Changes to the HydroXtreme Handball Valve

As you may have noticed, Bathmate has recently made a significant design upgrade to the HydroXtreme external handball valve.

The upgrade was announced on June 28th, 2019.

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What are the changes?

hydroxtreme valve comparisonBathmate designers and engineers are continually looking for methods to improve their products. They recently developed an innovative and refined HydroXtreme handball. The slick, new design was created with simplicity at its core and offers a better user experience.

The upgraded valve allows for a larger volume of water to pass. It also controls a more even water flow when draining the pump comparing to its predecessor.

Design-wise, the flattened base allows the user to stand the handball up to drain at the end of his session.hydroxtreme valve standing

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clyde says December 23, 2023

I broke the plastic nipple end off, that the hose slips and over on. Where can I buy this assembly?

Peter says April 26, 2023

I am in need of a new hand ball/hose and end that attaches to the main body of the pump. The valve in the handball is faulty and I broke the plastic end off the end of the hose. Where can I buy this assembly?

Waldemar says August 15, 2022

Where can I buy an original manual pump with valves without a hos (new model).
Regards: Waldemar

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