Nephrologist vs. Urologist

  • May 15, 2020

A good number of people often confuse the services of a urologist from those of a nephrologist because both medical professionals deal with health conditions associated with the kidney. The services they offer often overlap. The most important difference between the two is that a nephrologist focuses on conditions that directly affect the kidney while […]

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Tips for Easier Ejaculation

For guys who spend more than 30 minutes of sexual stimulation prior to reaching orgasm, these tips and techniques will be helpful for a faster ejaculation. Less Masturbation Naturally, if you masturbate less, all those pent-up libidos will drive you (sort of) sexually mad. This is not a bad thing really and will help you […]

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How to use the Bathmate Pump

If you just bought a Bathmate or Hydromax pump, you are probably very excited to use it immediately. But wait! Let’s first discuss how to use it properly. For a complete overview of the pump: read our review. Read our Bathmate routine for the best usage frequency and other exercises. Getting Started Before following the […]

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HydroXtreme3 box

Introducing Bathmate’s smallest pump – HydroXtreme3

  • January 8, 2020

On October 9th, 2019, Bathmate launched the latest addition to the HydroXtreme series: The HydroXtreme3 pump. Bathmate claims to now cover 99% of the worldwide male population. The pump was designed for men who have an erect penis size of under 3 inches (medically classed as a micropenis).[1] The HydroXtreme3 pump offers the safest and […]

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Penis Pump Injury and Side Effects

Here is a quick list of things you have to consider to prevent injury during your pumping sessions. This applies to all pumps, but particularly to the Hydromax X and Xtreme series since those are slightly stronger than the Hercules and Goliath. For the proper usage guidelines, see this page. To find out whether it […]

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BMSW (Black Ant) Sexual Enhancement Pill

The BMSW 4600mg is a Black Ant sex product, a natural aphrodisiac for males to improve sex life. Dubbed as the “herb Viagra” or “herb Cialis”, the Black Ant Pill is a good alternative to Viagra, Cialis, and other sexual drugs for enhancing sexual libido and orgasms. What does BMSW look like? BMSW Black Ant […]

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Prescription Pill Bottles: are they Airtight and Smell Proof?

  • November 7, 2017

Most prescription pill bottles aren’t airtight nor smell proof. However, pill bottles made for the retail and medical marijuana industry are the most airtight pill bottles on the market. Some people will chime in and say they think, “Orange pill bottles are more airtight than white ones” or vice versa; or that one store brand’s […]

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V Jelq

V jelq is a manual penis enlargement exercise, just like regular jelqing. See this guide to learn how to jelq. What makes V jelq different from regular jelqing lays in the fingers used to squeeze the penis. The standard jelq involves the thumb and index finger to form an “OK” gesture. V jelq uses the […]

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How to Get a Bigger Mushroom Head

Humans are the only species with a distinctive mushroom-capped head or “glans”. In evolutionary studies, this mushroom shape has two purposes: to spread a women’s vagina during sex and to scoop out semen previously deposited by male competitors.[1] The second reason seems unbelievable, but we all agree that the mushroom shape facilitates a good penetration. […]

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Lithosexual Explanation

  • September 24, 2017

Lithosexual, also known as lithrosexual, lithsexual, akiosexual, quoisexual or koi-sexual, is the sexual orientation of a person who experiences sexual attraction to another person but does not want it to be reciprocated. It is part of the sub-asexual identity spectrum which is more specific than just the asexual, allosexual or graysexual spectrum. Flag Meaning of […]

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