Penomet Pump Reviews

The Penomet penis pump is an alternative to the original, Bathmate pump (see our full comparison), and has recently been becoming more popular since its first introduction in late 2010.

penomet with gaiters in 2020Over the years, Penomet went through several improvements following ongoing customer feedback. We ordered the complete Premium Edition package to provide a full review with all the components tested.

Warning (December 2021): the product may no longer be ACTIVE. We tried to contact their customer service several times and have not heard back. Place an order at your own risk!

We also recommend that you check out the top alternative.

There are plenty of counterfeit sites with fake offers. Because of that, Penomet discontinued all coupons. Every customer automatically gets the lowest price available with the website above.

Packages ($USD): Penomet Standard $127, Penomet Extra $197, and Penomet Premium $297.

Prices are after the mentioned 35% discount. Shipping costs are not included. Prices differ by region and currency. The differences between the packages will be discussed in details further down.

Pictured below is the full Premium package, which will be used for our main review:

penomet-upclose penomet-premium-box Penomet-premium-unpacked

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews right below. Then go over our official unbiased review breaking down all the details you need to know.

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Poor customer service


I had some questions about the product and problem ordering online.

You might as well be talking to the wall. I have left messages for seven days... no one returned response. Try calling... it is always the same message... no one is available to speak to.

I just wonder if this product is legit?

Response: It’s very legit Erland; they’ve updated their telephone support during 2018, that said their online support team has a much better level of knowledge so I’d suggest contacting them via their support portal if you need some help (they are generally pretty quick to respond).

Penomet can’t be trusted. Look elsewhere.


I was not sure about buying a Penis Pump from them. Their website said they’re in Iceland or something. So I contacted them, and they said if anything goes wrong, it doesn’t work, etc., then they’ll give me a full refund.

I had it in writing, so it was enough for me to buy one. After all, they literally told me that they offer a “60-day full money back guarantee” and at the time I thought it was totally awesome and just what I wanted to hear.

It took ages to arrive and when it finally did... It didn’t work, at least not for me. I contacted them and asked them for help, but they were not very helpful, they were not interested. So I asked for my refund, and they told me that in their terms you could only get a full refund if it’s broken or if you buy one of the premium pumps that is twice as expensive.

They never said that to me when I asked, and now they just don’t answer my emails at all. I’m now trying to get my money back from the company that manages their payments, and they look like they’re going to give my money back - but watch out for these cowboys.

They caught me in a trick, I probably should have checked the terms - but who checks the terms? And anyway I’m pretty sure they would have scammed me too if I bought the more expensive one... Cowboys...

Response: Hi Tim – the 60-day guarantee covers any return on the Standard, Extra or Premium package, it’s not limited to the Premium package or if the device is broken. It sounds like you’ve ordered from a 3rd party website (there are a couple of resellers and knock off fake versions on the likes of eBay etc.) so it sounds like you’ve simply not purchase perhaps from the official Penomet website.

The Official Penomet team have checked their records and they have no record of a “Tim Otej” so either this is a fake review or you’ve not purchased from the official Penomet website it seems.

1 month, no results


I switched to device exercises after a couple of months of doing manual stretches and jelqing. Here is the complete routine I've been following for the past month: I do manual exercises every day for 20 minutes, then I pump with Penomet for 30 minutes (2 sessions of 15 minutes each), and then I put on a cock ring for several hours to prevent turtling. When I measured my size yesterday, there were no results at all for both my erect and flaccid lengths. Anyone have an idea why I didn't gain anything following an extensive routine?! And what is the expected time to see results for pumps?

Response: You should start seeing temporary results within a couple of weeks, and then over the coming 3+ months you’ll start to see those gradual, permanent gains. Have you tried reaching out to Penomet directly via their support portal – they know what they are talking about and I’m sure they could help!

Replaced Bathmate - Big Mistake


I outgrew my old Hercules that I owned for almost 3 years now and thought Penomet will give comparable results going forward since it is a bigger pump. This was a terrible mistake. As an intermediate PE user, I can tell you that Penomet does not live up to even a half the quality that Bathmate offers.

-First of all, the gaiters are weaker. Achieving the same pressure with removable gaiters is impossible. The rubber has to be fixed in place. Big design limitation by the manufacturers.
-The water release valve is faulty. Bad design that will not last long. This is why the Penomet warranty only covers gaiters and not the pump.
-Hard to get immediate suction. Unlike with my Hercules, Penomet Gaiters do not immediately "stick" to my body.

And finally, the price. It is more expensive than Bathmate?! A bad play by them to be selling a lower quality product for more money. Just get a Bathmate pump (any one of the newer X models) and you will not regret it.

Not seeing results I expected


I have been using the Penomet for the past four months, and I can barely see any results and differences in my penis size. I am alternating gaiters as indicated in the guide since I began. I use it both standing in the shower and while laying down in the bathtub, always completely filled with water.

I have gone through all side-effects in the first month. Those include fluid retention, turkey neck, red spots, and donut effect. All of them went away except the red spots. I still get very few of them, and they are tiny.

To be honest, I only get large penis for about 2 minutes after use, and then it goes back its standard size. I keep reading about results that will last for several days, and that the duration of gains keeps increasing over time, but I do not see this.

Maybe I am too impatient after only four months of use? Another observation I had is that are days in which my penis expands more than others.

My primary goal is to gain a bigger non-erect penis length and girth. I hope I will eventually get there.

Penomet rated 3.1/5 based on 34 reviews.

Official Review for 2021

penomet with case in 2020I have been using the Penomet (provided by our AHCA testing lab) for 8 months now to record my progress and give my personal opinion.

I never used any pumps or extenders before and really enjoyed the Penomet as a beginner. Another one of our volunteers (beginner as well) tried the Bathmate pump and experienced similar (if not better) results, read more about the Bathmate/Hydromax.

Penomet is a very simple device that you can quickly learn how to use. It works in water in the bathtub or the air, although we recommend you only use it with water. The suction gaiters are extremely comfortable on the skin since they are made from soft silicone that is both strong and durable.

When looking at all the top penis pumps, we ranked Penomet #4.

Why choose a water-based pump?

penomet pump water basedThe heat from the water expands and relaxes your penile blood vessels. This makes hydro pumps a lot more effective (especially for permanent gains) than other types of extenders, and you are not required to do penile stretching or jelqing (although many people see better gains after they do). All you need is a 70% boner.

The benefits of water based pumps are:

  • You get more blood flowing through your veins to your penis, giving you better erections and preventing sexual health problems.[1]
  • Immediate increase in length and girth after every pump.
  • More room for permanent increases. Especially at the more advanced stage when you maxed out your size and getting more gains is harder.
  • Longer lasting gains over long term use.

Other penis extenders don’t use warm water, so they require several weeks to show gains. With pumps, immediate gains are visible right away and will last for almost a day (even for beginners).

Which package to order?

There are 3 different packages: Standard, Extra, and Premium. The main difference is how many gaiters (pumps) of different strengths are included.

  • The Standard edition only comes with 1 gaiter.
  • The Extra edition comes with 3 gaiters.
  • The Premium edition comes with 5 different gaiter forces.

More gaiters give you more control and power over the strength of the water pumped into the tube.


Strongest gaiter comes in red

You can follow an exercise routine that alternates the gaiters on different days to maximize the pressure while planning an adequate recovery for your penis tissue. Penomet has a free sample routine on their website and the complete version included in your package.

The 5th gaiter (shown in the photo at the left), “Force 80“, included in the Premium edition is the strongest pressure available and is a MUST have if you want to be using Penomet in the long run. The official Penomet website does not sell the gaiter separately, and weaker gaiters will only take you so far. In fact, you cannot find the official gaiters for sale anywhere. So for the reason alone, my recommendation for long-term gains and permanent results, is going with the Premium edition.

Update (in 2018): the Force X85 is now the strongest pressure gaiter (not the Force 80).

Unlike Bathmate, the Penomet pump comes in one size that is large enough to accommodate everyone’s length and girth. The cylinder can accommodate up to 9 inches erect length and 7.25 inches girth. It is recommended to allow 1.5” (inches) of growth room in length based on the above-stated dimensions.

Some guys with a penis length of under 5 inches may consider Penomet as too large, and should look into the Hydromax series (X20 perhaps). All the tube colors are ‘clear’ enough for you to see your gains, so you can pick any one. I liked the colorless tube to see my progress more clearly. Note that sometimes certain colors are out of stock.

Update (July 2018): since the Premium package is currently out of stock, we recommend that you get the Penomet Extra package. You will not get the Force 60 (weakest gaiter) and Force 80 gaiters. However, you could always add the X85 gaiter for additional force, as explained in the section below.

X85 Green Monster Gaiter

penomet-x85-gaiterThe X85 is the strongest rubber gaiter that is available on the market. This gaiter is sold separately and is not included in any of the packages.

We do not recommend this gaiter for beginner pumpers. You need to be pumping for at least 6 months before you can consider adding X85 to your routine.

If you already gained your first inch and you see that your progress is plateauing, this gaiter may be the solution to your problems. It will take your results to the next level.

We found this gaiter to be stronger than Penomet’s red gaiter in the premium package, as well as the Bathmate HydroXtreme edition.


How to use?

The Penomet is super simple to use, very fun, feels great, and the results show almost immediately.

Wear the pump in the shower for 15 minutes at a time.

Leave a recovery time of 18 to 48 hours (longer for beginners or when your penis feels sore).

With time, use different gaiters for higher suction force or follow the included guide.

Optional: outside of the shower

You can use Penomet with air.

I would not recommend it, because the heat of the water improves the results so much that it’s not worth your time to.

A bottle of gun oil shine lubricant is no longer included (as of the 2015 update). It was only needed for use without water, but most people don’t do it.


gaiter-replacement-DSC_0371I found the Penomet to be very well built. The gaiters are very comfortable and do not leak. The pump is very powerful and feels great in warm water.

The strongest “Force 80“ is powerful enough for those more permanent gains.

I have been using the pump for almost a year now (sometimes aggressively) and it is still as powerful as it was new.

If the gaiters break some reason (although I do not think they would), a free replacement will be shipped as per their new lifetime gaiter warranty included with any package.

Useful tips and facts

  • Use before sex – the temporary results will make your penis bigger for about 7 hours after use (sometimes an entire day).
  • Cure sexual conditions – Erectile Dysfunction (aka impotence or E.D.) and Premature Ejaculation are often caused by improper or restricted blood flow into your penis.[2][3] Penomet helps expand your penis veins allowing more blood to flow through. This helps you get stronger erections and a controlled orgasm. There is a reason penis pumps were originally only prescribed by doctors.[4]
  • Better sex – due to better blood flow into your penis (mentioned above), you will last longer and experience better orgasms. Results vary from person to person, but overall, better blood flow will improve your sexual experience.[5]
  • Temporary vs. permanent results – don’t get discouraged if the initial gains you see do not stick for too long. The more you use the Penomet, the bigger your penis will get. Just like consistent workout shows results over time, rather than immediately.

My results – before and after

For this section, I will only talk about permanent gains. Temporary gains are about 0.6 inches in length (even to this day), but they usually only last me several hours after my bath.

When I first bought Penomet, my original penis size was 5.7 inches. The manufacturer claims gains of 1 to 3 inches for long-term use, with the first inch within 1 to 3 months. This is a pretty general statement, but it was accurate for me. After 2 months of use, my permanent penis size was 6.4 inches (0.7 inches gain).

The first inch is always the easiest. Newbies will get there quickly without aggressive work. However, the second inch (particularly the second part of the second inch), would be the tricky part. To this day (8 months down the road), my penis size is 7.1 inches (total 1.4 inches gains).

These are my erect lengths. My flaccid size increased by even more than the above gains, but it is harder to measure.

I am happy with the process since I use Penomet almost daily, and I feel that this is the fastest progression that is correct for me at this point. There is no need to rush or do excessively aggressive exercises (although sometimes I do).

Where to buy?

Make sure you buy the pump or any accessories only from (no longer active).

There are a lot of counterfeit and scam offers from resellers.

As mentioned earlier, coupons or discount codes are not available for this product and cannot be entered anywhere in the checkout process.

Penomet is a one-time buy, long-term investment, with reliable support, and a lifetime gaiter replacement warranty for all packages.

Alternatives to Penomet

There are many cheaper and lower quality pumps that will leak and not hold sufficient pressure.

A good alternative we recommend is the Bathmate pump (Read our Bathmate review here). Bathmate has been around for longer than Penomet but is slightly different. We just updated (in August 2018) a comprehensive side-by-side comparison for the two pumps so you can decide better – click here.

Older Penomet package (pre-2014)

For those curious about what Penomet looked like several years ago before the 2015 update.

Penomet-61 Penomet-33Penomet-48 clear penomet pump

Previous Customer Reviews

The recent customer reviews are posted above.

Great suction!


I can't say anything about the BM products but I can say about the Penomet is holy sh!t can this pump suck!!!
I ordered the Premium package last Thursday & it arrived Tuesday, pretty quick shipping to Canada. It came with the new 3.0 gaitors and the new comfort strap.
The weaker gaiters I'll never use, but the black, gray, and red have awesome power... Red is insanely strong. I used it twice, and at the maximum pressure I can only keep it on for 7 minutes at a time. Gray, I can wear all day. Black is good just for warming up.

Response: Hi Mitch – that’s great news. What we would advise is that you do alternate even between the weaker gaiters as it’s a bit like weight lifting… using the strongest gaiter doesn’t automatically equate to the best results.

High quality and easy to use


Everything in this package - pump and accessories - is made of top notch quality. The gaiters. The actual pump. The top head nob to release the water. When I use it, I feel very strong suction even with medium gaiters. I follow the routine though to keep it changing. My size increased by half an inch, and I only used this pump 3 times. Although I have not experienced other products, I highly recommend this purchase.

Response: Nice one Joshua! We’re really impressed with the release valve, it’s soooo easy to use – just remember to release the pressure gradually and slowly (over the course of a few minutes). Seriously take your time to release pressure slowly over a matter of minutes otherwise you could injure yourself.

Happy so far


Penomet is really powerful. I use the maximum pressure gaiter twice a week. The other gaiters I alternate following their guide. I see that my penis is definitely bigger after I use the pump, and especially when I am not erect, I can tell I am better hung. Will keep you posted with updates.

Response: Keep at it Brian – temporary gains will come first, then in time you’ll start to see permanent results. Just don’t overdo it. Slow and steady wins the race 😉

Honest Review


Honestly, Penomet gives you an increase temporarily as it sucks more blood into your penis. You will see a bigger penis for a week or 2. Then the size goes back to normal. Nothing permanent. This is not just with Penomet, but with any pump.

Response: Hi Adam, it seems like you've completely misunderstood how a penis pump like Penomet actually works. Using such a device is about dedication and long-term usage - based on your results it sounds like you simply haven't used the device for long enough - 15-20 minutes at a time, 4-5 times a week, for 4-6+ months. Training your penis is very similar to going to the gym to work on your abs! Simply doing it a couple of times a month isn't going to give you any real results - you'll increase blood flow to your penis, and you'll start getting increased erection strength, etc. But in terms of a permanent size increase, you actually need to use the Penomet device seriously over the long term. As long as you follow the recommended exercises, there's really no reason why you won't see results.

Horrible Gaiter System


Penomet is a horrible pump. I just bought it and thought it would be similar to the Bathmate regarding quality. But this is not the case. The gaiters are terrible. They leak water and do not hold the pressure for more than 1 minute. I have to re-pump all the time which is very annoying. The red gaiter does not hold the strength it promised. Just a piece of garbage.
I could have gotten the Hydromax Xtreme for this amount of money. I hope I can get a refund.

Upgrade from Hercules


I got the Penomet a month ago. Before that, I had the Bathmate Hercules for 2 years. The past couple of months the gaiter of my Bathmate was digging in hard and leaving marks. The Penomet is made for a much bigger girth of at least 7 inches. It is also longer than the Hercules. The valves system to release the water on the Penomet looks less stable (cheap plastic) when compared to the Hercules, but the gaiters of different strength are great. Despite that, I love the Penomet pump and would still give it four stars.

Response: We’re of two minds where the release valve is concerned Warren, the Bathmate version does feel a little more solid BUT it’s so fiddly to use – the fact that you can release pressure from the Penomet so easily (pushing the release pin in any direction) just makes it so much easier and (in our view) safer to use.

Great pump for smaller penis too


I was a little bit worried that the Penomet will be too big for my penis (it is only 5 inches), but it turned out as the perfect choice for me. I wanted to buy a long term product that I will not outgrow, so I was not interested in the smaller pumps.
The pump creates great suction and holds the pressure very well. It is a little heavy since it is pretty big, but as long as I am holding it, everything is fine. The Red gaiter is sooo powerful I love it.

Response: Make sure you make full use of the comfort strap – that really takes the weight off… at the end of the device, water is heavier than air so although the Penomet device is actually quite light, if you’re using it in the shower for 15-20 minutes, with the combined weight of the water it can get a little heavy.

No pressure unless...


I don't know about other pumps, but you have to trim your pubes right before use. Once they grow, even a little bit, the pressure is significantly less. Weak gaiters still work though since they do not require great suction.

Response: Hey McJuggles – you don’t have to trim your pubic hair however it can aid the ability to get that suction created. Have you tried a little Vaseline as this can also help to ensure a good suction seal between the base of your skin and the gaiter. Don’t forget your cock will also look a little bigger when you have less hair, so it’s a win, win 😉

Beginner First Time Use


I am new to penis enlargement and just tried the Penomet for the first time. I was very surprised at how I did not have to trim my pubes to get a good suction. It is amazing how the rubber is able to create the vacuum.
It was a bit awkward to use the pump at first (can't compare it to the Bathmate as I have never used it or any other penis device) but after a few minutes I got used to it. When After the pump, I seemed to be hanging a lot longer, and it looked thicker, so that was pretty cool.

Decided to go with this one


After doing a lot of reading online, I decided to order a Penomet. I searched Bathmate vs. Penomet and found this website. I found just as much information as I need to decide. Thanks guys, I will post a new review with results soon as I receive my pump and start using it. I am in the UK, so I don't really know how long it takes to receive it.

Length and Girth Increase


I saw a good increase in my penis length and girth after using it daily for 10 days. Then it slowed down and did not see much improvement. But the results stick.

So far so good


Used it for 3 days now (once each day), and I feel a lot better. I was scared at first it would not be right for me, but I can see slight results already when I am getting an erection.

Doesn't look good


I can't say much about the Penomet as I have not purchased one and I don't plan on it. There is no packaging, no background, no manual. And it is a bit too pricey. However, I read some good things about it. I might buy one when I outgrow my Bathmate. I can say BM is always taking their time coming up with new features and versions. Penomet needs to do a lot more to catch up with them. What they are doing now is not enough and doesn't justify the price.

Good Results


I used it several times and can see some improvement. Grew 0.5 inches. Not a lot but I hope I could maintain it.


For the complete information outline and resources see the main page of AHCA.


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