Fiera – Increase Female Sex Drive

  • May 14, 2018

fiera-logoFiera is a female sexual arousal tool. It is meant to be used before sexual activity to increase excitement and improve natural lubrication.

The device fits on the vagina and works by massaging, suction, and vibration around the clitoris area.

It has a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and comes with a charging cable.

Fiera was tested and developed by doctors and scientists who wanted to help women reestablish a sexual connection with their partners.


How it works

Make sure the device is charged. Wear for 3 to 8 minutes prior to sexual activity. Remove it when you feel that you are warmed-up.

Your body’s own process will improve the blood flow, sexual interest, tingling, and sensitivity.



  • Frequent usage can result in more pleasurable orgasms (during sex).
  • Helps feel more excited and ready for your partner.
  • Improves natural vaginal lubrication.
  • Enhances sexual responses (following a scientific study) with prior- and post-menopausal women.


After 4 weeks of use:


What’s includedfeira-kit

The Fiera Kit (9.6 ounces or 255 grams) includes:

  • The personal care device.
  • A soft-cloth travel case.
  • 2 sizes of SofSense attachment rings.
  • A USB charging kit with magnetic attachment and wall adapter.
  • Optional remote

Package Details



$249.00 with remote. $199.00 without remote. Currently out-of-stock on Amazon.

About the Company

Fiera is marketed and manufactured by Nuelle. It is an intimate care and sexual wellness company focused on creating sexual wellness solutions made for women.

Nuelle introduced a brand new category in women’s health with the Fiera Arouser for Her, a proven sexual enhancement and arousal accessory for customers.

Dr. Leah Millheiser is the Chief Scientific Officer at Nuelle.

To contact Nuelle, call them at 1-866-672-9665.

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