Phallosan Forte Reviews

PHALLOSAN® forte is a unique and patented penis extender that was invented in Germany in 2001.

It is worn sideways with a soft orthopedic belt.

The extender was approved by the FDA and is sold in pharmacies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Price and Discount

There is only 1 package available and it is priced at $339 + $25 shipping (USD). There are no discount coupons for this product. There isn’t even a “coupon” field on the checkout form.

Order PHALLOSAN only from the Official Website by Swiss Sana based in Germany. Be careful of fake resellers or discounted components.

Update (2018): for a limited time, get 4 additional condom sleeves with the link above.

phallosan kit phallosan head Phallosan Medium Bell

Is PHALLOSAN right for you?

In general, PHALLOSAN stands out from other extenders because it can be worn more comfortably, especially while you are sleeping.

It is perfect for beginners (those never used any PE tools before) and if your penis size is <7 inches or you are not well hung. You will see your initial results within several weeks.

Alternatively, if your penis size is larger than 7 inches, look into these options:

  • The newer more traditional extender: Penimaster PRO.
  • The older more generic extender: SizeGenetics.
  • If you want to focus more on GIRTH, check out the water-based penis pump: Hydromax.

Customer Reviews

Read the customer reviews below (you are welcome to write one yourself).

Below that, read our professional review where our volunteer personally used PHALLOSAN for almost a year and compared it to traditional extenders and water pumps.

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Good so far


I have been wearing it for 3 days now, and I am already used to it. It is comfortable and I can feel that it is doing job of extending all the time throughout the day.

Phallosan forte rated 3.2/5 based on 26 reviews.

My Professional Review

I purchased and tested the PHALLOSAN® forte kit (on behalf of AHCAF) from the official PHALLOSAN website. This review will cover everything from delivery, unpacking, wearing, and results (over 6 months of use).

PHALLOSAN® is manufactured by Swiss Sana. It is a company that has been around for 14 years and has amazing customer service. Your questions are answered very quickly and professionally.

There is also a 2-year warranty on all the parts.

Why choose PHALLOSAN forte?

A lot of penis extenders are uncomfortable, use lower quality materials, break quick, or don’t even strap properly. Phallosan forte is the most comfortable strappable extender out there.

Phallosan extender can be worn safely while you are sleeping in almost any laying position. I do not exclusively recommend Phallosan forte, but it is one of the only length extending devices that are the extremely comfortable and convenient for everyday use.

By keeping your penis moderately stretched, a slight resistance slowly breaks down the penile tissue. After adequate recovery time, your penile tissue will regrow bigger, stronger and LONGER. This is similar to manual penis stretching, but the duration is significantly more. Phallosan pretty much does a moderate manual stretch for several hours.

Similar to lifting weights, the penile tissue response to resistance training is the same. When Phallosan fatigues the penile tissue, and you let it recover, it will get larger.

Alternatives: PHALLOSAN versus regular extenders

Phallosan Forte is not like a traditional penis extender.

It doesn’t have any of the mechanical components and penis head straps that squeeze you uncomfortably.

All the parts are also very soft as there are no metals.

With Phallosan, the pressure is applied through the condom to your entire penis to hold it in place.

Phallosan attaches using a vacuum suction cup (the “bell”) that fits tightly over your penis head, together with a soft condom-like rubber skin that easily rolls down over the penis shaft. The bell uses no physical friction since it creates a vacuum to hold your penis. The vacuum lasts for at least 4 hours, at which point you will most likely go to the bathroom and will need to reattach the device.


Compared to a traditional extender, PHALLOSAN can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. The most popular “traditional style” alternative is the SizeGenetics extender, read our review here.

SizeGenetics is more suitable for bigger penis sizes of 6 inches or more. You also have to be well hung. It is kind of obvious why – because of the design.

Bigger penises will easily strap into the SizeGenetics head, and the stretching will be similar to Phallosan, but without the belt, making the device simpler and smaller.

This is just a different design, and everyone would have a personal preference.

More advanced users even choose to have both devices to alternate the strapping method or wear one during the day and the other at night.

How powerful is the tension?

PHALLOSAN can apply more tension than a traditional extender, and the adjustments for more pressure are made very easily.

You simply adjust the strap by pulling it slightly on the side.

The vacuum head strap and the condom are strong enough to never fall off.

With extenders like SizeGenetics, tension adjustment involves a more tedious process. This is more time consuming and will sometimes require you to take the device off and put it aside.

You have to twist the tension screws, remove the plastic noose, and sometimes even screw on longer extender elongation bars. This needs to be adjusted in a private place like the bathroom.

A German urological clinic carried out several clinical studies to prove that tension on the penis indeed works to increase length.

Is PHALLOSAN forte comfortable?

phallosan-strapYes, it is. I can wear it all day, every day, without any pain or irritation, and without my penis head slipping out.

Phallosan forte can also be worn when sleeping – something I tried to do with SizeGenetics but could never lay more than a couple hours without slippage or pain.

Comfort is critical since your gains depend on the amount of time you wear any penile extension device.

So a more comfortable extender will provide you with better gains. PHALLOSAN certainly wins here.

With Phallosan, putting it on and taking it off is also a lot faster than traditional extenders. Those who used a regular extender in the past know the tedious routine involved.

The vacuum bell is easy and quick to attach without slippage.

Sleeve Condoms

The sleeve condom is quite thin but very soft and comfortable.

Over my 6 months of use, the condom is still in near-perfect condition, but if anything is going to break first and need a replacement, it’s going to be the condom.

Replacement condoms cost $26.90, which is not a lot comparing to the full price of the device.

I used my condom sleeves for around 600 hours, and they are still fine.

Results (after 6 months of use)

As mentioned in the beginning, I have been using PHALLOSAN for over 6 months now, for 7 hours every other day (to gives some recovery time).

Sometimes I wear it at night, and sometimes during the day.

I know I could be wearing the device more often at this point (every day for example), but my daily routine and work make it very difficult.

I have never used any extenders or pumps before.


My initial erect penis length was 5.3 inches.

After 5 weeks of use, I gained 1 inch.

But as the saying goes, “the first inch is the easiest”.

Now after 6 months, I gained a total of 1.4 inches (total length 6.7 inches now).

Although I have not gained a lot of length after the first inch, I feel the results are a lot more permanent.

The first inch would have disappeared after several days of rest.

But now, my gains are stick for longer. I have not taken long breaks because I really enjoy wearing the device.

Recommendation from Phallosan

PHALLOSAN recommends a total of 1000 hours to see noticeable results.

I have only put in around 600 hours.

The gains are just as important as the comfort of the device.

Any extender used for a reasonable amount of time will give you results (even if you only do manual hand stretches).

So your number one focus should be comfort, and PHALLOSAN does it for me.

Inside the package

The first thing I noticed when opening the package, are the instructional DVD, user guide, and girth measuring device.

There is also a personally signed certificate with the name of the person who checked all the components to follow the PHALLOSAN quality standards.


PHALLOSAN forte extender components

The components of the device include the following:

  • Adjustable Elastic belt (with a soft foam rubber ring) which is strapped around your waist, connected to the suction ball.
  • Suction ball with a 3-way valve to suck out the air from the suction bells.
  • Suction bells in 3 sizes (S, M, and L), each come with attached condom sleeves. Measure your flaccid penis size with the included girth measuring tool to find what suction bell fits you.
  • Protector cap for your penis glans to protect from strong tension and irritations.
  • Tension clip with tension springs shows how much tension there is and lets you adjust it.

Delivery and packaging

PHALLOSAN forte packaging is completely discreet.

On the outside of the box, there are no graphics or any words that imply anything about the nature of the content inside.

Even the invoice does not contain any reference to the product.

Final thoughts

PHALLOSAN forte is an excellent extender that you will enjoy wearing every day (or night). It fits tightly around any penis size because of its flexible design.

We recommend you first read about traditional extenders such as SizeGenetics here, and see if the PHALLOSAN design is more suitable for your needs.

In terms of results, it depends more on how long you will wear the device for, rather than the device itself.

Where to buy?

IMPORTANT: Make sure you buy PHALLOSAN forte only from their official website:

There are many counterfeits and fake resellers that impersonate the PHALLOSAN® website.

Those may offer a lesser price but will give you a lower quality product or simply abuse your credit card.

Instructions video: how to use

Watch the animation (in English) on how to use the PHALLOSAN Forte extender:

Personally, I find the device very easy and quick to put on and take off when I have to go pee.

Remember that PHALLOSAN is only a part of your overall routine. Make sure that you do basic PE exercises before and after you wear this extender.

We recommend jelqing (read our guide to learn how to jelq) as a manual exercise.

Should I choose a penis pump instead?

Extenders mainly target LENGTH, not girth. Pumps focus on both. With Phallosan however, you will see more permanent results because you can wear it for several hours every day.

With pumps, you only got a few minutes.

As a beginner (first time user), Phallosan will be a great device that you could wear comfortably and get results very soon.

Over time, the results you will see will be more permanent than those gained with pumps, because the amount of time you spend with the extender on, is a lot more than the time you use a pump. We highly recommend it.

When you really cannot decide between an extender or a pump – use this tip: length before girth.

If your penis size is smaller (under 6 inches), first get the length. If it is already bigger, use a pump.

More advanced users choose to use both: a pump in the shower, and an extender throughout the day.

That way they maximize both girth and length. Read our Bathmate hydro pump review here.

Package Update

In September 2017, PHALLOSAN has updated the packaging for their product. They also added an extra protector cap (so there are 2 in total), and a Travel Bag to carry The Phallosan forte parts.

updated package in 2017 updated package overview

Additional Customer Reviews

The more recently done customer reviews are posted above.

Warning about PhalloExtender


This is not really a review for the product itself, but more of a warning about the look-alike site PhalloExtender dot com. They seem to have sent me a 'refurbished' product. It is not used, but I can tell that it has been opened before.

I contacted support, and since I did not purchase the product on the official site for Phallosan, they said they would not deal with my request. And the PhalloExtender support (after buying the product) is terrible.

So just make sure you buy from the website. The price is the same across both sites anyways.

Phallosan Review - 5 stars


One of the best decisions I made in my life. This is so easy to use, and it really works. I used to be 4 inches. After wearing this thing every day for a 3 months, I gained 1 extra inch. I attached my photos to the site admin. You will not regret it. For any long term penis growth, this is better than those temporary pumps or extenders.

Good product / poor customer service


I have ordered the product, but they had shipping issues. They were unable to fill out the shipping info correctly, and the order was misplaced between FLA and the Midwest.
I have since ordered the XL bell and replacement sleeves, but that was a month ago, and Customer service is unable to help except to say try contacting the carrier about the lost international shipment.
FYI: use an AB Silicone anti-turtle sleeve to replace the PF Sleeves or make sure to order extra on the initial purchase... or wait months for your order from overseas.

No result after 4 months


No result after 4 months of usage. I am averaging 9 hours per day with a weekly break.
Very disappointed...
I have been using Phallosan Forte since September 2015, and I have not gained even 1 mm until today.
However, I am hearing that most men gained from it. I can't believe them as I have got NO GAIN so far.

Not practical


The Product is not practical:
1) Takes forever trying to get it on. The video I saw has the Product already prepared and rolled up perfectly before he starts the video and puts it on. Someone should do a full video with every step showing how easy it is instead of leaving the hardest part out.

2) Putting the protective skin has not helped yet. I've only used the product a few times, and both times ended up with blisters. They are still healing right now. The first one happened and waited a week before trying again, and then used it, and I got the 2nd one.

If there is a trick not to get blisters, and a faster, easier way to put it on, this product could be awesome. While on, it does not hurt at all and can be worn while you sleep but like I said... too much time to put on, and be aware of the blisters. I also have the X4, and I'll do a review on that too with its positives and negatives.

Good so far


I have been wearing it for 3 days now, and I am already used to it. It is comfortable and I can feel that it is doing job of extending all the time throughout the day.

PHALLOSAN forte ® is a trademark of Swiss Sana.

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