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x4-labs-logoX4 Labs Extender is a penile traction device that promises therapy to help men achieve their ideal penis girth and length. It boasts its potential to improve penis length by 33% and girth by 35%.

The review outlines my personal gains using X4 Labs for 3 months. You can also find unbiased customer reviews and write your own.

There are many “traditional extenders” similar to this one. Penimaster (read our review here) is the most popular alternative.

In 2006, it was released as a medical product, primarily aiming to fix curved penises. Today, it is one of the most popular penile improvement devices on the market.

The Penis Extender Deluxe Edition is now on sale for $89.99 (original price: $449). It is the most basic package without the bells and whistles. If you want to get everything X4 Labs has to offer, you can opt for the Patriot Gold Edition, which costs $399.99.

Update in 2020: the official X4 Labs support staff are no longer responsive after you place your order. There is a very high probability that they will not send you the extender at all. It has been rumored that they have passed on their manufacturing to Quick Extender Pro.

For more information about the latest pricing, visit the Official Website (now owned by QEP). We cannot guarantee the quality of X4 Labs products sold by other retailers.

As a disclaimer, be aware that penis extenders, in general, are effective — but to a certain degree. Some work, some do not. Many of them require being religiously used to produce noticeable improvements while a select few can deliver their promises with you working less. And do take note that the rest can only give temporary enhancements.

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Is this a scam?


I did my research and even contacted their support before pulling the trigger. Then after I placed my order, the wait began.

Long story short, I have not received my extender yet. I contacted them several times and they are just leading me in circles. They said the package was mailed, but there is no tracking or anything like that.

Now I am reading here that I am not the only one who got scammed. Luckily, I bought the cheapest package so this will minimize my loss. Oh well...

I accidentally ordered one


I did not come across this website in time and was not warned about the company being inactive -> and I accidentally placed an order.

This was 2 months ago. I have not heard back from the company. They also stopped replying to the emails. What can I do? I would like to get my money back.

Response: We lost contact with the manufacturer as well - so we would not be able to help you. I would suggest that you file a Credit Card Chargeback or PayPal dispute regarding this.

Painful, horrible customer service


Do not do business with this company. The device is very uncomfortable and almost painful. I adjusted the extender frequently and tried different methods for securing it. It is not discreet at all. Too big and bulky to wear under clothes - only if they are super loose.

I had questions and couldn’t get a response by phone or email. Frustrated, I finally decided to send it back since I was within my window. I emailed the return email address and got an automated reply with instructions. After paying over $300 for this thing, I still had to pay $30 to ship it back.

I called after a while to check on the status of the refund, and I think the number had been disconnected because a recording told me it was an unassigned number and then hung up on me.

After a long period of not getting the refund or hearing back from the company after multiple emails, I contacted PayPal to see if I had any protection through them since that is how I paid for the device. They opened a claim for me and told me I would be covered in instances of returning a product.

Only after opening this claim did I hear back from X4 Labs. Yes, I did get my refund. But it was not a pleasant experience all the way around.



I had several X4 Labs extenders that I used on and off over the course of 2 years. There are many problems that I have encountered with this extender. I can’t use it outdoors because I worry it might fall off. Sometimes, I also have to remove it quickly because when it gets uncomfortable and painful, so removing it becomes very urgent.

The silicone tubes are unusable anymore. They don’t stay where they’re supposed to be. It’s not easy to hide, and it’s so uncomfortable to move around while wearing them. I also don’t see any gains, and the longer I wear them, it’s faster to feel uncomfortable.

Too painful but effective


I have this device, but I stopped after 4 weeks because I can’t handle the pain anymore. I measured myself and was shocked that I gained a little over 1 inch. I was happy but sad at the same time because I can’t imagine myself wearing it again. I did some research and found some new tips about wearing it and making adjustments so that it feels comfortable. One day, I’ll get my X4 Labs from under my bed and will give it another try.

X4 Labs Extender rated 2.6/5 based on 26 reviews.

Company Information

The company, X4 Labs, claims to be the best maker of penis enlargers on the market. It assures its client base that all its devices are made of 100% medical-grade materials. They have been featured in local and international media. If you’ve ever heard about the rich Saudi Arabian who ordered a custom-made penis extender made of gold, rubies, and diamonds, X4 Labs was the one that received that order.

Just like most penis extenders, X4 Labs has been clinically tested and comes recommended by doctors. At this point, it has become difficult to determine the quality of a penis improvement device by just knowing it has the alleged backing of unnamed clinics and doctors. However, it is not a bad idea to take it with a grain of salt. X4 Labs is willing to let interested people participate in the company’s trials, offering a full refund of the product if they find the results unsatisfactory.


Penis Extenders’ design has started development during the late 1990s. The main goal of its creation is to further enhance the effect of penis extenders that was on the market at that time. Mechanical engineers, urologists, and other specialists helped in achieving the current design of Penis Extender that we see today.

Matthew West and Rick Oh have founded X4 Labs on 2005. Development of the Penis Extender progressed quickly from that point forward. The company continuously improved its research and development to the point that it started massive orders of penis extenders from auction sites. Now, the company is focusing on its Peyronies medical devices.

Package Summary & Outline

As of 2019, X4 Labs features 10 penis enhancement devices, which can be readily found on the QEP’s website mentioned above (X4 Labs has recently transferred their manufacturing).

Below is a brief rundown of all the product packages that X4 Labs offers:

Gold Luxury Edition

Now: $269.99 / Before: $1,349.95

  • Gold Edition Penis Extender
  • Luxury Edition Storage Case
  • Extender Cleansing Spray
  • Penile Traction Lubricant
  • Lifetime Device Warranty

Premium Edition

Now: $119.99 / Before: $599.95

  • Premium Edition Penis Extender
  • 5-Year Device Warranty
  • Deluxe Branded Box

Deluxe Edition

Sale Price: $89.99 / Before: $449.95

  • Deluxe Edition Penis Extender
  • 1-Year Device Warranty

Patriot Gold Edition

Now: $399.99 / Before: $1,999.95

  • Blue and Gold Patriot Edition Penis Extender
  • Red and Gold Patriot Edition Penis Extender
  • Blue & Red Quad Support Piece
  • Lifetime Device Warranty
  • Blue & Red Wide Girth Base
  • Penile Traction Lubricant
  • Extender Cleansing Spray
  • X4 Labs Penis Pump
  • 3 Months’ Worth of Sinrex Dual Synergy Supplements
  • Red & Blue Patriot Storage Case

Anniversary Ultra Edition

Now: $199.99 / Before: $999.95

  • Blue Luxury Edition Penis Extender
  • Blue Quad Support Piece
  • Blue Wide Girth Base
  • Lifetime Device Warranty
  • Deluxe Branded Box
  • 2 Ultra-Fit
  • X4 Labs Penis Pump

Extreme Premium Edition

Now: $269.99 / Before: $1,349.95

  • Red Premium Edition Penis Extender
  • Red Quad Support Piece
  • Red Wide Girth Base
  • 5-Year Device Warranty
  • 3 Months’ Worth Of Sinrex Dual Synergy Supplements
  • Deluxe Branded Box

Peyronies Pro Edition

Now: $299.99 / Before: $1,499.95

  • Pro Edition Gold Penis Extender
  • Leather Bound Storage Case
  • Extender Cleansing Spray

Peyronies Limited Edition

Now: $199.99 / Before: $999.95

  • Red Premium Edition Penis Extender
  • Red Quad Support Piece
  • Red Wide Girth Base
  • 5-Year Device Warranty

Peyronies Premium Edition

Now: $129.99 / Before: $649.95

  • Premium Edition Penis Extender
  • X4 Labs Extender Instruction

Peyronies Deluxe Edition

Now: $99.99 / Before: $499.95

  • Deluxe Edition Penis Extender
  • Calibrated 3900 Gram Tension Spring

Standard Inclusions

When you buy any one of X4 Labs Penis Extenders, expect to receive the following:

  • Hybrid Support Piece
  • Anti-Bacterial Short and Long Memory Foam Pads
  • Adjustable Comfort Straps
  • Elongation Bars (design depends on the package)
  • Tension Springs
  • Silicone Tube Harnesses
  • Ultra-Fit Velcro Straps
  • X4 Labs $50 OFF Gift Voucher
  • Cleansing Wipes
  • X4 Labs Instructional DVD
  • X4 Labs Instruction Manual
  • PenisAccess DVD and Membership

How does it work?

The X4 Labs Penis Extender works by stretching the penis. Stretching it for long amounts of time can cause cell damage. The damage, in turn, will prompt the body to repair and strengthen the penis by adding more cells on it — just like what happens when you work out with your biceps and dumbbells.


When I received my package from X4 Labs, I was relieved because it was inside a discreet, generic-looking carton box, which did not specify what its content really was. I opened it and found the items indicated in the packaged I ordered. The device was stored inside a sleek-looking casing. It didn’t have any branding except the one inside the casing, so I believe it will be safe from prying eyes.

The instructions said that the device should be worn for at least six hours daily to have the maximum effect. When I used the device for the first time, I only lasted four hours. My penis started to hurt a bit, so I just removed the device and did not bother to readjust it.

Note: I do not recommend using it when you are asleep since doing so is unsafe. If you are like me who sleeps like a log and has a considerate partner, then do so. Otherwise, make sure to remove it before you hit the sheets.

Sadly, I cannot use the Penis Extender during the day because it easily bulges under anything I wear — not the mention that the awkward feeling of wearing the device distracts me a lot. However, it is not X4 Labs’ fault — it’s just how penis traction stretchers are built. As a workaround, I decided to I use it at night while I sleep.

It has become routine for me to remove the device upon waking up. Since I wear the device for seven to eight hours every day, I needed to apply vitamin E cream on my penis. It soothes my little guy’s skin. On a separate note, the package that I got came with some penis enlargement supplements. I am still not sure how these supplements can help, but I just used them as per the company has recommended.

My advice to those who plan to get X4 Labs’ Penis Extender: Prioritize comfort and strap security when wearing the device. The last thing you would want to happen is the device falling off your pants. It happened to me once during my third day, and fortunately, I was home and in no danger of humiliating myself in public. When it hurts, adjust the tension. You do not need to feel pain. As long as the device is secure and you feel the stretch, you are going to do just fine.


I carefully monitored my progress while using X4 Labs for 2.5 months. I wear this device all night while I sleep — at least seven to eight hours. Overall, I gained 1” while flaccid, and 1 1/3” when stretched. My flaccid girth size did not improve, but when erect, it has improved by ¼”.

I have not noticed or experienced any unpleasant side effects ever since I started using the device. I do not feel any discomfort during sex and while urinating as well. For now, I will continue using the Penis Extender, hope for more significant changes, and see if its effect on little Johnny is temporary or becomes permanent.


My package came with 3 months’ worth of enhancement supplements, a storage case (where I can keep the device), and other accessories mentioned before. There is also a lifetime warranty and a discount voucher worth $50 that I can use for my next purchase.

X4 Labs vs. SizeGenetics

You can get everything from X4 Labs for $399.99 (Patriot Gold Edition) that is a hundred dollars more expensive than SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System, which costs $299.95. However, you will get a lot from the X4 package. You will get a three-month supply of Sinrex Dual Synergy Male Enhancement supplements, which is a set of pills for penis enhancement and orgasm intensifier, and another piece of Penis Extender.

Read our complete SizeGenetics review.


The devices from both companies are medical type 1 devices. Both are also traction-based penis enhancers — because of that, they function and are used the same way. Transitioning to using any of the two is not a problem.

Both would have money back guarantees if the device you bought did not make any significant improvements on your penis. To be eligible, you must ensure that you followed the manual down to a T. However, SizeGenetics is stricter than X4 Labs when it comes to providing the refund.

Unlike X4 Labs, which promises a no-questions-asked guarantee, you will need to submit a full documentation of your usage of SizeGenetics device in order to return the product and claim the refund. It is also worth mentioning that SizeGenetics only offer a 6-month money back guarantee while X4 Labs offers 1-year.

Why X4 Labs?

Power. Yes, X4 Labs’ Penis Extender is just too powerful. Its devices’ tension ranges are around 3600 grams up to 4,200 grams. SizeGenetics’ device can only give 2,800 grams of tension.

However, tension is not everything. Remember that enhancing penis size by traction has its risks. Prolonged usage of high-tension penis stretchers can cause injuries, including temporary impotence, excruciating pain, burst blood vessels, rashes, and urinary incontinence.

As I mentioned a while ago, I myself was not able to wear it for long periods of time during my first week. I needed to adjust it a bit and even use it during my sleep. At most, people can endure 900 grams of tension without experiencing discomfort. Some can withstand 2,000 to 2,400 grams.

Also, X4 Labs’ starting kit or cheapest package is inexpensive and worth the money. X4’s Deluxe Edition is just $89.99 while SizeGenetics is $199.95. All you get from SizeGenetics are the device, guarantee, elongation bars, comfort pad, strap, and instructional DVD.

Despite being founded four years later than SizeGenetics, the development of X4 Labs Penis Extender earlier than SizeGenetics product line. The first concept design of Penis Extender was already drawn in the summer of 1996 while the first model was created in early 1997. In-house trials started in late June of the same year.

Why SizeGenetics?

Even if X4 Labs is currently hot on the market, SizeGenetics has always stayed on top of the penis enhancement industry for years. After all, the company has been around for more than 18 years while X4 has been only around for 12. Also, SizeGenetics is already internationally renowned while X4 is just getting there.

The prime advantage you have with SizeGenetics is that it has already proven that it does work for almost two decades. It is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. So, it’s not that X4 is a doubtful product, but SizeGenetics just has the advantage of being one of the pioneers.


Everything is up to your preferences. But for a budget-conscious consumer, X4 is a good bet. It is powerful. If the tension scares you, do not worry. You can adjust it. However, if you prefer doing it slowly and safely, then SizeGenetics is for you.

Visit the new website by QEP to learn more: https://www.quickextenderpro.com

Additional Customer Reviews

This is a continuation of the reviews entered above.

Cheap, but it can be cheaper


It’s not hard to get across this company because they sell cheap enlargers and have pretty much all good reviews on other websites. I paid $105 for my order, including tax and shipping. It seems like the border customs checked the package so it doesn’t look perfect, but it’s okay for me. My package includes the device plus a few accessories like comfort foams.

Usage: I am just under 7 inches, so it was not easy to put this device on. I am disappointed with the comfort foams - they are useless. I don’t see the point of paying for them. Don’t buy them. Use soft cloths instead.

Another thing: Their replacement rods are expensive. You can get the same quality of rods from sites like eBay and Amazon for a lower price. However, be careful of the really cheap stuff from China - I read some bad reviews about low-quality materials that break easily. Pure scam.

Some advice: As I said, I struggled when I first tried to put this device on. What works for me is massaging my penis a little before attempting to wear the device. If you feel any pain, you have to change the bars to smaller ones. It is important to stop wearing the device if you feel sore. You don’t want to have blisters out of trying too hard. It’s okay to give yourself a break and try the next day again.

Using X4 Labs, I started upping my bars every month - which is a good sign. It means I’m growing. I was only able to wear the device for 5-6 hours because I’d feel sore then. I wish I could wear it longer so the process would be faster. But overall, I am very satisfied with the result.

Can’t wear outside the house


X4 Labs is very comfortable to use, but it needs to be adjusted throughout the day. It seems like once you wear it, you’re locked in it. It is possible to wear this under jeans and slacks, but that’s not advisable. If you are working in an environment where you have to keep moving, then you can’t put in hours while at work - unless you’re in an office sitting all day and have some time adjusting the device.

Wearable under slightly loose pants


When I initially tried this on myself, I was sure I wouldn't be going out with it. But as soon as I got used to it, I found some strategies to wear it more comfortably. Now I can wear it outside - although it was a bit awkward at first (you’ll get used to it). I even wear it at work. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to wear while sitting down and it’s pointing downwards. Try to find a way so that it’s not pointing downwards.

It’s also visible under the pants, so you have to be careful. I wear boxer shorts above it, and a long sweater, so that it won’t be so obvious. But you have to be careful and avoid getting too close to people (like hugging them).

No positive results


I was about to give up on these extending devices when I heard from someone else that X4 Labs is an excellent choice. I bought one from their website and had been wearing it for the last 6 months. I am wearing a total of 48 hours per week. I didn’t bother measuring because I understand this is a gradual process. But when I hit the 6-month mark, I was so disappointed. I feel like I’ve already used all extenders on the market, but I am not getting any positive result. Zero gains here.

Useful Technique


I have the X4 Labs device as well and for some who are struggling to wear it long enough, here are some tricks that I learned from using extenders for years:

Use electric heating pads to warm up for 10 minutes. Before putting on the device, attach the memory foam and position the clamp at the base. Stimulate your penis so that you get a full erection. Then hold the top of the comfort pad and pull back the skin so they’re not “crowded” together. Position the head attachment and tighten with a comfort strap. Sometimes I try to pull back skin again to ensure comfort.

At this point, I use some clips through the comfort straps, so they don’t slip. Let the erection subside and put the x4 base over the head attachment. Complete the process of securing the penis in the device. It also helps to pull the testicles and angle it downward. You could then wear the device for at least two hours without discomfort.

Learn to customize the device


I’ve been an X4 Labs extender user for quite some time now. It sure is very uncomfortable when not attached well. I make sure that the device is strapped in properly. There should be a bit of a head swell - this makes a lot of difference. The strap should not be too tight, and I take breaks after a couple of hours then put it on again.

So far, I love the results, and I mostly wear it around the house.