AHCA is an organization that tests and reviews health enhancement products and practices.

We strive to become the most trusted source for unbiased product reviews and advice.

Sexual health products is our main area of expertise.

How did we end up there? We try to find unsaturated markets with a lack of honest information.

Most health products already have plenty of useful information that is well written and cited by medical resources.

Unfortunately, the Sexual Health Enhancement industry is filled with spam. There are plenty of low-quality products, eBay lookalikes, overpriced gadgets, and straight up dangerous non-FDA approved pills.

This is what led up to the modern-day AHCA website.

Our Staff

Our team consists of health experts, writers, reviewers, editors, and webmasters.

We have both paid staff and volunteers.

We welcome external writers to contribute high-quality articles that present unique ideas.

Every topic we write about is studied and reviewed very carefully by multiple staff members.

Lucas Owenby – CEO

lucas owenby ceoLucas has been with AHCA since 2014 when it was taken over. He manages the writers and takes care of the content changes.

Lucas oversees most operations in AHCA as well as its partner relations.

Education: a Masters of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Ohio State University.

Social: LinkedIn Profile

Marko Hallinan – Head Editor

marko hallinan writerMarko is responsible for the content quality at AHCA.

He reads all the submitted content and makes sure that it is up to our standards. He also coordinates the other writers and their tasks.

Education: an MD-PhD from University of Alabama School of Medicine and a certificate in computer science.

Social: LinkedIn Profile

Vadim Ustapov – Web Administrator

Vadim Ustapov Web AdminVadim is responsible for maintaining the website and all other tech stuff.

He takes care of:

  • Security updates and new features.
  • Fast and responsive page loading and structure.
  • Valid external links to useful resources.
  • Functioning reviews and comment submissions as well as spam control.

If something is not working on our site, he is the person to go to!

Education: holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida.

Social: LinkedIn Profile

Other staff

We have additional writers and editors that work part-time and help create articles and do research.

Customer Reviews

You will notice that every product we review has a Customer Reviews section.review-form-sample

Those are submitted by real customers using the Click here to submit your review button.

This is a very important feature that bases the foundations and core principles of AHCA.

Although our writers are instructed to be neutral and unbiased, it is essential to read what other people have to say about the products. This is particularly important in the health industry where every individual can have different results and side effects.

If you read through what customers are submitting, you will see for yourself that we post both positive and negative reviews.

For more information about our review submission guidelines, read section 8 of our terms of use.


Why the AHCA acronym?

ACHAF originally stands for The Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation

Up until 2014, AHCA (formerly AHCAF org) was an organization that provided Health Insurance Coverage to uninsured Arkansans that did not qualify with other American providers. We mainly specialized in dental insurance.

Starting in 2014, the program was discontinued.

AHCA had lots of health information resources that we didn’t want to go to waste, so we decided to maintain the brand.

Most of our staff has changed since then, but the content remained and was improved by new editors and writers.

We rebranded as AHCA Reviews and recently got renamed from AHCA(FR).

We changed our specialization to sexual products as we explained above.

How do we make money?

We get compensated through affiliate programs for some of the products.

This helps keep our website running and our staff reviewing new products that get released.

However, even for the products that we get paid for, you will always find some negative or neutral reviews. Additionally, we always list the disadvantages and side effects for all products.

In fact, if a website only lists the positives and doesn’t mention the negatives (aside from minor points: “a bit expensive” or “effects don’t show immediately”), you should see it as a red flag.

Every product, no matter how good it is, will have at least some haters. So keep that in mind 🙂

Our Offices

AHCAFR-officesWe operate online, and we do not have a physical location that is open to the public.

Our office is very small since most of our staff operate remotely over the internet.

We always check our messages and respond to appropriate inquiries that were submitted on our contact page. Additionally, you are welcome to leave a comment on an article or submit a product review.

For all other inquiries, we are currently located in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Social: LinkedIn and Facebook.

For non-urgent inquiries email us: @