Tug Ahoy: Foreskin Restoration

  • July 19, 2015

Foreskin restoration gives you more and better sex for 3 reasons:

  1. Foreskin restoration increases sensitivity, and therefore pleasure.
  2. Foreskin restoration provides a sexual stimulant (pheromone), so both you and your partner are more turned on.
  3. Foreskin restoration provides a lubricating effect, to produce smooth, sensual, and pleasurable gliding, rather than friction and rubbing.

To the Woman in His Life

When your man undergoes foreskin restoration, you can expect to have:

  • more orgasms
  • less chafing and irritation
  • more intense sexual interest and pleasure.

Plastic Surgeons know that if you tug on skin, then new skin grows.

That’s how the Tug Ahoy® works: It applies tension to the skin which is still present, so that gradually a new foreskin grows back.

Foreskin May Increase Risk of HIV Transmission

How the Tug Ahoy® Foreskin Restoration Device Works

Note: From the following brief description, it is impossible to understand how this device works. It is truly amazing that it does what it does. More detail will emerge in the Figures and the later long description. A detailed description of the mechanism by which it works can be found under “Details.”

The Tug Ahoy® consists of two primary components, or shells, which clamp the skin between them. There is an “inner shell” which consists of a thin, rigid shell which is approximately 1¼” in diameter and the shape of one-half of the shell of a small bird’s egg. This inner shell is covered with white vinyl and has extending from its tip – a semi-rigid wire extension, or strut, to which is attached an elastic band. This shell is placed over the glans, and skin from the penile shaft is pulled up over it.

A thin, flexible “outer shell” is placed snugly over the skin. There is virtually no pressure on the skin at this point. But then, when one pulls on the elastic cord, the device grips the skin, seemingly by magic. The grip automatically adjusts to need: When tension is low, the grip is gentle; when the tension is high, the grip is stronger. The elastic band usually extends down around the leg and attaches to a stocking. Alternatively, it can be wrapped around the waist, or fastened to the neck.

Tug Ahoy® is Patented

The Tug Ahoy® has been granted Patent Number 6,579,227 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The issue date for the patent is June 17, 2003. This means that you can’t manufacture or sell this or a similar device, including other shapes, including cones and hemispheres.  Certain pre-existing devices are, of course, exempted from the Patent. The strut on the inner shell, the wide, flexible, non-stretching outer shell, and the hollow inner shell are among its unique features, which are protected.  Click “TA Patent” for the complete text and some diagrams from the patent.



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