Zynev Reviews

Zynev is a natural male enhancement pill manufactured by an American company called Zynev LLC. It claims to be the most powerful natural male supplement.

NBA All-Star Tom Chambers (age 58) also promotes this product, in which he says he feels like in this 20’s again. However, on their official website, there are no clinical studies or even customer testimonials. So how do we make sure if it’s effective? Let’s discuss first all the details before we come to a sound conclusion.

Update (2018): We have made several attempts to contact the manufacturer, and we did not receive any replies. We assume that the product is no longer supported. Be very cautious if you still decide to place an order.

Late-onset hypogonadism is the eventual decrease in testosterone levels in older men. This greatly reduces the sexual drive and spontaneous erections, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Zynev helps to restore and heighten testosterone levels again by natural ingredients. It is an alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


(as of November 2017)

Note: Each bottle contains 60 caplets.

Package Price You Save
1 box (good for 1 month) $49.95
3 boxes (good for 3 months) $99.95 $49.90
5 boxes (good for 5 months) $124.95 $124.80

Table 1: Zynev Price

Note: Standard shipping fee costs $10.00 within the United States.

Zynev is not that cheap. The price is quite high because it comes with natural ingredients that can boost your free testosterone and sexual drive. Read the next section for more details.

User Reviews

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Did not receive my order


I bought 3 boxes to try but I never received my order. It has been more than a month now.

I've been calling the customer support since week 2 but I was told to keep waiting and assured me that they will contact the courier to make sure my order is prioritized.

I waited 2 more weeks but when I called the customer support again, it seems like there was no report submitted for my case when I first called. The representative told me again that they will escalate the problem to the courier, exactly what they told me they would do on the 2nd week.

I asked for a refund but they said the item was already shipped and I needed to wait.

Positive effects, but with consistent usage


I am rating only 4 stars because I’m not perfectly satisfied with the effect compared to price. I bought the 5-month supply. So far it improved my sex life despite my old age. However, its effect seems to wear off immediately when I forgot to bring the pills in my 3-week vacation. I needed to take the pills again for 2 consecutive weeks just to regain the effects. That’s what I observed.

Never again…


I should’ve bought the other products mentioned on this review website. I was too lazy to read the reviews and just bought it immediately. There might have been a slight effect, but come on, is that it? I thought I’ll have a ‘substantial increase in stamina’? Where are the ‘noticeable results’? It’s too late for a refund…

Waste of money!


I thought so. My instinct was right before I bought this product. Now I have been taking it for a month and I see no results! Don’t buy this product guys. You’ll just waste your money!

This is an excellent product!


Actually, I really didn’t want to buy Zynev because of bad reviews, but my friend urged me to try it. I am now having longer sex and my wife’s happy! I’ve been using it for 3 months now and I have no regrets.

Zynev rated 1.9/5 based on 23 reviews.


  • Yohimbe. The bark of the Yohimbe tree produces a chemical called yohimbine, which is responsible for increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organ. For men, it helps to treat erectile dysfunction; however, this substance should not be overdosed as it may cause unwanted effects such as seizure, palpitations, insomnia, and kidney failure, among many others. Read more about yohimbe.
  • Korean Ginseng. This plant has been historically used as a medicine to cure various illnesses such as diabetes and erectile dysfunction.
  • Maca. Also known as Lepidium Meyenii, this type of herb can boost libido, though small studies show that its effect is inconsistent even with healthy individuals. Its purported effect on sexual performance still needs to be validated through larger sample size.
  • Horny Goat Weed. Also known as Epimedium, this herb may increase testosterone levels. However, there are no clinical trials made on humans but on rats only. Read more about horny goat weed.
  • Saw Palmetto. Also known as Serenoa, this plant was used to cure the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), though scientific studies disproved its effect on the prostate. It has no proven effect on libido or erectile dysfunction.
  • L-Arginine HCL. This is an amino acid that naturally converts to nitric oxide (NO) in the body. Nitric oxide widens the arteries thus improves blood flow to the muscles. It may effect on the penis to cure erectile dysfunction.


It is suggested to take 2 caplets 1 to 2 times daily. However, they do not mention if it’s more effective to take with or without meals.

Side Effects and Interactions

Among the ingredients discussed in the previous section, only Yohimbe may cause serious side effects when overdosed. Therefore, the recommended dosage is 15-30 mg daily. Unfortunately, Zynev does not expose the exact content of Yohimbe per capsule, either on their website or on the box itself. So it’s safer to go with the recommended dosage.

Horny Goat Weed may also cause side effects such as nausea and xerostomia, but there are no reports of these effects caused by Zynev.

Zynev must not be taken with antidepressants especially with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). It must also not be taken with antihypertensive drugs because Yohimbe may counter the medications for high blood pressure. There might be other serious interactions so it’s safer to consult first your doctor before taking Zynev. But if you are completely healthy and you do not take any medications, then it’s very safe to take Zynev.


  • Boosts testosterone levels even in older men
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Helps burn fat by regaining metabolism power
  • Fights Late-Onset Hypogonadism (also known as Andropause or Male Menopause)
  • Helps to attain stronger erections
  • May improve mental health
  • Improves overall virility


  • Does not offer any money-back guarantee
  • You may return the product but you’ll pay a $14.95 restocking fee
  • They have auto-shipment program that you may be enrolled to if you didn’t read their terms and conditions
  • No clinical trials performed by their company
  • Amount per serving of ingredients is not stated

Customer Complaints

Zynev received no awards or recognitions yet, maybe because there are several complaints to be found on the internet. Currently, you can find two comprehensive negative reviews against Zynev on BBB.org. Here’s an excerpt from one of the reviews:

“This company was very deceptive in their offer. They advertised a trial for $5.95 with no obligation. Later I was charged an additional $69.99. My first phone call to the company ended up with the agent telling me basically “too bad, it was in all the fine print”.”

Unfortunately, this is true. They really have an auto-shipment program as discussed in the next section of this article. However, I don’t know where $69.99 came from because none of their packages is priced at $69.99.

Since the Zynev website has no feature to receive customer reviews, we can look at Amazon or Walmart reviews instead. It’s quite depressing seeing negative feedback on most of the reviews, mostly saying that the product isn’t working and that it is a waste of money. Moreover, we cannot see any comprehensive user reviews with high ratings.

Terms and Conditions

In their Terms and Conditions page, it says in Article 2, Section 2.2 that once the customer has placed his evaluation order, he will receive a 14-day evaluation of product(s) for a shipping price mentioned during checkout that ranges from $3.95-$5.95. The customer will be enrolled in their auto-shipment program once the evaluation expires, then will be billed monthly with the full price unless canceled.

This auto-shipment program should be put not only on the Terms and Conditions page but also on the Order page, don’t you think? But since most people are too lazy to read the very long Terms and Conditions, the manufacturer may have taken this opportunity to get more money from its customers which I deem as unethical. Moreover, even if the customer is aware of this program, he might forget about the number of days and be billed accordingly. This adds stress to the customer who wants to try the product in good faith.

Please take note that these terms may change without prior notice, so it is advised that you visit the page again before you buy.

Company Background

The company name is Zynev LLC which is located in the USA. Here are their details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-877-659-3344

Address: ZYNEV Returns, P.O. BOX 6644, Scottsdale, AZ 85261-6644

Aside from their address and their contact details, there’s nothing else to be found on their website. Typically, a company would want to present their past accomplishments, if any, or tell their customers about the company’s goal of making its product. It’s all about convincing your customers to trust, not only in the product(s) itself but in the manufacturer. But Zynev failed to do this on their website.

Money-Back Guarantee

Zynev DOES NOT offer any money-back guarantee. Refunds also are not assuring. As per Article 3, Section 3.4 of their Terms and Conditions, “Refunds are given if refunds are promised over the phone.” What if they don’t answer the phone? What can you do then? For a company without an established reputation, this agreement is not easy to be trusted.

Other Male Enhancement Products

If you’ve tried Zynev but are not satisfied with it, you can try other products. Below is a short comparison of other brands against Zynev.

  1. Zynev vs. Viagra. Viagra is proven to be effective through the years but should be prescribed by your doctor. Zynev, on the other hand, does not require any prescription and the effect is still unsure.
  2. Zynev vs. Viril-X. Viril-X has a total of 21 ingredients with a price tag of $32.95 per bottle that is good for a month’s consumption. Zynev has only 18 ingredients including the minor ones. Viril-X has 90 Days Money-back Guarantee, and they urge you to read their Terms and Conditions. Now that’s being up-front. Read our Viril X review.
  3. Zynev vs. Extenze. Extenze is boasting its 23 ingredients at a price of $59.95 per pack. That’s only $10 more than Zynev’s price. Extenze has also 60 Days Money-back Guarantee. Read our separate Extenze review.
  4. Zynev vs. Nugenix. Nugenix, according to their website, is the #1 Selling Men’s Vitality product at GNC stores. Nugenix offers a variety of products, so you can choose only what you need. Unlike the others, Nugenix’s main effect is to boost free testosterone, not stronger erections and orgasms. Their most expensive product is the Nugenix Ultimate with a price of $89.99 per bottle. What you’ll like on their website is the inclusion of supplement facts for all their products. You’ll really know what you’re getting. Read our Nugenix review.
  5. Zynev vs. BioXgenic. BioXgenic offers a variety of products including the ones for women. So not only men will enjoy improved sexual health, but also women! For men, they have pills specifically designed for erectile dysfunction, testosterone booster and prostate protection, stronger orgasm, improved sexual stamina, and powerful erections. It’s up to you what you need!

The Verdict

Zynev’s website is not informative. If the product is really effective, why don’t they expound its wonderful effects? In their ‘Why You Need Zynev’ page, there are only three short paragraphs, as if they were too lazy to discuss their own product. Plus, there are no customer reviews and they are not too clear with the returns and refunds by hiding all the facts in the terms and conditions page.

Zynev has negative reviews on other sites. Since their website does not accept customer reviews, we can only rely on other websites such as Amazon and Walmart. Out of 13 reviews, only 3 have a five-star rating.

Zynev does not show the individual amount per serving. At the back of the box, you can only see the cumulative amount which is 1484mg for their proprietary formula. Maybe they do not want other manufacturers to copy their formulation.

Overall, Zynev may not be your best option if you seek significant results. I am not saying that Zynev will not take effect, as there are still customers who claim that they see good results. However, most of the reviews are still not good, so for me, it’s not that convincing but may worth a try.

Now you know Zynev’s contents as well as their issues with their customers. So if you still want to buy, I know you are already aware of their auto-shipment program.

Feel free to post your reviews! It may be about the product itself, or the customer service that you experience from Zynev.

User Reviews (past)

As newer user reviews are being added, past reviews scroll down to this section.

Total trash


Yes, I didn’t even take all the pills and I threw it in the trash can. I can’t believe I fell for it. I gave it a chance and it betrayed me. I hit the gym every day and I eat healthy foods so I assume the pill would take effect on me faster than the other guys. Sorry Zynev, but I’m really disappointed.



I was billed repeatedly for 3 months even though I told them to refund my purchase! They say that I agreed to the terms and conditions! I can’t believe it! I’ve just learned about the automatic shipment program when I browsed in their terms and conditions page! This should be clearly stated on the main pages!

Poor customer service!


The operators were rude in the first place and they didn’t approve my refund! Their marketing strategy is so deceptive that they will hide all the charges in their terms and conditions page! It’s my mistake too from being too trustful with the manufacturer. Never again Zynev!!!