Vydox Review

Vydox is a male enhancement pill with L-Arginine as its main ingredient. It promises instant results and benefits such as firmer, harder, and longer erections, increase in stamina, intense orgasms, and getting rid of pre-mature ejaculation. Its promise is too compelling and too good to be true, but let us educate ourselves first about this product.

Warning: We tried to contact the manufacturer and they have not gotten back to us. Therefore, we believe that the product has been discontinued and is no longer active. Place a purchase at your own risk!

Vydox vs. Vydox Plus

While Vydox has already great effect to some customers, the manufacturer released a revamped version of Vydox, the Vydox Plus. They increased the ingredients, specifically the L-Arginine. Maybe the reason why they released the plus version is because the original one has little to no effect to other customers. The good thing is it has the same price for a jam-packed ingredients pill.


(as of November 2017)

Package Name Price
Platinum Package – 1-Year Supply $533.99
Gold Package – 6-Month Supply $418.99
Silver Package – 5-Month Supply $359.99
Bronze Package – 4-Month Supply $291.99
3-Month Supply $223.99
2-Month Supply $156.99
1-Month Supply $84.99

As you can see on the above table, the cheapest option is the 1-month supply. According to their website, users will see results in 60 days, so they are implicitly telling you to purchase the 2-month supply, at least. It’s quite an investment, so you need to be sure before buying!

Customer Reviews

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Vydox Plus


Does not work at all. Tried it for 2 weeks with no results.

Very dangerous product


This is a very bad product. I took 2 pills the 1st night and felt strange for the next 30 hrs. I was scared and concerned that something was happening to me healthwise. Don't use Vydox. It will have an effect on you, but it will not be pleasant. I wouldn't use it if it were free. I can't believe it is legal to sell.



Lets see, I called and cancelled the subscription and I find out THEY ARE STILL MAKING DEDUCTIONS FROM MY ACCOUNT after the cancellation. I confronted them about it, they all "say" that no other deductions are being made, but my bank statements say differently.

Not recommended


Shipping was fast, but it is a waste of money. I stopped taking this pill after the first dose.

My insomnia was worse than ever, and the next day, my blood pressure was over the top. This sure would have a bad effect on the kidney if it has this ability to push my blood pressure this high.

I called customer support but they are very nasty and would not like to do a refund. In fact, they encouraged me to keep taking the pills as my body is possibly getting used to it.

I threw the whole bottle away.

Fast delivery, good packaging, and excellent product


I got the product within two days and it was perfectly packaged. It’s been a week since I started taking the pills and the result is great! It doubled my stamina and I am getting a lot more powerful orgasms. I am yet to observe its effects in the coming weeks. I will update this review if there are any changes with the effects. For now it works great and it’s worth the price!

Vydox rated 2.1/5 based on 28 reviews.


  • L-Arginine, the main ingredient, is normally safe and is actually present in red meat, poultry, and dairy products. So there’s nothing to worry about on this one. L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide when taken thus improves blood flow by widening the blood vessels.[1] Penis becomes erect through blood flow.
  • Yohimbe can help erectile dysfunction because it is a general stimulant. However, it may cause anxiety, hypertension, muscle weakness and abdominal pain.[2] It is a prescription drug so it’s not safe to use without the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Panax Ginseng has many benefits such as cognitive enhancement, improved stamina, and mainly for boosting the immune system. However, it can be hazardous when taken orally and for several months (more than 6 months). The most common side effect is insomnia, among others.[3]
  • Horny Goat Weed can help arthritis, lower blood pressure, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, among many others. However, it can be dangerous when taken in high doses and for long period of time. It might cause lightheadedness, nausea, xerostomia, and nosebleeds.[4]

The other ingredients such as Piper Nigrum L., Fructus Serenoae, Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, and Damiana are likely safe in normal dosages.

Despite the fact that most of the ingredients are safe, the product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Company Background

The company is Premium Nutraceuticals, LLC and the current CEO is Joseph Testino (LinkedIn).


4820 Technology Drive, Martinez, GA 30907

Contact No.:

Vydox Customer Service (24/7): 1-866-270-5693

There is no more available information aside from what is stated above. However, there are quite a number of complaints that can be found on the Internet and one of this is on the RipOffReport website.[5]

It says that Joseph Testino has been charged with the following:

  • False Statements relating to Health Care Matters
  • False Claims
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

However, this may be true or not. Anyone can post anything against anyone even without evidence. But of course, it’s always better to be aware. It is within your discretion to believe in any information that you may find.

Terms and Conditions

Here is the statement from The Better Business Bureau[6]:

Most complaints against this company allege that after agreeing to pay $4.95 for a trial supply of products, their credit cards were then charged a monthly subscription fee of $89.99, before the free trial period ends. The company’s response states that the consumer is opting into the monthly subscription during the order process. The free trial period begins upon product order submission not when the product is received.

The BBB advises consumer to carefully read all terms and conditions prior to completing their order.

There are numerous complaints (and some lawsuits) from customers regarding this monthly subscription fee. Therefore, I strongly advise you to read the entire terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary expenditures!

Vydox vs. Other Male Enhancement Products

If you’ve already tried Vydox (or Vydox Plus) but aren’t satisfied with the results, here are some alternative products to choose from.

Product SizeGenix Male Extra VigRX Plus Vydox
Manufacturer Incredible Health Decisions, LLC Vobue Limited Leading Edge Health Premium Nutraceuticals, LLC
Years in the industry Unknown 15 years 17 years Unknown
Price (1-month Package) $39.95 $64.95 $76.99 $84.99
Return/Refund Full refund within 90 days. Full refund within 67 days, excluding shipping charges Full refund within 67 days. Full refund within 68 days.
Main Ingredient Butea Superba L-Arginine 600mg Korean Red Ginseng L-Arginine
Dosage 2 capsules a day on empty stomach 3 capsules a day with meal 2 tablets a day with meal 2 pills a day
Other information SizeGenix® is the only male enhancement product to be protected by a U.S. Patent. Customers reported increase in erect size penis between 0.8 – 2.6 in over a 3-6 months period. Endorsed By Dr. Steven Lamm, Author of “The Hardness Factor”. Endorsed by American professional golfer Joseph Brian Gay.
FDA Approved? No No No No

Table 1 Product Comparison

Among the four products, SizeGenix’s price is way cheaper. If you are on a budget, it doesn’t hurt if you try first SizeGenix. Plus, you can fully refund your payment within 90 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with their product.

Apparently, Vydox is the most expensive. If you ask me, I’ll try Vydox last. Anyway, the results are different from one person to another, so for me it’s not worth the risk.

Vydox vs. Viagra vs. Cialis vs. Levitra

Vydox, similar to other male enhancement pills, contains natural ingredients unlike Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Levitra (Vardenafil). These natural supplements are meant to be taken daily and usually take several months to take effect significantly. You can buy these supplements without any prescription.[7]

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, on the other hand, are PDE5 inhibitors and chemicals are used instead of natural ingredients. These medications are used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Natural Supplements Viagra/Cialis/Levitra
Usually not FDA approved FDA approved
Takes weeks to months to take effect Takes effect in less than an hour and when sexually aroused
No prescription Always requires prescription
Effect differs from person to person Clinically proven to be effective
Can be dangerous Not dangerous if doctor’s advice is followed
Many are reported as scam Sold by legitimate pharmacies

Table 2 Natural Supplements vs. Viagra/Cialis/Levitra

The Verdict

Vydox can be effective to you as it is effective to other customers, BUT there’s no 100% guarantee that it will work on you too. Therefore, I advise that you purchase the cheapest alternative first. The customer reviews on the Internet for all the products are very mixed. That’s the proof that natural supplements’ effect differs from person to person, though I do not discount the fact that there are bogus reviews.

Also, before taking a supplement, I strongly suggest that you consult your doctor. Though they do not require prescriptions, there are reports from many customers regarding adverse effects on their bodies. Do not risk your life on these kinds of pills. It’s not worth it.

More Customer Reviews

Here are more customer reviews. They appear on the ‘pages’ for the above reviews.

Works great!!! But pricey.


I am rating 4 out of 5 because I was expecting to have a size increase but it’s still the same. They say on their website that their formula is designed to increase the size of your penis, but it’s not the case for me. Though I’m having stronger erections now and I can last for two hours. I haven’t experienced this before so I am very happy. I bought the silver package and it’s my fifth month so I will run out soon, but I will stop buying for now because of the price.

No effect whatsoever


I was very enthusiastic to buy this orange pill two months back. The day I received it, I took it right away. There are great reviews on the internet so I was so tempted to buy it despite the price. But I’m telling you, it has been THREE MONTHS but I do not see any effect. I am over 50 but they say that this pill is still effective for older men. I am so disappointed. What a waste of money!

Not very good


For the first two weeks, I already noticed that I was having longer erections and more intense orgasms. It was a great experience until the third month. It seems not to work anymore. I don’t know what happened to my body but I’d better have a medical check-up. I’ve also read some articles that this pill can be dangerous.

Very satisfied with the full refund


I got a full refund without any problems. The customer service isn’t very friendly but still I got my money back yesterday. I didn’t see or feel even slight changes with my erections. Orgasms remain the same. I even do pumping sessions every morning to feel more effect but it’s still the same. I am 57 and I was very excited with the pill hoping that it would improve my sex life. Now I am finding another one. If you have recommendations, please tell me.

Gave me headaches and sleepless nights


I only tried this for a week and now I am asking for a full refund. The pill is not compatible with me. My heart rate sped up and I got migraines! So I searched on the internet about its ingredients. I think it is yohimbe’s fault. It says that it can cause irregular or rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, heart attack, and others. I hope I get a full refund soon. Good thing it’s holiday season and I’m just staying at home. I advise that don’t take this pill if you’re going to drive.

So far, so good


I’ve been taking it for two months now and the result is satisfactory. I’ve been having harder and longer erections (despite my age) which greatly improved my sex life. My wife is happier than ever! The only side effect for me is stomachache when I take the pill with little to no meals.

I had palpitations


I am not taking other medications or supplements and I am COMPLETELY healthy but this pill gave me palpitations! Even strong coffee does not give me palpitations, but this pill does. No, I am not going to order more and try other products instead. I also do not see any improvement with my erections at all.

Totally dissatisfied


What they say on their website is very convincing. The pill is very expensive compared to others but I don’t see much improvement in my erections. Believe me, it’s not worth the price. I can’t seem to believe what the other reviews say that it’s an excellent pill. I want a refund but it’s too late. Don’t buy this product. Try others instead.


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