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Introducing Bathmate’s smallest pump – HydroXtreme3

  • January 8, 2020

On October 9th, 2019, Bathmate launched the latest addition to the HydroXtreme series: The HydroXtreme3 pump.

Bathmate claims to now cover 99% of the worldwide male population. The pump was designed for men who have an erect penis size of under 3 inches (medically classed as a micropenis).[1]

The HydroXtreme3 pump offers the safest and most powerful option for penile enlargement for that user group.

For $209 USD (the cheapest HydroXtreme package to date), the package includes the full Xtreme setup with the external hand pump. It also includes the toy cleaner, measuring gauge, clean up towel, lockable storage case, and shower strap.

Although not officially announced, you will also be able to find the Hydromax version with this size – the Hydromax3. This pump is priced at $129 USD.

We haven’t tested these pumps specifically, but we encourage you to read our general Bathmate review.

hydroextreme3 kit


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