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PinkCherry reviewPinkCherry is a Canadian based online shop that sells sex toys, lubricants, condoms, batteries and lingerie.

Product Selection and PricesPinkCherry Canada Homepage and categories has very competitive prices and a wide variety of products (over 16,000) that are organized neatly so you can find what you are looking for. The site is filled with a huge selection of dildos, anal plug, and vibrators. They also have a variety of Ben-Wa balls, Kegel and BDSM tools.

The website has a search bar where you can type in the brand or product type you are looking for so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Although the products are generally cheap, PinkCherry always has a sale where you can get huge discounts.

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

I was able to add some items to my cart with no problems. Completing my order was also fast and smooth. They have the option of paying through credit card or PayPal.

PinkCherry claims they ship out orders next day. However, I received mine in several weeks despite the fact that I live in Canada. The packaging was very discreet with just my name and address written on it.

I am concerned that the box is not sealed with any plastic where you can tell if the package was opened before it reaches your door.

Customer Reviews

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Broken item


I’m not one to write a review but I’m wanting to do this review because I feel like this company is not discarding of these defective items which possibly could be used. Please do not order any of these items because most are defective but also for your safety. I’ve ordered a couple things that were not worth the money.

Pink Cherry Products


Purchased one of your sale items which required the use of a USB for charging. I didn’t have one on hand and had to purchase one. I had to take out the charging cord from the package and tried charging for several hours. It did not charge even after several hours! Turns out your policy indicates no returns if package is open so you can say I just wasted my money. Most distressing and will never purchase from your company again!

Item not received


Ordered an item 2 weeks ago and I didn't get my item. Don't waste your time with this company. They are ripping off people.

Recieved nothing, No customer service


Zero stars are given to this company. I paid a very high price for several items, I received nothing. The company has no customer service. I contacted the company by email as the site says asking for a refund and explaining why, still no one has contacted me. I received no product, therefore I WANT MY MONEY BACK ASAP!

Disappointing Seller, Toys, and Experience


I placed an order for several toys from them on sale. The package was discrete as promised, but that was the only positive aspect.

Two of the toys I received were defective:

-The first had a damaged package box (top and bottom openings). It seemed like someone tried to open the package. They left white tears and scratches on the black packaging. Additionally, half the promised toy modes did not work, it left marks on my body, and not made for beginners. The advertising promised all levels of play and no marks. The first toy was a complete disappointment.
-For the other toy, only the secondary functionalities worked. The main features did not work at all. As I bought it primarily for the primary function, the toy was useless and disappointing.

The hustle and cost of returning the item would be at my expense. I absolutely do not recommend the products or the seller.

The products were on sale, I was curious to try them out - but lesson learned.

Also, they do not approve ANY negative reviews on the products on their website. I only noticed that afterward. I was suspicious of this fact before ordering but decided to give it a try anyway. I am happy that I only wasted $70 and not more.

PinkCherry rated 2.5/5 based on 35 reviews.

Returns and Customer Service

PinkCherry does not offer refunds for defective or wrong items delivered. They only allow exchange of items, where the customer has to pay for the shipping.

When I contacted the customer support, they assured me that they will pack another order for me. But before they can ship out the correct items, they need to receive the wrong items first.

After I returned the items, I contacted the customer support again but never heard back for a long time.

It is unpleasant to speak with the customer support representatives as they don’t seem to show any empathy for the problem, and do not offer a better solution so I can have my items faster.

Product Quality

For the price, I’d say you get what you pay for. The lubricants are OK, but most of the toys I bought only lasted 3 to 4 months so I am surprised that their website has a lot of positive feedback.

Their toys are made from TPE, which is a porous material. The fact that I cannot sterilize the products makes me uncomfortable. Most of the toys I bought from other websites can be sterilized so that’s another thing that puts me off.

I tried submitting a negative review on their items, but when I checked 1 week later, my review was still not posted.

In general, I am not happy with my experience with PinkCherry. The prices are very attractive, but the inconvenience I had to go through and the quality of products that I received are not worth it.

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Older Reviews

Below are the olders reviews for PinkCherry.

Amazing speed of delivery and discreet


I ordered a magic wand and rabbit vibrator and it came to me in 2 days. I forgot to put in the coupon for a discount and they responded to me in a couple hours that it was taken off the order and put back on my credit card. If only every website was this good.



I would give no stars if I could. Horrible customer sevice. 3 defective items in a row. Had to pay for return shipping on defective items. CS cannot be contacted except by email and then they do not respond.

ONE HAPPY customer


I found this site while looking for something to spice up my love life.
I have used pink cherry a few times now and everytime I get everything I order, shipped quick and extremely discreet!!
Love this site and will be a loyal pervert until they give me a reason not to but I don't see that happening.

More than satisfied...


Pardon the pun but I have been more than satisfied with Pink Cherry and its products. The selection is more than ample and the customer service is right on! Shipping was timely and packages always delivered in tact.
Keep on doing what you’re doing Pink Cherry... I am one of many satisfied customers. Thank you.

Best Sex Toy Company in Canada


Received my order in 2 days and the product was amazing. Received an email from the company in a couple hours from ordering.

Unsafe and overpriced products


PinkCherry products are made of TPE. This is very unsafe for these types of products as TPE materials can grow mold and bacteria and you cannot sanitize them properly for your next use. Also, when cross-checking on some of the products, I noticed that most of them are overpriced compared to other websites. PinkCherry is inflating their products and then setting up a huge sale when they have already sold enough.

Lots of discounts


PinkCherry used to give out free samples of lubes. Lately, however, they stopped doing this. Anyway, I still love the frequent sale where I could get up to 97% off my purchase.

They also offer free shipping for certain amount of orders. I have always ordered my toys from PinkCherry and was never disappointed except for the few times when my orders were delayed. Other than that, this is the perfect website for me.

My PinkCherry points are gone


I don’t have a problem with the PinkCherry products. The shipping time is also reasonable. However, the website has a feature where you get some points when buying their items.

I remember having a decent number of points for my next purchase but I cannot log into my account anymore so I cannot redeem my points. Very disappointed on this.

Did not receive my item


I already contacted the support at week 1 when I did not receive my order. I was supposed to receive my order within a week because I reside in Canada.

Support did not respond to me until the third attempt to ask them about my order. They said there must be a problem with the postal code so they have to track down the order.

Until now, 2 weeks later, my order is still not here.

Shipping took 5 weeks


I can’t believe it when my order didn’t arrive in 2 weeks. I got in touch with the customer support and they assured me that the package is on the way and must be delivered to me in the next 2 days.

But my order is still not with me after 4 days so I contacted them again. This time they are unresponsive.

I contact them every week, but I never got a response from them again. Finally, my package was delivered to me after 5 weeks, which is too slow for someone who lives in the US!

Great prices and fast shipping


I purchased from PInkCherry 6 times now and I only have a positive experience with them. Their products are high quality and super affordable at the same time.

Shipping is fast, and when I had an issue with a defective item, their customer support is very helpful.

Useless exchange policy


I think it is not good that the website doesn’t have a refund policy. This is a lesson for me. I received a defective item and wanted a refund for it but the support explained that they only do an exchange of items.

They also want me to pay for the shipping of the defective item. That is not practical for me as I have to pay again, so I accepted defeat and just kept the damaged toy.

My toys broke in 3 months


I am very disappointed with the quality of the products I got from this website. Not only did I receive my items late, but all the 7 toys I bought broke within 3 months of using. Will not purchase from this website again.

Huge selection of sizes, but none of them fit


Very bad experience with this website. I bought some attachments, 2 of them with the same brand and size of my massager, but neither fits.

I contacted the customer support but they cannot give me a good option for my issue with them.

They do not even have the decency to assist me in finding the exact size that I need.

Fake positive reviews


I was confident to purchase my toys from this website because of all the positive reviews posted on each product. Almost all of them are rated 5 stars!

So when I received my items, I was very disappointed because it’s not what they have described in the reviews. The item is damaged, and the customer support is not very helpful to my concern.

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