How to Measure Your Penis Length and Girth

Accurate and consistent measurement is the key to tracking your growth. This extensive penis measurement guide will help you succeed in your journey to achieving your goal.

Measuring Your Length

BPEL-ruler-measurementYou will need a ruler and a pen or pencil to write with when measuring your length. There are a lot of ways to measure your penis length. The most recommended procedure is called BPEL (Bone-Pressed Erect Length).

For this procedure, you will need an erect penis before measuring. Also, you have to press on the pubic bone to get the most accurate measurement. You can read the complete guide in this post.

Measuring Your Girth

penis-girth-measurementThis is a very easy process as you will only need a measuring tape. To measure your girth, or penis thickness, follow the guide below:

  1. It is important to have a 100% erection before measuring.
  2. Find the thickest section of your shaft. Wrap the measuring tape around that area.
  3. Mark the measurement where the beginning of the tape meets itself. It should be wrapped around your shaft just one time.

Measure Your Girth without a Tape Measure

  1. You need to have a 100% erect penis before measuring your girth without a tape measure.
  2. Take a string and wrap it around the thickest section of your shaft.
  3. Take note where the string makes its first overlap, pinch that point with your finger.
  4. Release the string without removing your fingers from the pinch point.
  5. Lay the string on top of the ruler, making sure that the pinch point is on the zero mark.
  6. Extend the string while pressing the pinch point over zero. The whole “overlap length” should cover a straight line of the ruler’s increasing number.

Calculating Your Diameter

circumference-pi-diameterNote that the penile circumference is not perfectly circular, so this resulting value is not entirely accurate.

You will be able to compute for your diameter as soon as you are finished measuring your girth. For this process, you will need your exact girth measurement and a calculator. Simply divide your girth measurement by 3.14. The result is your diameter.

You can also multiply your diameter by 3.14 to get your girth.

Alternatives to a String

  • Wire
  • Cables
  • Cloth
  • Floss
  • Cut paper
  • Any tape that you can mark with a pen

It is recommended to measure each of these values at least 3 times to get your average. This is the fail-proof process of accuracy and consistency. Accurate measurement is also important when choosing a condom. Read more facts and myths about condoms.

How to Measure a Curved Penis

It can be tricky measuring a curved penis using a ruler. For an an accurate measurement, you will need a string or a measuring tape.

  1. Have a fully erect penis before starting.
  2. Take the tip of the string and push to the pubic bone.
  3. Start tracing the string on top of your penis to the tip.
  4. Pinch the part of the string that reaches the tip.
  5. Take the string without removing your fingers from the pinch point.
  6. Lay the string over a ruler. The pinch point must be pressed on the tip of the ruler marked 0. The part of the string that measured your curved penis should cover a straight line of the ruler’s increasing number.

What is the Average Penis Size?

There are debates regarding this issue, but worldwide, the average erect length is 5.16”, while the average girth is 4.69”, as we have summarized in our past article about the real average penis size.

What Do Women Want?

We found that the ideal penis length for women is between 6 to 7 inches, and the ideal thickness is between 5.2 to 5.5 inches.

women's preference for penis sizes chart

Important Terminologies

  • Flaccid – Non-erect penis
  • BPFSL – Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length. Measurement of a stretched, flaccid penis.
  • BPEL – Bone Pressed Erect Length. Measurement of an erect penis from the pubic bone to the tip.
  • EG – Erect Girth. The circumference of an erect penis.
  • NBPEL – Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length. The measurement of an erect penis from the visible part of the pubic skin to the tip. Click here to learn more about NBPEL.

It is recommended to track your growth once a month. Getting your measurement weekly is often discouraged as it may lead to unnecessary disappointment.

Clinical Studies

There have been several studies posted on PubMed about the correct way to measure a penis. Doctors recommend measurement techniques that will exaggerate the patient’s size in order to improve his self-confidence.[1][2][3]

TMI Measurement


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