iphone screenshotSwissSana Anstalt, the manufacturer of the PHALLOSAN forte penis extender, have just released a new app for the iPhone and iPad and Android.

The application is your day-to-day friend throughout your training with PHALLOSAN forte. It advises you of your training times, documents your gains, the duration of your training time, and the frequency of your sessions. Clear stats rapidly reveal you the progression you have made with PHALLOSAN as well as motivate you to maintain training.

On top of that, you get helpful ideas and techniques on how to use PHALLOSAN, along with information, deals, and support contact numbers in case you require any assistance.

This application will also help you get your gains faster. You can set objectives about how often you want to wear PHALLOSAN. You will get automated reminders to your phone. You can also set gain increase goals. Then the app will instruct you on how often you should wear the device. You could have individualized training routines created for you.

phallosan app

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Victor Vasquez says June 29, 2022

Hello! I’d like to test it… can I?
I’m 34, from Chile.
I waiting for an answer

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