Penis Pump Injury and Side Effects

Here is a quick list of things you have to consider to prevent injury during your pumping sessions. This applies to all pumps, but particularly to the Hydromax X and Xtreme series since those are slightly stronger than the Hercules and Goliath.

For the proper usage guidelines, see this page. To find out whether it is worth buying the pump, we recommend that you see our main review.

bruised penis injury

Bruised penis following excessive pumping.

The pump has been designed to be safe, so it is nearly impossible for you to seriously hurt yourself, even if you are silly enough to want to do so. Aggressive pumping is completely normal and will give you faster results.

However, make sure you give your penis some time to rest. During your session, if you are feeling sore after some aggressive pumping (10 minutes for example), put the pump aside for 5 minutes before you continue. Bathmate injuries are very rare and unlikely to happen.

If your penis continues to feel uncomfortably sore several hours after you pumped, then take a break for day or two. Other symptoms along with soreness may include: less force to pee, lower libido, and softer erections.

Read our article about general side effects for any penis pump.

Bad Side Effects

Side effects are very rare with penis pumps if used correctly under normal conditions. Those that do experience negative side effects are probably going to encounter one of the following:

  • Penis bruising – happens from pumping too hard.[1]
  • Rings appear around the penis shaft – this is not dangerous, it will go away.
  • Testicles sucked inside the pump
  • Testicles swelling
  • Donut effect – happens from fluid build up. Follow our fluid retention information guide to avoid it.
  • Red dots – you may experience red spots on your penis following a Bathmate session. It is nothing severe. It means that you are new to the device and you used too much pressure. You do not need to do anything. Just let your penis rest for a few days after working out.
  • Diminished sex drive and weaker erections – this is extremely rare but happens due to over-pumping.
  • Testicles infection – happens if you have a sensitive scrotum and the pump pushes uncomfortably against your skin.

Torn Urethra Myth

If you dig down forum posts, you will see that some users complain that Bathmate has torn their urethra. One user was pumping and suddenly saw blood inside the pump. This is a very rare case. Those individuals probably had prior penile infections (such as UTI) or other unknown conditions.[2]

The injured users healed within a week and continued pumping.

To be safe and avoid any damage to your penis, make sure you start pumping slowly and gradually build up the pressure.


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Carlos says March 10, 2024

Hello gentlemen, I have an extreme 7 today I had some red dots and after the session it looked like there was no pump but some retraction although I didn’t use much pressure. Now it’s harder to get an erection, can I have permanently damaged my penis?

DAN says October 4, 2018

I have been using my Bathmate X30 since last April 2017. I have seen growth and thickness.

But on a few occasions I feel pain in my penis. However, yesterday my penis was in pain and my erections weak and this morning still weakened and my hardness not firm when I jerked it to see if I was healing.

I was wondering, have I overworked my penis (I sometimes use Bathmate everyday for 15 minutes)? Is this good or should I be doing 3-4 times a week?

How long should I let my penis recover from over workout?

    Lucas Owenby says October 6, 2018

    15 minutes every day seems a bit excessive.

    Let your penis rest until it feels normal again. Then continue using Bathmate using our routine.

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