BMSW (Black Ant) Sexual Enhancement Pill

The BMSW 4600mg is a Black Ant sex product, a natural aphrodisiac for males to improve sex life.

Dubbed as the “herb Viagra” or “herb Cialis”, the Black Ant Pill is a good alternative to Viagra, Cialis, and other sexual drugs for enhancing sexual libido and orgasms.

What does BMSW look like?

BMSW Black Ant Pill is sold as a 4600 mg capsule sex product. It comes in small boxes, with 4 capsules in each box. The big package contains 20 small boxes, which amounts to a total of 80 pieces.


  • Polyrhachis Vicina Roger: This is the scientific name for the black ant and the pill’s primary ingredient. In China, the Chinese BMSW pill is used for treating sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low levels of testosterone. In turn, this leads to harder erections. Black ant can also treat depression, pain in the lower back, and rheumatoid arthritis. Black ant also contains amino acids, making it a nutritional supplement.[1]
  • Formica Sanguinea: If Polyrhachisvicina roger refers to black ants, Formica sanguinea refers to blood-red ants. This ingredient acts similarly to a black ant, and it also strengthens the body’s immunity.[2]
  • Ginseng root: Ginseng is a popular herb for treating sexual dysfunctions, improving blood flow and increasing energy. Coupled with black and blood-red ants, it contributes to longer erection and better performance in bed.
  • Hippocampi: It refers to seahorse extracts. It affects the male’s prostate and penis. The user is aroused and sexually potent for longer periods of time.
  • Medlar: This is a fruit extract that targets some nerves in the body and improves sexual performance.
  • Manufacturer’s proprietary blend of essential amino acids and trace minerals.


  • Better boner and sex
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • More libido and better orgasms
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence, and low testosterone
  • Improved blood circulation and stronger immune system

Do Black Ant Pills work?

Yes, all ingredients have effects on a guy’s sex drive. The Black Ant Pill expand blood vessels for better blood flow. In addition, this sexual enhancement product stimulates the production of testosterone and other male hormones, leading to a harder erection and a stiffer penis. It also improves production of sperm and other sexual fluids.

Harder erection plus blood pumped up plus an abundance of sperm equals elevated sexual desire and much improved sexual performance.

Is the pill safe?

This all-natural product only contains organic ingredients. No known side effects were reported from customers, a good sign that the product is safe. Regular dosage can boost health. Once the Blank Ant Pill is taken orally, the ingredients enter the lymphatic system without interfering with the liver’s function.

Dosage and Precaution

Take one pill 20 to 40 minutes before sexual activity. The pill is best taken on an empty stomach. Only one pill must be taken in a span of 24 hours. If erection stays longer than expected, drink cold water lots of times to dilute the pill’s effect.


There are several others male enhancement pills that are popular on the market:


If you want to satisfy your partner in bed without the worries of the harmful effects of synthetic products, BMSW 4600mg Black Ant Pill is the best sexual enhancer for getting your sex life and libido high. It is much cheaper than Viagra or Cialis. For comparison, one big package that contains 80 capsules costs only $30; one piece of Viagra is priced at $69 per tablet.


  1. Duan, T., et al. “[The treatment of intrauterine growth retardation with ant polyrhachis vicina roger].” Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi, vol. 34, no. 5, May 1999, pp. 290–92.[]
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    Those pills are not officially available anywhere. You can try eBay, but the sellers are not very trusted.

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