Enlast Cream Review

Enlast Desensitizing Cream for Premature Ejaculation is a numbing cream made for men to last longer in bed. It works by decreasing the penis’ sensitivity, a major cause of many premature ejaculation cases.

Enlast Cream also contains ingredients that boost blood flow to the penis and enhance orgasm. The product also acts as a lubricant that lowers resistance and friction during sex.

The manufacturer of Enlast Cream is a long-time player in the health and beauty industry, having existed for more than 15 years.

This product is available on Enlast.com.

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A bit unreliable


Well, it works... sometimes. For those times it did, it just takes a few minutes before the effect kicks in. It does not affect my erection, and the numbing effect did help me outlast my wife easily. But for those times it did not, the results could be embarrassing, and I am finished in no time. Maybe because I am too excited or I don’t apply this cream often so I’m not used to the effect.

Does not work


When I read that it worked for other people, I immediately purchased this cream to try it. Unfortunately, I am one of those few who did not feel the promised effects. Luckily, I was able to avail of the money-back guarantee. I guess if I want to have control over my ejaculation problems, I have to do it the hard way of self-controlling my urges. Alternatively, there are many pills out there, and one of them might do wonders for me.

From two minutes to half an hour


This cream is the most effective premature ejaculation solution I have personally used. Before, I am done within two or three minutes. Now, I can sustain my load up to the 30-minute mark. I just apply this cream before sex, and the effects are fast and reliable.

It’s been three months now since I used Enlast. I don’t care if the effect is temporary, I will continue to use it to please girls. It helped me gained confidence and self-control.

Application must be balanced


It’s science, not magic. As it contains an anesthetic, it is expected to numb down the sensitivity. It works as designed but if you apply too much cream, it can work in the opposite direction. Apply it in a balanced proportion, and you will have the right control for your ejaculation.

Better than pills


I’m not sure why guys still use pills or capsules when there is an available serum like Enlast that gives the same results. It helps me hold my ejaculation much better than any supplements. I already tried lots of supplements, and none of them seems to be effective. After I started using Enlast Cream, I can stay longer before my wife reaches her climax.

Enlast Cream rated 3.1/5 based on 22 reviews.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates too early or without control. It is experienced before or shortly after sexual penetration. Often, little friction of the penis is enough to trigger involuntary emission of semen.

Premature ejaculation is a common male problem, but no man would wish to experience this situation. Early ejaculation leads to unsatisfactory sex. It’s also embarrassing for a man to not being able to control the release of his load during sexual intercourse.

While premature ejaculation is common, be glad to know there are ways to treat it. For instance, a desensitizing cream like Enlast can delay ejaculation so that both men and women can fully enjoy sex.

How Enlast Cream Works

Enlast Cream works by reducing the penis’ sensitivity during sex. This product slows down the arousal process leading to ejaculation, delays seminal emission, and enhances orgasmic sensation.

Enlast contains 7.50% benzocaine as its active ingredient. Benzocaine is an FDA-approved topical anesthetic and genital desensitizer that reduces penile sensitivity.[1] By decreasing sensation, men gain ejaculatory control and reach orgasm the way they wanted to.

Enlast also contains other ingredients that give other enhancement effects, like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera Gel), Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Extract, DHEA, Muira Puama, Huanarpo Macho, Arginine, and Panax Ginseng Extract.

How to Use the Cream

Apply a thin layer (10 to 12 drops) to the head and shaft of your penis, 20 to 30 minutes before sexual activity or as recommended by your doctor. The application need not be aggressive, but a simple circular motion should be enough.

Effects can be felt within one or two minutes of application. You’ll feel a powerful sensation of heat within the applied area. The results can last for three hours.

Enlast Cream is safe and effective with condoms. You can apply the cream first to your penis before wearing a condom. Using a condom is good as condom prevents unwanted transfer of cream to your partner.

Once done with sexual intercourse, wash off the cream with water.


  • Enlast Cream is a quick fix and easy-to-apply solution for men with ejaculation and erection problems.
  • The manufacturer offers a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The product label provides a list of ingredients.
  • For the 3-month and 5-month packages of Enlast Cream, there is no shipping fee for regular deliveries within the US.


  • The active ingredient benzocaine can cause some side effects. Check the “Side Effects” section for more information.
  • There are no clinical studies to prove the positive effects of Enlast Cream.
  • The product is not for sale at any local drugstore. To order this product, check the “Where to Buy Enlast Cream” section for purchasing details and available packages.

Side Effects

While benzocaine is well-tolerated, some people have a sensitivity to this ingredient. Here are some symptoms that could appear at the application site:

  • slight itching or burning sensation;
  • redness or skin tenderness;
  • dryness or formation of white flakes.

If these side effects happened to you or your partner, discontinue the use of this cream immediately. If symptoms persist, you must immediately consult your doctor.

If you accidentally wiped your eyes with Enlast Cream, it could also lead to redness and itchiness. If this happens, immediately wash off the cream. If symptoms remain, you must also immediately consult your doctor.

No Effect

If you get zero effect from using Enlast Cream, stop using this product and consult your doctor as well.

Premature ejaculation has many underlying causes, and the doctor is the best resource person to seek professional advice for these kinds of sexual problems.

Where to Buy Enlast Cream

You can easily order online through Enlast’s official website. Enlast Cream is packed in 2-ounce (56-gram) jars. One single container could last a single month of usage.


Enlast Cream price for one jar is $50, but you can order multiple jars to avail the discounts. Here is the summary of the available packages:

Name of Package Total Price Bonus
Buy 1 Jar (1-Month Test Plan) $50 None
Buy 2 Jars, Get 1 Free (3-Month Moderate Plan) $100 ($33/jar) No shipping fee for regular deliveries within the US
Buy 3 Jars, Get 2 Free (5-Month Maximum Plan) $150 ($30/jar) No shipping fee for regular deliveries within the US

Shipping fees

For the 1-month package, regular shipping fee is $7 while rushed shipping fee is $13.

For the 3-month and 5-month packages, there is no shipping fee for regular deliveries within the US. However, a rushed delivery costs $7.

Final Verdict

Enlast Cream is a nice counter to a man’s premature ejaculations by bringing down penile sensitivity to controllable levels. For guys who prefer creams over pills or capsules to solve their ejaculation issues, topical products like Enlast provides an alternative solution.

Once you gained control on how you achieve orgasm, you also gain confidence in your sexual skills and enjoy better sex both for you and your partner. Enlast Cream contains FDA-approved ingredients, so you don’t need to worry much about the safety of this product.

There is a “Claim Your Trial Today” on the official site, but don’t expect to find an Enlast Cream free trial there. The closest to the “trial” there is the 1-month sampler package. You still need to purchase if you consider trying this product.

In the end, this product is not equally effective to all users. Not everyone will find Enlast Cream useful. If you’re curious, you can opt to try Enlast Cream, with the money-back guarantee as a fallback if you find it ineffective for you.

Customer Reviews (part 2)

This is a continuation of the previous reviews section.

Waste of money


It is disappointing actually. I did not feel any effect, and I felt I just wasted my money on this. There is simply too much hype on what it does or on the ingredients it contains. It is just an overpriced lubricant, that’s all I can say. And I doubt that benzocaine can have the advertised sexual benefits.

It works as promised


Enlast is the first male enhancement product I have tried, and it helped me a lot with my sex life. This cream has an instant effect after a few minutes of application.

As promised, it reduced my penis’ sensitivity so I can prolong my ejaculation. Once I gained control over my ejaculation, I was able to satisfy my girlfriend more. I have taken my mind off about ejaculating too early and simply focus on making my girl happy during sex.


  1. “FDA Drug Safety Communication: Reports of a Rare, but Serious and Potentially Fatal Adverse Effect with the Use of over-the-Counter (OTC) Benzocaine Gels and Liquids Applied to the Gums or Mouth.” Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 23 May 2018.[]