Penomet vs Bathmate

This page will compare Penomet and Bathmate (Hydro, Hydromax, and HydroXtreme) side-by-side showing all the important differences.

All three pumps listed are very similar. Filling them up with water is the same, the pressure is very similar, the quality is very high, they are all comfortable, and all will give you gains with proper and consistent use. If you already own one of the pumps mentioned above, there is no reason to upgrade or switch.

However, there are slight differences that make some pumps superior to others. But that depends on the individual and your personal goals.

Below is a quick comparison of the common facts provided by the official merchandisers (prices are in $USD):

PenometBathmate Hydro7
Hydromax & HydroXtreme
$127 to $297$110$139 to $399
Released in 2010Released in 2009Released in 2013
One size – 11 inches maxOne size – 9 inches maxSix sizes – 11 inches max
Replaceable pump gaiters (strength depends on package)Pump gaiter is built-in and non-replaceable
Strong gaiters (with Premium package) or Extremely Strong (with X85)Medium strength gaiterStrong gaiter + comfort pad + optional external pump (Xtreme Series)
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Official site: Penomet.comOfficial site:

From the table above, you can make a rough estimate for which pump is right for you according to your penis size. Note that Penomet may be a bit too large if you have less than 4.5 inches erect, in that case, choose Bathmate Hydro7, Hydromax5, or HydroXtreme5.

If your penis size is more than 7.5 inches, consider Penomet or the Hydromax9. Remember that beginners gain their first inch very quickly, and you want this pump to be a long-term investment.

For an average penis size (5 to 7 inches), any pump brand will suit you.

Further readings: since Bathmate sizing is more complicated than Penomet due to the different models, we created a specialized Size Guide for Bathmate pumps.

Value for the money

Both pumps are more expensive with the stronger gaiters. That is because that extra strength provides room for long-term growth. If you have the money, we recommend you invest in a stronger gaiter. However, if you do not want to spend extra money, you will find that the standard gaiters are just as powerful and will still provide great results for beginners and intermediates.

After assessing all the pressure levels of all the pumps (see the next section for more details), we found that Hydromax is not worth the money, especially not at the higher end $200 mark (for a bigger pump of similar strength, you will need to pay more).

The best value (price to strength ratio and flexibility) pump we recommend is the Bathmate Hydromax for around $150 (depending on the size). You get strong gaiters for the lowest price.


After trying out both pumps, I found that the maximum pressure for Penomet (with the premium red “Force 80” gaiter) is similar to the maximum pressure with Hydromax. The Penomet pressure adjustment with different gaiters is excellent for beginners and will be sufficient enough for long-term use. Additionally, we found that the X85 gaiter (sold separately) is stronger than Hydromax.

TL;DR: for the strongest potential pump, you need to choose Penomet. However, for the strongest pressure out-of-the-box, choose Hydromax.

You will always have enough power, even after long-term use when you feel like you are maxed out.

The Bathmate Hydro series (not Hydromax) has a weaker gaiter, which is comparable to the Penomet “Force 60” gaiter included in the Standard package. Beginners will find this gaiter more than enough for the first 4 months of use.

The external hand pump on the HydroXtreme does not increase pressure (since the gaiter is the same) but rather adds more control and more enjoyable pumping experience.

This video shows a pressure comparison:



Hydromax comfort pad

The Penomet gaiters are made of a harder and tougher silicone while Bathmate and Hydromax use a slightly softer rubber. The difference to the skin is not very noticeable under water. All pumps are very comfortable, and the gaiters hold pressure very well. Rubber, however, is stronger than silicone, which is why Hydromax is able to achieve stronger pressure.

The Hydromax comes with a removable comfort pad. This is a personal preference item, and we found it optional and unnecessary as the soft rubber is very comfortable by itself. No users reported a loss in suction in the shower, so using the pad is entirely fine. Penomet used to offer a comfort pad, but they discontinued it after negative customer feedback.

All three pumps are very comfortable for long-term use, but the Hydromax comfort pad was slightly easier on the skin.

See this video for a quick comfort comparison:


The Penomet pump is easier to clean because the gaiters can be easily removed from the vacuum tube. The Penomet Premium package comes with a cleaning foam called ‘Gun Oil Shine’.

Bathmate is still very easy to clean, but the winner for cleaning is Penomet.

Final recommendations

All the pumps above are high quality products that will give you gains with consistent use. The ultimate choice out of the 3 series we recommend is the Hydromax. It has the best value for the money, most comfortable, and the strongest pressure for long-term growth.

Important decisions you have to make before buying a pump are:

  1. How much money you are willing to spend
  2. Your current penis size

If your erect penis size is smaller than 4.5 inches, pick the specialized penis pump that fits your size (see the table above).

If you have the money, go with the Penomet Premium package (and later add the X85 gaiter). Get the ultimate power and comfort and never buy another pump. If you want to save some money, pick the Hydro7 or the Penomet Standard package.

Purchasing from the right place

The pumps have too many resellers out there. Many of them sell counterfeits and offer fake coupon and discount offers. Make sure you know who you are giving your credit card. Here are the official websites you can trust:

Official site: Penomet.comOfficial site:
Additional information: read our complete reviewAdditional information: read our complete review

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