Phalogenics Method Reviews

Phalogenics is a program that is dedicated to teaching men how to get a larger penis without the use of pills, lotions, or herbal extracts. With the help of recent research and advancement, this program is designed to help men achieve great results in a safe and natural way.

The program is focused on a therapeutic practice called penile micro trauma therapy. This therapy involves the stretching and healing technique where the penile tissue is being stimulated to absorb more blood, thus resulting in larger and harder erections.Phalogenics homepage


  • Natural penile enlargement solution without any negative side effects.
  • Their website claims you can gain 2 – 4 increase in girth and length.
  • Increased semen production.
  • Have better control on when to ejaculate.
  • Fuller head, harder and larger erections that are permanent.
  • Better performance in bed, resulting in increased confidence.
  • Some of the techniques you can learn in this program only take a few minutes to perform.
  • The exercises can help correct curved penis.

How Phalogenics Program Workscorpora cavernosa location

Phalogenics program is focused on stimulating the corpora cavernosa or corpus cavernosum (singular). This is a tissue in the penis that can be compared to a sponge that absorbs blood when pumped into it. When the penis is slightly stretched, the corpora cavernosa creates more space.[1]

After the stretch, the penis goes through a healing process where the ability of corpora cavernosa to absorb more blood increases, resulting in longer and larger penis. This is a repetitive process that needs a lot of patience.[2]

Ordering Process

The program can be purchased from their official website. Visit this Sales Page for 3 additional bonuses.

At $69, you can get the complete videos and an additional three bonus sites, including a free 14-day access to Advanced Sexual Mastery.

After your payment is confirmed, you will get an email that contains your account details and the link to the member’s area where you can access the training videos.

Latest reviews on Phalogenics

The following are latest reviews on Phalogenics program.

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Too expensive


I believe this program is too expensive given that the exercises they teach are on the Internet. It is also a bit concerning that the website does not have a summary of what they feature in their program, so buyers are like sending out money blindly.

Also, these penis exercises can be dangerous if not done properly, so I wonder if Phalogenics can be effective without the added pain.

Best for Beginners


I like how the program has an in-depth explanation (they are graphic and shows the genitals so you may want to close the doors while watching the videos) of every exercise.

Most of the exercises can be challenging for beginners, especially if the instructions are just in plain text so the videos are a big help.

The exercises work


Some of the exercises highlighted in this program are all over the Internet. In fact, I have been doing them myself.

However, there are featured exercises that I only discovered by purchasing the program. Although you can do your own research for penis enlargement exercises, Phalogenics has organized the routines so members can execute the exercises gradually according to their difficulty.

This program will also encourage you to have a fixed routine that you can follow to keep you on track. So far, the routine worked for me, but don’t expect to see results in the first few weeks but the exercises are worth it.

The program takes too long


Phalogenics takes 3 months to complete. With the many enhancement pills and medications out there, I believe that this program is not for everyone. If you think manual penis exercises is tedious, it may be better to stick with the pills.

If you want to combine penis exercises with some sort of pills, it is easy to research online for effective exercises. However, some pills may also take weeks, or even months to take effect depending on your body’s response.

So if you are a person who is skeptical about medications and can’t find a good device, I suggest getting on in this program. I can say that this program works if you are patient enough.

Can be a great addition to your favorite pill


I am a big fan of penis enlargement pills and I have been a big fan ever since I found the one that works for me.

When I found out about Phalogenics, I bought it for the sake of feeding my curiosity. Although the program did not mention or even encourage the use of enhancement pills, I continued taking my pills.

I have been using them for 7 months when I started Phalogenics. I have a satisfying gain during those 7 months. I am impressed how the program is set up, and presented.

I followed every routine, and sometimes would take a break, but after about 8 weeks, I noticed how my growth has been boosted. I am not sure if it is the pills kicking in better, or just the additional exercise in the program, or a combination of those.

All in all, I am currently happy with the program. It has educated me a lot about the manual exercises it features.

I think some takes too much time, but there’s no problem for me if I have to do them a few times a week.

Phalogenics rated 3.3/5 based on 23 reviews.

What to Expect in the Member’s Areaphalogenics logo

Quick Start Guide

Upon logging in to the Member’s Area, you will be welcomed with a 5-minute video with a detailed instruction on how to do Jelqing, an exercise that is also referred to as shrooming. This is a penis enlargement exercise where you need to squeeze your penis and stroke it a few times. See our complete guide to Jelqing.

Aside from Jelqing, the intro video will show you a technique called hot wrap. This method consists of taking a warm washcloth and wrapping it around the penis to encourage blood flow before any exercise routine.

The Member’s Area has PDF’s to help with the training program. That includes the Phalogenics Exercise Guide – a manual with a detailed guide on how to properly perform the exercises. You will notice that there are three sections of this program covering a total of 12 weeks.

Beginner’s Section

This phase covers the weeks 1 to 4.

  • First Week – The program will teach you how to warm up, do a Jelq routine, and then cool down. The exercise takes 10 minutes a day.
  • Second and Third Week – You will be taught how to do the side to side routine that you will repeat for the next 2 weeks. The third week consists of a combination of routines from weeks 1 and 2. The routines take 13 minutes a day.
  • Fourth Week – This is the week where you should see some improvements especially when your penis is erect. The program will introduce the Kegel exercises, a routine that involves regularly exercising the three main muscles of the pelvic floor. See our complete guide to Kegels for men.

Intermediate Section

Covers weeks 5 to 8.

  • Fifth Week – Week 5 follows the pattern from the fourth week, but the routines are increased by 20%. The program recommends taking 1 – 2 days rest when you feel that something is not right. For this routine, the total time is 20 minutes per day.
  • Sixth and Seventh Week – The sixth week follows the same format as week 5 and an additional exercise that is called Erect Stretch. The video explains how to properly exercise using the up and down stretch in addition to the side to side stretch. Week 7 emphasizes the importance of perfecting the Erect Stretch. The exercise lasts 22 minutes per day.
  • Eighth Week – This week, there should be a noticeable change in your size and performance. Week 8 has the same routine as week 7 with a bit more focus on Kegels.

Advanced Section

This section covers weeks 9 to 12.

  • Ninth Week – During this week, you will be doing the same exercises as in weeks 7 to 8. In addition to that, you will be introduced to a new exercise called Jai Stretch. Duration of exercises for week nine is 23 minutes a day.

Steps for Jai Stretch

  1. In this exercise, you have to form an OK symbol with your fingers while gripping the end of your penis.
  2. Stretch it out at 90 degrees angle and hold that position for 2 seconds. This routine is a little uncomfortable so you have to be gentle at first to avoid injury.
  • Tenth Week – This week is fairly similar to week 9, except you have to add additional 6 reps of Jai Stretch.
  • Eleventh and Twelfth Week – This follows the same routine as in weeks 9 and 10 with an additional exercise called Compressor exercise. The exercise takes 24 minutes a day to complete.

Steps for Compressor Exercise

  1. The penis must be in 80% to 90% erect state.
  2. Make an OK symbol with your right hand then grip the base of your penis making sure that your open hand is facing upwards.
  3. Make an OK symbol with your left hand, then grip the head of your penis making sure that your open hand is facing downwards.
  4. Hold that position and move your hands towards each other, then use your left finger to move your penis back and forth.
  5. Release then repeat the exercise until you complete the reps for the day.


  • The website has a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • There are no tools or medications required to complete the program. It is merely focused on exercises.
  • The exercises are easy to follow and just takes a few minutes to complete.
  • The program is downloadable.


  • There is limited information on the website about what exactly the program covers, or who produced the program.
  • It takes time to see the results.
  • Some exercises mentioned in the program are routines that you can acquire on the Internet for free, thus making this program too expensive for the information they provide.


According to the website, the company allows returns or replacement of any products purchased from their official site.

If you feel the program is not for you, you can request a refund before the 60-day mark from your purchase date, and the company will give a 100% refund.

Payment Methods

You can pay using your Visa or Mastercard. The website does not offer other payment methods. In your billing statement, the purchase will show up as Web Health Products.

You will find additional bonuses on the special sales page.

Past Reviews

These are Phalogenics reviews that were submitted in the past.

Very structured weekly workouts


I like how Phalogenics have structured the program. It is very organized in a way that teaches you to have a weekly routine that progresses without overwhelming you.

The only thing I disliked is the weekly updates of status. I stopped on the fourth week due to a very busy schedule and when I logged in 2 months later, I saw that the website has automatically marked all 12 weeks as completed although I only finished until the fourth week.

This can be very confusing for some who tend to forget where they left off.

Slow Website


If you have a way to download the videos and PDF’s I will suggest doing so. I load the videos directly from the member’s area and they load really slow, it can take a few minutes and sometimes will buffer multiple times in the middle of the video.



I find it helpful that the website is mobile friendly. I believe that this is the program that is perfect for me as the weekly routines are easy to follow, and the explanations are on point.

I am always on the go, and I hate having to bring my laptop all the time so the mobile version is very convenient for me.

I have finished all the routines and expect that they will encourage me to purchase a pill or some tools that can boost the results, but to my surprise, the company does not up-sell which I am happy about.

I can truly say that this program is legit, and delivers great results.


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