6, 2023

On average, a healthy man ejaculates 1.4 to 7.5 ml of semen, for every secretion. This range is considered normal, but men with a lower average of semen would want to increase it. In this guide we will cover several ways to produce larger amounts. The various solutions have been split into sex tips, lifestyle […]

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Bathmate Sizes Guide

Bathmate sizing is not always simple, and it leads to lots of guys buying the wrong model. To get the most out of your penile enlargement pump, it is essential to choose the best size for you. Also, read the full Bathmate and Hydromax review that includes: usage tips, model overviews, comparisons, customer reviews, and […]

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Reverse Kegel Guide

  • July 26, 2018

Reverse Kegels is a pelvic floor exercise that is commonly recommended to men and women who are experiencing pelvic pain and tension. This relaxation technique is also popular among men who want to treat their premature ejaculation in a natural way. As the name suggests, a reverse Kegel is the opposite of a regular Kegel. […]

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NZT 48 Pill: Is it real? What is the closest alternative?

  • August 16, 2017

The NZT-48 or Limitless Pill is a fictional drug from the film “Limitless”. This pill does not exist in real life. In the movie, the protagonist is a deadbeat writer who is tired of being unsuccessful. He was given the NZT-48 pill. It improved his brain’s functions so much that he catapulted his status to […]

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Facts about the Average Penis Size

As of 2019, the average human penis size is 5.16 inches. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the average length and girth (circumference), worldwide, of an erect and flaccid penis shown in the table below: Erect (hard) penis Flaccid (soft) penis Length 5.16 inches or 13.1 cm 3.61 inches or 9.2 cm Girth (circumference) […]

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Damaged Penis Nerves

Penile nerve damage and numbness are a major cause of men’s sexual problems. They reduce sexual function and pleasure or cause erectile dysfunction. The penis is a delicate organ filled with nerves. These nerves act as “cables” that transmit information from the brain to the different organs. When these nerves are damaged, information will not […]

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Cornstarch Lube Guide

Discussions about lube are like lube itself; they are immensely fun, flow smoothly, and stick on you while giving you a good feeling. You can use lubricant by yourself, but it is a lot more fun when shared with another. Which is why you can sometimes, or honestly most of the time, run out of […]

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Ballooning Guide

Ballooning is a penile exercise (PE) that involves getting an erection without too much stimulation and avoiding ejaculation at the same time. When done correctly, the glans will swell noticeably causing a ballooning effect. It was developed in the Lin Institute by Dr. N.K. Lin. The goal of this exercise is to cure common male […]

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